Wrestling World Reacts To Eddie Kingston’s All Elite Wrestling Signing

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Wrestling World Reacts To Eddie Kingston’s All Elite Wrestling Signing

Eddie Kingston

Image Credit: All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling announcing the signing of Eddie Kingston was a major surprise today and has plenty of wrestlers celebrating for the veteran. This comes after Kingston challenged Cody Rhodes for the AEW TNT Championship last week.

Check out some of the elated reactions from the pro wrestling world below:

The #StrayDog is off the chain. https://t.co/9nRkkuH5rc

— Eddie Kingston #BlackLivesMatter (@MadKing1981) July 31, 2020

It's been a long time coming. https://t.co/ZJmuhY1AQ8

— Jack Evans (@JackEvans711) July 31, 2020

This is not one match. This is not one promo. This is not luck.

This is a lifetime of hard work, and it's nowhere near over. Well deserved, @MadKing1981. https://t.co/sToQ3frxg8

— Mike Bailey (マイク•ベイリー) (@SpeedballBailey) July 31, 2020

This giving the fans what they want and signing the best talent in the world may be a controversial approach but it’s one I back 100%

Congratulations @MadKing1981 @AEWrestling @TonyKhan https://t.co/Mz7AfGi0yZ

— Kevin Gill (@OGkevingill) July 31, 2020

Congrats @MadKing1981

A lot of sweet contracts getting signed this week. https://t.co/yoqiP9UeQ4

— CASH (@CashWheelerFTR) July 31, 2020

Evil Uno approves of this. https://t.co/5PfPHQHUK1

— EVIL UNO of the DARK ORDER (@EvilUno) July 31, 2020

Even if you take the scenic route, hard work pays off.

Eddie has had my back since 2002, and I’ll always have his. Holla. 🖤 https://t.co/QGO7pbaSMX

— Bryce Remsburg (@dabryceisright) July 31, 2020

We can run back Ottawa anytime old friend. https://t.co/RZY9iwCJRk

— Brodie Lee (@ThisBrodieLee) July 31, 2020

A great story in the world of wrestling. @MadKing1981 spent years learning and figuring out his craft…and now gets to apply it on @AEWonTNT.
Rewarded for years of work. https://t.co/YEYFI8coDh

— Colt Cabana (@ColtCabana) July 31, 2020

ALL THE FEELS!!!!!!!!! 😭💛👏 https://t.co/0WUk4oD1Jn

— The Bunny 🐇 (@AllieWrestling) July 31, 2020

I love it. A NEW victim! Welcome @MadKing1981 https://t.co/HXvGY32cuX

— The Murderhawk Monster Lance Archer (@LanceHoyt) July 31, 2020


— WARHORSE (@JPWARHORSE) July 31, 2020


Let’s get it! https://t.co/mLBmUjZWjd

— Proud & Powerful🇵🇷 (@Santana_Proud) July 31, 2020

And my soul cries out YAAAASSSSSS

Trust His timing and see how he show out! So proud, so happy 🤎💪🏾✊🏾🙏🏾 https://t.co/l9gj8Yk1uj

— Big Swole 💪🏾 (@SwoleWorld) July 31, 2020

More mistakes made under dictator Jon’s reign. https://t.co/zzAwFzu69V

— Maxwell Jacob Friedman™️ (@The_MJF) July 31, 2020

Love That Kingstonhausen 👑 https://t.co/IYkosHn9SG

— Danhausen (@DanhausenAD) July 31, 2020

Hell yea!

— ROCKY ROMERO🇵🇷 (@azucarRoc) July 31, 2020

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