Wade Barrett Expresses His Preference for WWE Commentating Over Being a Superstar

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Wade Barrett is glad that his time at WWE events is spent behind the commentary table rather than in the ring.

Barrett debuted in WWE in 2010 by winning season 1 of the original NXT and after leaving in 2016, he returned as a commentator in 2020.


Speaking on a recent edition of the “After the Bell” podcast, Barrett explained why he prefers being a commentator to being a WWE Superstar. He said,

“I love it. I’ve said it time and time again. I’m enjoying my time as a commentator more than I ever enjoyed my time in the ring, You’re really fortunate to get one career in this industry. I’m aware my in-ring run lasted a long time, had a lot of fun, scratched a lot of the itches I had, and achieved the majority of the things I wanted to achieve. But I would say this, you’re super, super lucky if you get a second bite of the cherry and get a chance to have another run, another career in this industry and be around this crazy wild circus that we have, you’re incredibly lucky.”

“At this time, I just have so much fun being completely in control of me. I’m not waiting for somebody in management to say, ‘Okay, wait, tonight you get to take on this guy.’ I’m not waiting for those opportunities that guys are constantly scrambling for. I know what my role is. I know every week I’m going to be sat next to Michael Cole.”

I’m going to be calling the action. Occasionally I get to sit next to Kevin Patrick too which was a real treat. I like knowing what my role is. I also like the fact that I have no one to blame but myself. If I have a good night, you know what? I prepped really well. I thought about my angles and I nailed it tonight. If I have a bad night, once again, it’s my fault.”

I’m not blaming someone in management. I’m not saying, ‘Why do they keep making me compete against that guy? Why do they keep, you know, not giving me the prime opportunity?’ So it’s all on me now and I feel like sink or swim and with my personality type, I handle that a lot better than relying on other people to give me opportunities.”

Barrett has commentated for WWE NXT and SmackDown in the past and currently calls the action on Monday Night RAW.

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Wade Barrett: Finding Fulfillment Behind the Commentary Table

Former WWE Superstar Wade Barrett, also known as Stu Bennett, has found a new sense of fulfillment in his role as a commentator rather than a wrestler. Barrett, who debuted in WWE in 2010 and left in 2016, returned to the company in 2020 as a commentator. In a recent interview on the “After the Bell” podcast, Barrett expressed his love for his current position and explained why he prefers it over being a WWE Superstar.

Barrett stated, “I love it. I’ve said it time and time again. I’m enjoying my time as a commentator more than I ever enjoyed my time in the ring.” He considers himself fortunate to have had a successful in-ring career, achieving most of his goals and experiencing the excitement of being a WWE Superstar. However, he acknowledges that getting a second chance to have another career in the industry is incredibly lucky.

One of the reasons why Barrett enjoys being a commentator is the sense of control it gives him. He no longer has to wait for management to decide his next opponent or storyline. Instead, he knows his role and responsibilities each week, whether it’s sitting next to Michael Cole or occasionally joining Kevin Patrick. Barrett appreciates the fact that he can take full responsibility for his performance. If he has a good night, he attributes it to his preparation and execution. And if he has a bad night, he takes accountability for it without blaming others.

Being a commentator also allows Barrett to showcase his personality and skills without relying on others for opportunities. He feels more empowered and confident in his ability to succeed or fail based on his own efforts. This self-reliance suits his personality type and gives him a greater sense of control over his career.

Barrett has commentated for various WWE shows, including NXT, SmackDown, and currently Monday Night RAW. His transition from the ring to the commentary table has been well-received by fans and colleagues alike. He brings a unique perspective and insights to the matches, enhancing the viewing experience for the audience.

While Barrett’s in-ring career may have come to an end, his time as a commentator has opened up new doors and opportunities in the wrestling industry. He continues to entertain and engage with fans through his commentary, showcasing his passion for the sport.

In conclusion, Wade Barrett’s transition from WWE Superstar to commentator has brought him a renewed sense of fulfillment and enjoyment. He appreciates the control, accountability, and opportunities that come with his current role. As he continues to excel behind the commentary table, fans can look forward to experiencing his unique insights and contributions to the world of professional wrestling.