Visitor Booker #09 | Jim Cornette (Disc#1 and #2)

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This outstanding model of the Visitor Booker sequence was voted one among the superb DVDs of 2009 in the Wrestling Observer when launched on DVD, and now for the first time that you would possibly also acquire it On Search files from!

What would possibly dangle been remembered as reliable wrestling’s most complelling storyline, has come to be is known as the game’s greatest blown different. The WCW Invasion attitude fell looking out expectations and the wrestling world watched WWE swallow WCW without fanfare.

Jim Cornette has a issue or twenty to inform about that! One in every of wrestling’s most outspoken and inventive minds attacks this model of Visitor Booker with unmatched vigor in this with regards to 3 hour display. See Jim flip the tepid Invasion into a flaming hot attitude as he books in outstanding element with intensive explanation for every ride.

I fancy grappler, because they are dapper! Foreign the wrestling world was timid when the Monday night Wars came to an abrupt cease and Vince McMahon bought world championship wrestling Wrestling Wars that began in the 80s were over there was finest one company left if there was any appropriate that would possibly come.

From this Monopoly was that we'd in the end acquire to peek what we waited for for all these years WWF versus WCW it must dangle been the superb wrestling storyline ever in the enterprise I’m in a position to't ride over promotion that would possibly dangle saved enterprise sturdy for future years all these what-ifs would in the end be answered all these dream.

Suits would in the end happen no they wouldn't as a replacement of being remembered for years as one among the most attention-grabbing events in wrestling the WCW invasion is remembered for being one among the most attention-grabbing wasted opportunities of all time currently we sit down with our guestbooker Jim cornette one among the most revered Minds.

In reliable wrestling we are in a position to ride over what went grisly with the attitude in the first space and then we'll rewrite historical past and dangle Jim rebook The Invasion attitude will or no longer it’s better than what in actuality took space how would possibly it no longer be let's rep out now as we repeat visitor poker with Jim Cornett we reserving the.

WCW invasion in talking relating to the WCW Invasion and all of the issues that went grisly and can neutral dangle been performed in a different way and salvaged potentially one among the superb blown opportunities in the sector of wrestling we belief we'd acquire any individual who we would must pry that knowledge out.

Of and in actuality factual form of coax to to state how he feels about that and what he would dangle performed in a different way so we called this man and he reluctantly agreed to come up right here hoping that he'd dangle some form of realizing on books I in actuality I don't in actuality we'll gaze what occurs when I factual gotta ride with the circulation yeah yeah we'll talk a cramped bit.

And in case you’d prefer to you amplify yeah we'll be right here the next day to come um Jim cornette everybody knows that um Let's uh let's originate with reserving we've we the sequence is supposed to Epic the minds of all of the residing Bookers both I'm wearisome or my behold is stopped I don't know so uh I are making an try to acquire internal your head a.

Diminutive bit in uh with reserving uh philosophy the put did it’s top to you watched you turned into a seasoned Booker what needed to happen what did you have to reside thru what did you have to form uh I turned into a seasoned Booker next month um you'd by no diagram turn out to be a seasoned Booker uh you switch out to be an skilled Booker but there's always I always represent folks that.

Within the transition which we'll discuss from wrestling reserving to wrestling writing writing diagram it's overproduced over scripted over controlled micromanaged homogenized sanitized pasteurized the cramped cellophane wrapper on the bathroom seat at the Plentiful 8 it's sanitized on your protection with wrestling reserving.

On occasion any individual has to dangle an imprint for ability and and a files of what the matches are supposed to peek fancy and and possibly what the followers would possibly are making an try to peek and you take some attention-grabbing strange and charismatic personalities you deliver them into your territory you build them in a space the put that you would possibly also repeat them to the general public and acquire them over.

The put the folk are infected by them whether or not they are predisposed to fancy them or to dislike them and then you definately manipulate them into a non-public area or a quest for a championship the put they're going to fight every diversified and you promote tickets to it that's more sturdy than writing any you know you build a chimpanzee in front of a.

Typewriter and presents him a limiteless amount of time and paper and in the rupture he's got to Pulitzer Prize winner but a a chimpanzee cannot book since you have to contend with personalities and that's what's been misplaced in in the transition to wrestling writing is now all the pieces sounds the same and everybody talks the same uh you understand it always.

Stated you know Stephanie McMahon I by no diagram had a crossword with her she's a nice lady but she was the boss's daughter and her predominant qualification for reserving is that she's the boss's daughter she couldn't book remaining in a pet store but uh you know if folks issue you bought a a diploma in inventive writing and you’ve got written tv that entitles.

