Watch The Debut Edition Of MLW Pulp Fusion (VIDEO)

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Watch The Debut Edition Of MLW Pulp Fusion (VIDEO)

MLW Fusion

MLW continues to expand its content library in the absence of MLW Fusion tapings.

Today, Major League Wrestling debuted a brand new series, Pulp Fusion, sending along the following press release:

Major League Wrestling debuts new weekly digital short series
MLW Pulp FUSION premieres today on MLW’s YouTube channel

NEW YORK — Major League Wrestling today unveiled MLW: Pulp FUSION, a new weekly digital series.

Each week viewers will journey inside the world of MLW and its athletes and experience the continuation of rivalries, the introduction of new and familiar faces as well as hints as to what’s next for Major League Wrestling.

The series premieres this morning on MLW’s YouTube channel:

“Pulp Fusion serves as the creative tissue that connects what happened to the league and its athletes in the wake of the shocking conclusion of the May 9th episode of MLW FUSION,” said MLW CEO Court Bauer. “Along the way, fans will learn what’s ahead as they take a wildly unique dive into the world of MLW each and every week.”

MLW: Pulp FUSION acts as a creative bridge and spinoff for FUSION during the series’ hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The episode digital short series features a variety of MLW athletes and personalities as well as some surprises.

Produced virtually with the MLW production team working with talent from afar, the series looks to provide fans unique, unfiltered access to its roster of professional wrestlers.

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The first episode can be viewed below. The episode features the following description:

This week’s episode of Pulp FUSION is available now on MLW’s YouTube Channel.

This Pulp FUSION preview for today’s episode
Fresh off of signing new deals with MLW, the Dynasty create their goal list. But what’s up with Gino?

Meanwhile back in Las Vegas, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor must prove he is a true leader as Dominic Garrini struggles in quarantine.

Following the Super Series attack by CONTRA, Konnan speaks his mind on the shocking events that has brought the league to its knees.

As Richard Holliday continues to call himself the real Caribbean Champion, Savio Vega checks in from Puerto Rico and the Caribbean legend is not happy.

Who is Injustice’s new member? World Middleweight Champ Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver of Injustice drop a hint.

WHO does LA Park want to fight?

Out in Hawaii, the Von Erich boys put in some work on the farm while their father Kevin Von Erich provides some world-class wisdom.

Plus: Mance Warner has some fighting words of his own! It’s time to experience Pulp FUSION!