Bobby Lashley Aims to Reclaim His Former Self

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Over the last few months, Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) have been feuding with Karrion Kross and the rest of The Final Testament (Akam, Rezar, Paul Ellering, and Scarlett) on WWE television. 

This week on SmackDown, Kross attacked Lashley backstage before he cost The Street Profits their match against Austin Theory and Grayson Waller. After the show, Lashley sent a message to Kross. He said, 

“I don’t even know where I’m at right now. Everything that’s been going on. Tried to be a nice guy. I tried to suppress that anger that I had in me for so many years. Tried to put on a smile, do what everybody wanted. One thing I can say is Kross was right about one thing. It’s that I try to please too many people. I was over here shaking people’s hands, and I did that because the person that I was a few years ago, I didn’t like. It was starting to scare me. It was starting to scare me, the person that I was, the anger that I had inside me. So I put on a big smile and I ran around and I started being the person that I thought everybody wanted me to be. To be honest, that’s been the worst time of my professional wrestling career. Tonight, I not only let down myself, but I let down those two guys that had an opportunity to go to WrestleMania and win back those tag team titles. I was supposed to be the one to help them win those titles back and get back on top. But instead, I was trying to do the right thing. Let me tell you one thing. It’s gonna be a different me, and it starts with you, Kross. Next time I see you and AOP…the old me is coming back. I’m destroying you, I’m destroying everybody else in my way. I was the champion for a reason. I’m gonna get back to being the person I was before, whether you like me or not,” Lashley said.

In the world of professional wrestling, feuds and rivalries are a common occurrence. One such feud that has been captivating audiences over the last few months is between Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits, and Karrion Kross and The Final Testament. This intense rivalry has been playing out on WWE television, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

The latest development in this feud occurred on SmackDown, where Kross launched a surprise attack on Lashley backstage. This attack not only left Lashley physically battered but also had consequences for The Street Profits. As a result of Kross’ interference, The Street Profits lost their match against Austin Theory and Grayson Waller.

After the show, Lashley took to the microphone to send a message to Kross. In a heartfelt speech, he revealed his inner struggles and the pressure he felt to please others. Lashley admitted that he had been suppressing his anger and trying to be someone he thought everyone wanted him to be. However, he acknowledged that this had been the worst time of his professional wrestling career.

Lashley expressed his disappointment in himself for letting down The Street Profits, who had an opportunity to win back their tag team titles and go to WrestleMania. He vowed that things would be different from now on and that he would embrace his true self. Lashley declared that the old him, the dominant and destructive force, would return to take on Kross and anyone else who stood in his way.

This emotional declaration by Lashley has left fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this intense feud. The video footage of Lashley’s speech has been widely shared online, further fueling the excitement surrounding this rivalry.

The feud between Bobby Lashley, The Street Profits, and Karrion Kross and The Final Testament has showcased the passion and intensity that professional wrestling is known for. It has provided fans with thrilling matches, unexpected twists, and compelling storytelling.

As the feud continues to unfold, fans can expect more dramatic confrontations, high-stakes matches, and jaw-dropping moments. The WWE universe is eagerly awaiting the clash between Lashley and Kross, as they both strive to prove their dominance and settle their differences in the ring.

In conclusion, the ongoing feud between Bobby Lashley, The Street Profits, and Karrion Kross and The Final Testament has captivated WWE fans. Lashley’s recent declaration to embrace his true self and unleash his destructive nature has added a new layer of excitement to this already intense rivalry. As the feud escalates, fans can look forward to more thrilling moments and unforgettable showdowns in the world of professional wrestling.