WWE has adopted a fresh strategy for promoting their live shows.

WWE has adopted a fresh strategy for promoting their live shows.
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Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter relayed some substantial changes in WWE’s marketing strategy, stating, “There has been a shift in WWE’s perspective on buying TV advertising slots.”

Traditionally, WWE used to acquire advertising space through local cable providers during RAW, SmackDown, and occasionally NXT, to publicize their live events. For instance, they would place advertisements during RAW and SmackDown broadcasts to promote their MSG holiday event in the New York region.

However, in a divergence from this practice, WWE discontinued airing ads six weeks prior to a house event scheduled for June 1 in White Plains. Furthermore, no advertisements are currently running for the forthcoming SmackDown event at Madison Square Garden.

Providing an insight into the new approach, Meltzer wrote, “We were informed that the new viewpoint in the market, and possibly all markets, is to cease this practice for an indefinite period. This decision was made before the recent merger of the UFC and WWE live event sectors. They are amplifying emails to those on their lists for future events, which is less expensive.”