WWE Wrestler’s Shoot on what number of man’s Stephanie McMahon slept with

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If you haven’t thought about then you are lying. We all want to know how many men Stephanie Mcmahon has slept with (It ain’t none of our business but she is hot and for educational purposes only we found this video of WWE wrestlers shooting on how many men she has had sex with). Forgive the transcriber below. This is brought to you by a midget in a bikini.

That is yet any other pleasant pro wrestling grappler! did Randy fuck Steph I change into as soon as severely change this sort of
component I’ve simplest heard that love and
now not too long previously when I change into as soon as there
having been spherical Randy I’d mediate
no because he change into as soon as so awkward spherical
broads yeah I don’t witness that I haven’t any
conception despite the reality that
we requested Lanny and he mentioned simplest two
folks would fill the answer one of them
is stupid the others now not talking that
sounds love a actual impersonation he is
too necessary and he’s he’s in most cases so necessary
he’s so necessary Lanny
there’s pretty about a touchdown when line is
there you bring together pretty about a Cedar Rapids I
heard a epic that you and you and Kevin
Nash told macho man that you guys would
shave your heads if macho man did it
first that is a appropriate epic were you
ribbing him or being extreme yeah we
were I have in mind talking too necessary I I’m a
extensive March fan my first favorable time angle
change into as soon as in opposition to my it change into as soon as my Chiefs mobile
versus macho and spent time with
him loads I have in mind love March change into as soon as so
hurt so tight love one time he had the
personalized-made cowboy boots from the Austin
Hall Boot Firm have in mind silly ol
monster superb boots what halt you mean by
that love he boosts an excellent I’m
Aaron one time we’re when any individual take a seat at
the airport bar and on the Marriott in
Atlanta and it says no person’s in it’s
upright me and mom sitting love valid
spherical the nook of the bar and he goes
it’s now not fear
it’s now not dazzling love it wouldn’t mean and
he goes you and Nash bring together the total pussy
it’s now not dazzling I had to take a seat down there and build aside
necessary over I had to notify love bro you’re
so cool that you don’t even note it I
mentioned goodness girl descend in a
world that might perchance die and handle to be with
your solutions’s analysis actual records I requested you
know he change into as soon as love in actuality yeah no person
trusts girl its Wow it upright however yeah we
did cuz he change into as soon as in actuality doing the
comb-over and looked disagreeable I handle my gosh
I upright shit fuck dad you wouldn’t halt it
I mentioned I’ll halt it I’ll halt it valid now
let’s slump up to the room and one camera
I’ll halt it too and we mentioned okay I’ll halt
that’s the place I remembered I don’t know
we’re on the bar can I quiz you
to halt the Kevin Nash and pretend that
you upright did there about halt – I don’t
note it doesn’t even sound love it neatly
don’t bring together pissed all while you mean it’s
love it don’t all halt it – who you’ve
to slump know and to receive to have in mind keV
repeatedly goes neatly let me bring together this valid
he repeatedly starts the reports love neatly
let me bring together this valid my quiz is
this oh there’s a there’s pretty about a city
legends in the expert wrestling
industry alternatively this one is a petite
advantage because pretty about a guys received’t contact
it might perchance well probably you comment since you’ve
nothing to lose valid now on the
spoiled bawl about Randy Savage and
Stephanie McMahon I assume thanks for
brother whoa whoa whoa preserve on dude
what’s the rumor neatly the reality there is
an attractive rumor on the market that the motive
why Savage is roughly getting the
blacklist from Vince Cena and on the
industry so I can’t name the incident
senior I know that that he allegedly
might perchance additionally need had intercourse with Stephanie
what change into as soon as that actual to halt with one thing I
mean Stephanie’s are grown neatly
what brother macho
it’s his identify has never been
uttered any other time out of Vince McMahon’s
mouth and I’ve been again several times
the slumbrous SummerSlam with
Shawn Michaels Randy Orton I’ve gone
again to Monday night Raw’s favorable
anniversary 20th or 30th anniversary and
you’re valid brother however yeah the Macho
man’s identify has never been mentioned however
what I upright
if that’s appropriate perchance the motive
he never perchance that’s why he never went
again there I build what it might perchance well probably additionally tranquil
be a petite smarter neatly what I
don’t know if he’s smarter if he change into as soon as
upright going for broke man however you gotta
you gotta give him props for going out
on a limb bro valid all valid thanks
very necessary virtue
my Campbell for one technique Nia composed you
know if there’s any reality or the
long-standing rumor that Randy Savage
slept with an underage Stephanie McMahon
all valid folks
I’m sorry as well to I halt if
there change into as soon as any technique that I might perchance additionally validate
this with any evidence or no lower than even
a rumor that I’d be bigger than overjoyed
to halt so on videotape however no I didn’t
even hear this unless about a years
previously and I don’t know the place it got here from
I I mediate that the the time doesn’t the
timeline doesn’t work to me and additionally I
never heard any one know man when I change into as soon as
up there it’s upright previously few years
that this has popped up I mediate it’s one
of those I’d handle I’d handle halt you’ve
one thing on it however I mediate it’s one of
those Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake or
brothers or
valid now what happens subsequent is when WCW
will get offered out Vince McMahon buys WCW
all of us have in mind that and what happens
all of those aged WWE wrestlers commence
to advance home
Hogan Nash Hall Ric Aptitude all and sundry change into as soon as
coming again to the WWE other than for one
man Randy Savage and that’s the place you
