Dijak Discloses If He Would Agree to a Last-Minute Proposal from WWE

Dijak Discloses If He Would Agree to a Last-Minute Proposal from WWE
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Professional wrestler, Dominik Dijakovic’s contract with WWE is due to expire today. Prior to this, the wrestler made an appearance on the Twitch channel run by fellow wrestlers, Mace and Mansoor. During the livestream, he unveiled his intentions should the wrestling promotion company decide to present him with a last-minute offer.

The highlights of the discussion are presented below:

When asked if he would consider extending his tenure with WWE if presented with a deal, Dijakovic replied, “They could, hypothetically, present me with an offer now. However, given the insecurity associated with WWE contracts, I am not overly keen on accepting it. These contracts permit WWE to recruit or lay off their wrestlers without cause. They could unexpectedly tell me, ‘We’re taking you back. Just kidding, you’re let go.'”

On the subject of a potential return to WWE if he were promised a WWE Speed Championship run, he retorted with a laugh, “No. Not unless I am presented with an incredibly substantial sum or some sort of assurance. In such a case, I would insist on getting it in writing.”

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