WWE Aims To Host Live Events In Latin America After Current Pandemic

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WWE Aims To Host Live Events In Latin America After Current Pandemic


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Speaking on the SportsPro podcast, WWE Executive Vice President, global head of sales and partnerships John Brody went into details about WWE’s plans for Latin America and how they were shaking out before the global lockdown shifted things around.

There’s a tremendous culture of fandom for wrestling, for WWE throughout Latin America. It’s been an area where we see opportunity and growth. It’s an area where we’d love to be able to create a televised live event. Some sort of special live event in the short-to-medium term. Our fans have passion there. We deliver tons of content through YouTube and all of our other channels and we just watch the numbers continue to go up so, anywhere we have a particular fan-base that needs to be served, we want to try to super-serve them and I think there are a lot of exciting plans that we’ll be unveiling for Latin America in the months ahead.

WWE has long tried to cater to a Latin fanbase with specific wrestlers and storylines, with Rey Mysterio being the longest-running example. They also ran a show specifically for that market for half a year in 1998 called WWF Super Astros. In 2020, it’s clear to the company that they can do more to service these fans.

We’re truly a global property so when you’re a global property, you actually have to be a global property. You need to have events all around the world. You need to create compelling storylines. You need to also make sure that when you’re doing something in Latin America that you do it in language. So we’re continuing to find ways to do that whether it’s through our network, through our live events, through our digital and social to make sure we feed this insatiable thirst for WWE.

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