What would be the ideal career move for Dijak after parting ways with WWE?

What would be the ideal career move for Dijak after parting ways with WWE?
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We reported yesterday that Dijak has officially parted ways with WWE, following his contract expiration today. This wraps up a seven-year journey, which began with his initial signing in January 2017. However, discrepancies in his contract delayed his debut until September of the same year.

His tenure in the organization saw him moving back and forth between the main roster and NXT, following his transfer to Raw in the 2024 WWE Draft. Dijak has had his share of highs and lows, including memorable matches and somewhat questionable gimmicks.

Personally, when Dijak first emerged, I saw the potential of a main event world champion in him. Granted, he needed to polish his promotional skills and carve a character that resonated with the audience. But, his undeniable talent and persona hinted at the ascent of a future WWE cornerstone.

Regretfully, his trajectory veered off course- mainly due to the T-Bar Retribution debacle – which severely impacted his career. Even after regaining footing in NXT to restore his reputation, it seemed like WWE lost their investment in him and largely disregarded his potential.

With this development, I’m launching a new series, EWN Question of the Day, starting with this crucial question: “What’s next for Dijak, post his departure from World Wrestling Entertainment?”

I look forward to reading your insights in the comments section. Discuss and share your thoughts on this matter!

Let’s evaluate some possible paths for him. Here are my predictions:

Option 1) All Elite Wrestling

As a fan of both AEW and Dijak, this seems like my personal favorite. AEW boasts of a talent pool with several potential exciting matchups for Dijak.

He could commandeer the scenes with smaller contenders, and his bouts with Brian Cage, Powerhouse Hobbs, Killswitch, and Lance Archer, reminiscent of his Keith Lee face-offs, could be equally engaging.

Option 2) TNA Wrestling

Joining TNA could make Dijak the metaphorical ‘big fish in a small pond’. As soon as he arrives, he’d be a prime candidate for a world title shot against the reigning champion, Moose.

Option 3) New Japan Pro-Wrestling

A transition to New Japan could present Dijak as a ‘new kid on the block’ in an unfamiliar territory, with the potential to rise to prominence, similar to other notable figures who’ve followed the same route.

Option 4) Exploring the Indie Circuit

Being a freelancer could also be an attractive choice for Dijak, as he could have fun bouncing between different promotions, similar to Matt Cardona.

Option 5) Leaving the Wrestling Arena

There’s always a chance that Dijak might choose to step away from wrestling. After a grueling career and not achieving the desired success, he could be contemplating different career paths.

What path would you like to see Dijak follow next? Where would you like to see him go, or who would you like to see him wrestle? Feel free to comment with your predictions and viewpoints below!