WZ Roundup: AEW’s First Birthday, Young Bucks in Memphis

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WZ Roundup: AEW’s First Birthday, Young Bucks in Memphis

Young Bucks

Photo Credit: AEW

This week’s edition of the WZ Roundup is (almost) all AEW to celebrate the one year anniversary of the company’s official step onto the main stage of the wrestling world.

One year ago this was the rally that started it all.#AEW Double or Nothing Rally in Jacksonville, Floridahttps://t.co/PC8d1STtVM

What's your favorite #AEWMoment from Year One? pic.twitter.com/I8DS8F7dor

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEWrestling) January 8, 2020

Tonight’s Anniversary edition of Dynamite is in Memphis, and the stars of AEW are already making their mark on the city. After the Memphis Grizzlies stomped the competition, the Young Bucks took out a fan of the opposing Minnesota Timberwolves as only they can.

2nd half summary of recap game. @AEWrestling | @MattJackson13 #GrzNxtGen pic.twitter.com/p1pccwJXih

— Memphis Grizzlies (@memgrizz) January 8, 2020

As for MJF, he’s ready to go old school heel in the city, saying he’ll pull more “tail” than some of the legends AEW will honor tonight.

Time to make “Hot stuff” Eddie Gilbert blush from beyond the grave with the amount of tail I’m about to pull in Memphis.

Catch you virgins later! #betterthanyou pic.twitter.com/IclIxxciQY

— Maxwell Jacob Friedman™️ (@The_MJF) January 7, 2020

MJF’s main goal in this week’s show is seeing if Cody will accept his many stipulations. The rising star seemingly doesn’t have the patience to wait until the broadcast either, posting this before the show on Twitter.

It’s 4:33 and Cody’s still too much of a bitch to accept my stipulations.

— Maxwell Jacob Friedman™️ (@The_MJF) January 8, 2020

Dustin Rhodes is patiently waiting for his match alongside his brother Cody against the Lucha Bros. One wonders if Cody and Dustin have talked about the MJF situation, and if Dustin would back Cody up against MJF’s main man, Wardlow.

TONIGHT!! First time ever. My nerves are kicking today! #TheBrotherhood is a strong unit, so don't sleep on the #RhodesBoys @AEWonTNT #AEWDYNAMITE 🧨👊🏼 pic.twitter.com/FpDIMaEFYq

— Dustin Rhodes (@dustinrhodes) January 8, 2020

While it’s slow going when compared to WWE’s usual output, AEW is working on getting all their theme songs available on every platform imaginable. Included soon will be Kenny Omega and Pac’s themes as well as a trio of variations on TH2’s entrance jam.

Get ready! By popular demand, the next round of @AEWrestling Themes are on the way!

Kenny Omega- "Battle Cry" by @LittleVMills

Pac- "Out Of Time"

Bret Hart AEW Theme

and YES…
TH2 "Hybrid Flow" bundle w/ 3 different remixes!!

And 1 Bonus track!

STAY TUNED!!#AEWDynamite pic.twitter.com/ZRo62yNUvQ

— RUKUS (@MikeyRukus) January 8, 2020

A quick detour to the Performance Center, where the latest edition of What’s your Hobbie with Robbie goes into Joaquin Wilde’s DJ skills. As he previously revealed on Twitter, The former DJZ only started DJing as a way to make him more appealing to WWE, so it’s good to see how far his lark of a hobby has taken him.

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