Zicky Dice Hints At His Next Move In New Promo: ‘I’ve Had Enough Of This Game’

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Zicky Dice Hints At His Next Move In New Promo: ‘I’ve Had Enough Of This Game’

zicky dice maze 2

Zicky Dice‘s latest promo is certainly hinting that he’s about to make a big move—by taking an opportunity rather than waiting for it to happen.

Dice shared the following video on social media, where the camera pans through a maze before finding him approaching a glowing, pink door. (Perhaps a “forbidden” door?) Dialogue can be heard as he approaches the door, asking “what happens when the pieces on the board don’t go where you tell them to go? What happens when the spinning stops and your reality breaks?”

“I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of this game. It’s time to roll the dice.”

If you're not going to give it to him, then he's here to take it… 🤔

What could be beyond that door for @ZickyDice? pic.twitter.com/2adGZCBF06

— WrestleZone (@WRESTLEZONEcom) March 22, 2021

It’s worth mentioning that Zicky Dice did call landing with All Elite Wrestling his priority and sees it as a great landing spot for himself. Dice officially became a free agent on January 1, securing his release from the National Wrestling Alliance. In an interview with Fightful after he officially became a free agent, he said he’s “ready for the bigger stage” and truly sees himself at AEW.

“I see myself being All Elite, that’s the best stage for ‘Outlandish Zicky Dice,’ and whether they know it or not, I just think it’s been, I’ve been posting on the Craigslist Missed Connections for months now, and they haven’t picked up on it. But I think there’s a little missed connection there. And I think bringing the knowledge and power and creativity and character and charisma to All Elite and making that Outlandish,” Dice said. “I think that would be the move. What I took pride in in the NWA was building this new company coming back. AEW is still very new, and I would love to be able to come in and share my story and create stories at AEW, so that is my number one goal. I truly see myself at AEW.”

During the same interview, Dice also confirmed he asked for his release from the NWA earlier this year, but he would’ve needed to agree to some terms for that to happen. One of those terms was signing a non-disparagement agreement, which he refused to sign.

“They were willing to grant my release, and then I was sent this long, long, long NDA that basically said, because I had to lawyer up then, which basically said if I say anything about the NWA, the friends and family of NWA, for the rest of my life, then they come back and sue me for it. So I refused to sign that, and I stayed quiet and here we are, free bird, ready to sing like a canary. I’m only speaking facts and this is what happened with me.”

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