You to be in a space to to jot down wrestling the put that you would possibly also write wrestling but that you would possibly also't book relaxation the put did we lose that after when did it when when was the emphasis positioned on writing over um when Company The usa took over the the you know the TBS buyout they didn't know what they were doing then the territories went by the wayside and.

You realize when there was a sturdy territory in almost every fragment of the country the promoter took care of his enterprise in his territory and all of the promoters collectively took care of their enterprise all across the country and you didn't let folks reinvent the wheel or fix what wasn't broke or regardless of you know uh tired cliche you favor to employ and.

Then all of a surprising everybody got alive to and everybody on the overall is a promoter and everybody on the overall is a a Booker a author and everybody on the overall is a wrestler apply anymore and all of a surprising you understand it it got very very watered down to the put and then you definately know the tv took over and you have to lend a hand the demands of tv and.

Pay-per-gaze and networks and it it's factual wrestling got too colossal for its beget appropriate and at the same time it constricted and got proper tiny you're a wrestling fan rising up when did you first turn out to be conscious that there was a Booker pulling the strings that there was a Grasp of Puppets in the lend a hand of what you were seeing doubtlessly about a week sooner than I in actuality.

Made my debut on tv no I'm I'm no longer kidding with you um I I turned into a wrestling fan when I was nine and I began as a photographer and you know teenage ring announcer gopher boy for Christine Jarrett when I was 14. and did that for six years magazines and lines and asserting it And lots others and the relaxation that I would possibly form you know ride and.

Poster in a metropolis or a time or two for for Christine Jarrett I issue the first time I ever heard the phrase High space I was in the locker room at Channel 5 TV for my first week of Memphis tv after six years I very seldom was allowed in the locker room the enterprise was stable there was no net.

There there was no strategy to yeah I stumbled on out relating to the blade when I was at ringside taking photos and I believed Jimmy Valen at the originate I believed he sharpened his thumbnail I'm fancy oh my God and then you definately understand it was slowly these items if You look for and I tried to to note the matches I imply I would possibly wait for the bumps so I would possibly you know.

I would possibly shoot them and you factual you were around lengthy enough I picked up Kearney factual by having guys talk Carney in front of me so they wouldn't smarten me up um you know but but you in actuality didn't imprint that and that's what made it so worthy more uncomplicated to acquire into wrestling and turn out to be an correct ability since you didn't.

Get a clue ship from Shinola about how this was performed or what was performed till you realized it the upright diagram after they allowed you in after they allowed you in and the veterans told you right here’s what we form right here’s how we form it turn out to be more sophisticated than that but you know what I'm asserting over a timeframe you realized the upright diagram but now that every.

Putts with an net can can oh good enough the blade and the cafe and the imprint and attitude and all this stuff and so-and-so's shedding the belt they choose out what they have wrestling is and they on the overall issue it's a display of strikes and then it's more sturdy to untrain any individual that's realized the grisly diagram and then put collectively them the upright diagram that it’s far to.

Practice them upright far off from scratch would you dispute that the superb issue that that's absent currently diversified than the reliable the system is diversified but there's no drama it sounds fancy is that the put you're going no there's a variety of drama there's too worthy drama and on the overall the dramas in the locker room or in the office as a replacement of on tv.

Uncover I'm sorry it factual gaze I've I've had this slightly lady all night lengthy beating on my door in the end at four o'clock this morning I got up and let her out but anyway um the the difficulty is there's drama what there isn't is there's no longer emotion the folk when when believability and credibility was misplaced in reliable.

Wrestling in represent to initiating it up to turn out to be mainstream leisure in my gaze the emotion that it would possibly engender from the followers was misplaced because I've had over 100 folks in my occupation ride to penal advanced willingly by taking a swing at me or connecting in front of a cop upright factual to acquire I dispute what you wish folks you dispute oh no person ever believed.

Wrestling was proper in case you will ride to penal advanced factual to take a swing at the corrupt man wrestling supervisor or Punchy mat or regardless of in case you will ride to penal advanced realizing you're going to penal advanced you're doing it in front of a cop I don't care you judge one thing you know they believed I was a cut you know in some vogue in narrate that variety of.

Emotion the heat that the heels had and conversely the admiration adulation adore that the cramped one faces had because they were these that were making an try to Vanquish these wicked heels that emotion is long gone folks are no longer going to manufacture that variety of emotional funding in what they know to be a choreographed performance upright.

So that's you know I imply you know the ticket prices are bigger and if the dolls are in Walmart but you don't dangle heat and you don't dangle ten thousand folks in the Mid-South Coliseum every Monday night or or Charlotte Coliseum or regardless of most often time and again till Dusty in the end wins The Rock and Roll in the end wins Jerry Lawler in the end wins.

