Prominent WWE Figures Respond to John Cena Hanging Up His Boots

Prominent WWE Figures Respond to John Cena Hanging Up His Boots
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In a surprising announcement at the WWE Money in the Bank 2024 event, well-known wrestler John Cena confirmed he would be retiring from in-ring fights from 2025 forward.

A special segment covered by US Weekly captured reactions from numerous celebrities within the wrestling world, including Bayley, Liv Morgan, and Bianca Belair among others, who shared their thoughts on the impactful news.

Following are a few selected responses:

Montez Ford shared, “This is unbearable! Do you realize the number of unforgettable moments he’s provided us over the years? And now it’s drawing to a close? It’s too much to bear. My heart, my emotions, my consciousness!”

Bianca Belair recalls a fond memory, “The most significant advice he ever gave me came after my defeat at SummerSlam [in 2021], when I was vanquished in just 26 seconds. Despite having previously won a title and maintaining a strong momentum, his words were instrumental. He counselled me on navigating the highs and lows of our profession. You witnessed him perpetually reinventing himself throughout his career.”

Bayley said, “I asked, ‘John, if you notice any gaps in the women’s division or have any specific suggestions for my improvement, what would you recommend?’. This evolved into a comprehensive hour-long discussion, where the focal point was the art of storytelling. It was an enriching conversation that reminded us of our primal bond with the profession. His ability to share his unique insights is truly valuable. Learning from him has certainly been a meaningful experience.”

Liv Morgan stated, “He has consistently been reliable and undeniable. You could always trust John Cena to be present. His illustrious career is definitely unmatched. I firmly believe he has earned the right to live the remainder of his life on his own terms. He’s contributed so much and we’ll truly cherish his memory.”

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