Riho shares her thoughts on her encounter with Mercedes Mone at AEW Big Business

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Riho guest appeared on Kenny Omega’s Twitch stream, where she spoke about a wide range of topics. 

During it, the former AEW Women’s World Champion discussed meeting Mercedes Mone at the AEW Dynamite: Big Business episode. She said, 

“So, Riho was saying she was actually really excited to meet and wrestle Mercedes Moné and she said that she was actually able to meet her at the arena but you know, the first altercation with her for that handshake was on camera. So she’s wondering… was it a sign of respect or was it her character? She’s got this mysterious feeling towards her and she’s hoping that eventually they will be able to meet more in a one-on-one, in-ring capacity.”

Riho, the former AEW Women’s World Champion, recently made a guest appearance on Kenny Omega’s Twitch stream, where she discussed various topics. One of the highlights of the conversation was her experience meeting Mercedes Mone at the AEW Dynamite: Big Business episode.

Riho expressed her excitement about meeting and wrestling Mercedes Mone, stating that she had the opportunity to meet her at the arena. However, their first interaction, a handshake, was caught on camera, leaving Riho wondering if it was a sign of respect or simply part of Mercedes Mone’s character.

This encounter has left Riho with a mysterious feeling towards Mercedes Mone, and she hopes that they will have more opportunities to meet in a one-on-one, in-ring capacity. It seems that Riho is eager to explore their potential in-ring chemistry and possibly develop a rivalry or partnership.

Mercedes Mone is a rising star in the world of professional wrestling. She has been making waves with her impressive skills and unique character. Her presence on AEW Dynamite: Big Business episode caught the attention of many fans, including Riho.

Riho’s interest in Mercedes Mone indicates that the latter has made a significant impact on the wrestling scene. It is always exciting to see established wrestlers recognizing and acknowledging the talent and potential of newcomers.

This interaction between Riho and Mercedes Mone highlights the camaraderie and respect that exists within the wrestling community. Wrestlers often appreciate each other’s skills and contributions to the industry. It is not uncommon for them to express their admiration publicly or privately.

Fans of both Riho and Mercedes Mone can look forward to potential future encounters between these two talented wrestlers. Whether it leads to a friendly rivalry or a partnership, their in-ring chemistry will undoubtedly create captivating moments for wrestling enthusiasts.

Overall, Riho’s appearance on Kenny Omega’s Twitch stream provided fans with insights into her thoughts and experiences in the wrestling world. Her discussion about meeting Mercedes Mone showcased the intrigue and anticipation that can arise when two talented wrestlers cross paths. Wrestling fans can only hope that these two will have more opportunities to showcase their skills and entertain audiences in the future.