Which that you would possibly well flee the same match in a metropolis 13 weeks in a row till a cramped one face one now it's good enough we saw that one we'll wait till they form one thing upright yeah good enough so uh who are about a of the Bookers that influenced you successfully fancy I mentioned I grew up in a Memphis territory and and Jerry Jarrett was the promoter uh after Slash gulis in actuality when I got fascinated about.

The enterprise Jerry was a promoter uh and you mostly belief the promoter you know made the matches I didn't imprint till I had gotten you know alive to a cramped bit more that there was any individual else I imply Jerry a variety of cases was his beget Booker and he was unprecedented he put the tone um factual fancy Bill Watts always employed.

A Booker but by the same token it was his form of wrestling what he belief that must always aloof be supplied to the followers in his status they're going to fancy this we're going to educate them to aquire this right here’s a system we repeat but uh Bill Dundee with book Jerry Lawler would book Memphis they change backward and ahead Jerry which.

Jerry Jarrett would step in if he wanted to the first time I in actuality had a clue there was a Booker was Robert Fuller was reserving and and the Fullers owned the Knoxville territory but he'd come over to Memphis and he was the booker he introduced over Professor Tanaka Mr Fuji Luminous George Jr Mongolian stomper you know the booker.

Would deliver his beget crew out of as he loved to employ and enterprise was no longer doing too successfully and one week all these guys were on the card and next week none of these guys were on the card and that's what I form of figured I I’ve yeah good enough I'm initiating to acquire a lend a hand of that but uh when I got into enterprise and realized what was going on obviously.

Jerry Jarrett you know uh impressed me somewhat a cramped bit factual the the style that he was in a space to be a success that early for that lengthy and in a territory was cities that tiny uh Bill Dundee was a huge form man you know he was a Booker he was he once more he didn't write he manipulated he build guys collectively that he knew would possibly plan money.

After which he gave him finishes it would lead to returns that would possibly promote tickets um then of direction we went to Louisiana Bill Watts even supposing Dundee was his Booker at the time Watts was you know to me it was a genius and then he told me he realized from Eddie Graham and and it's fancy what was that used Western Wear successfully I'm fast but so and so is faster.

And so and so is faster than him there's always any individual better so he realized from Eddie Graham and Eddie Graham also taught Dusty Rhodes and everybody that's talked about Eddie Graham would dispute and I by no diagram started working for him but but they’d dispute you know the epitome of what a Booker was he had the finishes and the mind and he would possibly gaze it coming and I.

Judge Kevin Sullivan you know speaks extremely because he realized from Eddie Graham so that you know these guys um they were they were a success they were a success in a couple of status that's how you measure successes when any individual's been a success both and a pair of issue in wrestling or in a couple of space in wrestling to me.

Gotcha we're going to contend with WCW I'd prefer to contend with WCW so take us lend a hand to uh Crockett's days and uh take us lend a hand backstage in the lend a hand of the scenes and and represent us what uh what that was fancy how did that operation flee was all the pieces coming from Jim Crockett how worthy Freedom did Dusty and whoever was.

Taking a study the oldies but this can in actuality when I labored for Crockett the superb Booker he ever had was Dusty oh in actuality because Dusty began starrcade was Dusty's thought I’ve Dory Funk Jr was reserving at the time of the first starcade in 83 but it no doubt was Dusty's thought when it got over so successfully Dusty was reserving in Florida at the time but.

Then I’ve Crockett introduced him up possibly cease of 84 somewhere around there and he booked till Crockett sold a TBS and the with Dusty once more he was a colossal represent man and JJ Dillon was his assistant and JJ was a element man JJ had handwriting for one issue that the boys would possibly in actuality study you know Dustin factual.

He build the lineup up and be folks's initials JC and DC versus Fu and you know m-o-usae but um Dusty would obviously he would lay out the tv um and he would uh on the overall give it to JJ to you know to beget in and then he would lay it out for the flexibility uh you know frequent but but gaze once more Dusty.

Did no longer micromanage because he booked ability that he knew would possibly plan money and promote tickets so he wouldn't sit down down with you for 20 minutes drill into your head you bought to inform this and this and this and this and this he was good enough remaining time at the Charlotte Coliseum it was no disqualification and Cornett he wrote on your whack freaking morning.

With the racket so this time they've requested for a cage so exit there talking about this time Charlotte Coliseum June the twenty fourth cage center of the night rock and roll is for the title stelman movie tickets and if I went available in the market and did a huge promo and sold him some tickets and he left me alone if I went available in the market and did a shitty promo and no person came then.

He factual wanted he didn't bother me he factual scratched my name off the [__] sheet um he came up with finishes that he belief would plan for returns he came up with uh matchups he belief folks wanted to peek and that was the epitome of wrestling reserving and it's exhausting and it's more sturdy uh in actuality than fancy I mentioned.