bring together the rumors taking off any other time because
we’ve all heard the rumors of Stephanie
we’ve all heard them they’ve been out
there no person seems to know why this
rumor exists or the place it got here from however
curiously some folks mediate that Randy
Savage had an affair with Stephanie
McMahon when she change into as soon as young and that’s
why he is blacklisted from the WWE
that’s why Vince McMahon did now not even
acknowledge his existence after he left
and curiously it might perchance well probably additionally need been the
simplest component to repeat why Randy Savage
change into as soon as never allowed again in when all and sundry
else had seemingly more heat with Vince
than he did why is he the person that
doesn’t advance again and what they
went there I can’t have confidence they went
there now Randy Savage build aside that video up
on his web web page online years previously the place he
responds to a pair interview the Triple H
had the place he known as him a dinosaur and I
pissed him off so Randy Savage in spite of all the pieces
change into as soon as very fleshy of vitality and in actuality
excessive-strung again then this might perchance additionally need
even been spherical the the same time that he
launched that rap album have in mind so
savage seemed love he change into as soon as going a petite
loopy however in the video he calls out now not
simplest Hulk Hogan however Triple H says he’s
gonna slap the shit out of him and hang
his wife Stephanie now have confidence that
have confidence if there change into as soon as one thing that
came about between Randy Savage and
Stephanie McMahon years previously that no person
knows about other than Vince that change into as soon as a
voice slap valid in Vince and
Stephanie’s face and that on the final is a
in actuality actual explanation why we never saw that
Randy Savage in the WWE it helps the
notify that perchance one thing did slump on I
don’t witness how that’s that which you can have confidence Randy
Savage has been with gorgeous girls in
his lifestyles
at some level of the time that this
affair would fill taken plan Stephanie
don’t were that used and now not
even been that actual-having a watch
she’s necessary hotter now than she would
fill ever looked in 1993 while you requested me
with the diagram to me the affair in actuality didn’t bring together
any sense as a result of the broad age
difference between the two that might perchance
fill had to existed and the reality that
Randy Savage you see it’s now not strong for
him to bring together girls he’s had about a of the
most gorgeous girls ever in the historical past
the wrestling industry so it’s now not love
he’s determined so why he would prey on a
young Stephanie McMahon
me seemed challenging to me I upright repeatedly denied
the rumors because I’m love there’s no
fucking technique that is not practical
why the fuck would those two of all
folks fill one thing to halt with every
other romantically or sexually to me it
made no sense however I gotta repeat you the
WWE nearly added gas to this fire added
gas to this rumor that perchance it in actuality
is acceptable my instincts repeat me it’s now not
however what we can’t 100% verify
that and I don’t mediate we ever will be
ready to and that’s precisely what they are saying
in the documentary we might perchance additionally now not ever know
hey Fargo the technique you guys doing Willy
what’s going on hey got a snappy quiz
for you and I don’t even know while you
guys will comment on this however there’s a
very long time Web
epic going spherical and might perchance you guys
comment on after doing industry with
all and sundry else Vince McMahon never did
industry unless the Hall of Fame with
Randy Savage and the reason for that
till the Hall of Fame tranquil hasn’t done
industry okay and any explanation for that I
mediate that the motive being the the same motive
that all and sundry says okay the most practical probably motive
it’s the motive all individuals in the firm
says it’s the motive that is the most practical probably
one which makes any sense
so I mediate that’s the motive all valid
very actual with any other motive and the
simplest we can yelp about that one thanks
very necessary for the choice I don’t know I
don’t know I mean I I mean I’ve heard
that motive from so many folks who’re
now not web hearsay mongers I mean
folks that all I know is that
within throughout the firm as a long way because the
high folks they all have confidence it and
no person knows in spite of all the pieces because it’s never
introduced up what about this
because we’ve been requested this
quiz for four years now yeah and
it’s been the the same epic for years that
one thing challenging Randy
Savage and Stephanie when she change into as soon as
youthful and this and that and
we when we first heard this epic first
I didn’t have confidence it because I conception it
change into as soon as some epic however then and I
mean even when folks in who’re very
excessive up in that firm um after they
left the firm would repeat me that
epic I tranquil didn’t have confidence it however you
know after a definite series of years
when it’s upright solutions are
introduced up for Randy Savage in the
response there’s one thing true true disagreeable
because let’s face it I mean I couldn’t
count the series of times Ben mentioned he
would never halt industry with Hulk Hogan
and he repeatedly does me so I don’t know
however any other time all we’re asserting is that that
is what all individuals is asserting we obviously
haven’t any conception alternatively it’s attention-grabbing that
that you see it’s nearly love as time
goes by more folks discuss it as if
it’s what acts
we happen tonight most folk in actuality
as time goes by more folks discuss
it making an try to notify that it didn’t happen
um you might perchance probably additionally tranquil quiz Oliver because Oliver
knows knows a epic or no Oliver knows
no I’ll consult with Oliver then yeah Oliver
knows all valid I got Oliver in difficulty
now you probably did so there you slump
oh watch what you’ve done here

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WWE Wrestler’s Shoot on what number of man’s Stephanie McMahon slept with

WWE Wrestler's Shoot on how many guy's Stephanie McMahon slept with