Ruby Riott Wrestled For Ten Years With Injured Shoulders

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Ruby Riott Wrestled For Ten Years With Injured Shoulders

Photo by Robert Prezioso/Getty Images

While chatting on Isaiah Scott’s Swerve City Podcast, Ruby Riott revealed that the big shoulder injuries she recently returned from were lingering long before her WWE days. Sher was suffering a torn labrum on both sides of her body, stemming from early in her career.

Apparently, according to my surgeon, I had both injuries for ten years. They were from when I started. I had originated the tear when I started and then the ten years of wrestling happened and they just progressively got worse and worse and worse and worse and, I had the first surgery and then six months later I had the second surgery and then I was out for a total of ten months total.

As for exactly why Ruby let the injury linger that long, she said there was just never a good time to get things taken care of.

It’s not like an immediate like if you tear your ACL or whatever. Like an immediate thing that you have to have fixed right away and something that you could know about. You just kind of have to pick the time which, because the time wasn’t chosen for me, the time was never right. I was like, ‘Oh I got this to do. Oh I got this to do. This can wait.’ Like, ‘My shoulders can wait. My shoulders can wait’ and I put it off and I put it off and I put it off to a point to where I could barely work out. I noticed it the most in the gym when I tried to do any wide grip bench press. Like my shoulders would pop out, and a lot of stuff in the ring, I worked around it for a number of years and it was a tough ten months.

Ruby is currently on RAW, last seen getting rejected by Liv Morgan following an attempt to rekindle their friendship.

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