Unhealthy Data Brown Elephantine Shoot Interview (2006)

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James Guttman and the leisurely Unhealthy Data Brown be in contact in an interview at the origin published on World Wrestling Insanity. Including jabber of: How he modified into “Unhealthy Data”

The Promise Vince McMahon broke
Comparing Vince Sr. to Vince Jr.
His accomplishments in the sector of Judo
Transtioning from Judo to knowledgeable wrestling
The promo that acquired him in trouble
How No Holds Barred performed a segment in his WWF debut
His undefeated creep
#WrestleMania VI
How Roddy Piper was a “complete bigot”
Recently’s wrestling product
The storyline his wife hated
How she went off on him about it
How Bret Hart was a “primadonna and crybaby”
Bret Hart’s field
What he acknowledged about Shawn Michaels
The blueprint in which it is an venture with a complete bunch babyfaces
The WWF Stars Unhealthy Data liked inserting out with
The high mortality rate in wrestling
Why he never went to #WCW
The actual particular person who did now not desire him there
Why his #LJN Action Figure Didn’t Design Out
Being identified by fans in public
Younger wrestlers who attain too many highspots
Working With Dynamite Little one in Canada
Why WWF dropped the ball on Unhealthy Data vs. Dynamite

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Unhealthy Data Brown Elephantine Shoot Interview (2006)

Bad News Brown Full Shoot Interview (2006)