Adam Cole Reveals His Targeted AEW Opponent for Upcoming Wrestling Match

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Adam Cole, who is currently injured and on the sidelines, was on Kenny Omega’s Twitch stream, where he discussed a wide range of topics.

During it, Cole named Will Ospreay as someone he wants to wrestle in AEW when he returns. He said,

“I think for me it’s Will Ospreay (who I’m looking forward to wrestling out of the recent AEW signees)… who I’ve only wrestled a couple of times… But years ago, over in the U.K., and then one in New Japan. But I think this was back in, oh my goodness, 2015 maybe? A long time ago, but, yeah, would definitely love to wrestle Will.”

Adam Cole, the popular professional wrestler who is currently sidelined due to injury, recently made an appearance on Kenny Omega’s Twitch stream. During the stream, Cole engaged in a conversation about various topics and expressed his desire to wrestle Will Ospreay in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) once he returns to action.

Cole, known for his charismatic personality and impressive in-ring skills, revealed that he has only had the opportunity to wrestle Ospreay a few times in the past. The first encounter took place several years ago in the United Kingdom, followed by another match in New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Reflecting on these experiences, Cole expressed his eagerness to step into the ring with Ospreay again.

The mention of Will Ospreay as a potential opponent in AEW has generated excitement among wrestling fans. Ospreay, a highly regarded talent in the industry, has gained recognition for his high-flying style and innovative moves. His matches are often filled with breathtaking athleticism and intense action, making him a fan favorite.

The prospect of a match between Adam Cole and Will Ospreay in AEW holds great promise. Both wrestlers possess exceptional technical abilities and have proven themselves to be masters of their craft. Their previous encounters have showcased their chemistry and ability to deliver memorable performances.

Furthermore, the potential clash between Cole and Ospreay represents the ongoing collaboration between AEW and other wrestling promotions. AEW has been actively signing top talents from around the world, creating opportunities for dream matches and cross-promotional events. This approach has allowed fans to witness matchups that were previously unimaginable.

The desire expressed by Adam Cole to face Will Ospreay in AEW highlights the company’s commitment to providing fans with compelling storylines and exciting matchups. It also demonstrates the mutual respect and admiration that exists among professional wrestlers, as they constantly seek out new challenges and opportunities to showcase their skills.

As Adam Cole continues his recovery from injury, wrestling enthusiasts eagerly await his return to the ring. The possibility of a showdown between Cole and Ospreay in AEW adds another layer of anticipation to the already thriving wrestling landscape. Fans can only hope that this dream match becomes a reality and delivers the thrilling encounter they envision.

In conclusion, Adam Cole’s recent appearance on Kenny Omega’s Twitch stream has sparked interest among fans with his desire to wrestle Will Ospreay in AEW. The potential matchup between these two talented wrestlers represents the ongoing collaboration between promotions and promises an exciting clash of styles and abilities. As the wrestling world eagerly awaits Adam Cole’s return, the prospect of him facing off against Ospreay in AEW has generated significant anticipation and excitement.