Than writing and a variety of folks knocked Dusty for successfully he bankrupted Crockett Jim and as a subject of reality in my recent book uh the Wearisome night Specific and Jim cornette 25th anniversary scrapbook accessible at Shameless plugs there's a variety of coloration in there folks it's in actuality nice slick paper feel that but besides that um you know I ride.

Into a variety of news about this but I issue we it's factual I’ve fancy the Dwelling Procuring Network now uh but it no doubt it it in actuality was the put the flexibility was allowed to be folk and you know no person would possibly represent dick Murdock talk fancy dick Murdock or Dusty or Flair or the horsemen or you know he had Skill they're working for.

Him and folks blamed Dusty because successfully you know Crockett promotions what broke I represent the story it wasn't Dusty that bankrupted Crockett promotions it was Crockett's accountant he had the same office personnel that he had when he was running North and South Carolina in Virginia when he was running all around the put the country and buying promotions and.

Procuring airplanes and they got in over their head and they stumbled on out someday he was running a a success company and the following morning he stumbled on out he was two million dollars in the hole all of the story is in there it takes too lengthy to symbolize but the ride to Dallas I defend Dusty successfully you know they had a huge office available in the market because everybody mentioned.

Whereas that you would possibly prefer to be National you've got to be in a colossal media market upright I was factual in Richmond Virginia remaining night I ride in the Hampton Inn at 10 Forty five and the fellow in the lend a hand of the counter is 38 years used center of the night expressed remaining week or remaining month slightly I was in Greensboro North Carolina for 2 nights at a Hampton Inn.

And ogle a pattern right here I got the card and everybody there it wasn't you managed the WWF Champion or you were you know you're on Spike TV now it was Wearisome night Specific Jim cornette since it's it's the Carolinas it's Crockett country I imply the night Hole introduced a tennis racket for me to trace the following night you know I'm posing for photos.

With the maids they aloof be conscious it was that sturdy I'm no longer asserting I'm over that worthy I'm asserting any one which was on Crockett promotions tv was over that worthy and aloof is for the folk used enough to dangle seen it because wrestling was so it was it was on fire in the Carolinas it was ingrained in there of their DNA and no longer finest that.

Even though you had National attain thru TVs I had it up right here in Recent York so that you know when we began branching out you know to Philadelphia Baltimore And lots others Philly and Baltimore Chicago were all tall cities uh you know there dangle been in actuality NWA strongholds in a variety of cases we would beat you know in the in the 80s the the WWF with you know the.

Hulk Hogan issue because some folks loved Rockin wrestling and a few folks loved wrestling some folks fancy both and that diversity giving them that different to dangle both I be conscious the first time you guys came up right here was uh that I attended was 84 was it Evening of Champions uh at The Meadowlands.

It was a significant display yeah we weren’t right here yet we were we were quickly to be and and we you know they they got it began and then we came in and but let's let's discuss that divide between uh between the day prior to this and currently and likewise possibly a cramped bit about uh you know Crockett and the Northeast must always you bought that you're an outspoken.

Man you don't know I'm in actuality I'm aloof uh you know you don't play the politics very very successfully you let folks know the diagram you is possibly feeling successfully I'm too used to place up with horseshit you know at this level were you any diversified uh 10 years or 15 years ago must always it’s top to you're in certain I was because I labored for folk that knew what the [__] they were doing and they.

Didn't power me loopy and it wasn't till you know all the pieces went to hell and all of the territories went away that you know both the WWF WCW drove me loopy WWF drove me loopy twice um you know now I'm in actuality in actuality pleased and my blood stress is down but you understand it for for approximately 10 years there from the.

Early 90s to the early 2000s I was convinced doubtlessly foolishly in narrate that wrestling will be introduced lend a hand that it’ll be that our enterprise will be by some capacity resurrected lightning would strike Eddie Graham would come lend a hand to existence folks would neglect relating to the rep and all the pieces will be as it was sooner than and then I spotted you know.

No it ain't gonna happen and it’s far no longer vital what I form and regardless of how you know loopy I acquire over it it's no longer going to support and so then I factual dispute good enough now I don't in actuality care as worthy but you understand it's long gone but at the time in actuality in the 90s it was finest 5 six seven years from when all the pieces was hot and structures were drawing astronomical crowds.

And folks were staring at wrestling on tv and a variety of guys were making a variety of cash and no person was you know shedding over wearisome no person had corrupt publicity there wasn't all this unlucky [__] there is now and so that you it would possibly reasonably dangle been assumed that you know possibly we factual we got off our path there for a cramped whereas but we are in a position to come.

Abet but now everybody knows all the pieces all our tools dangle been taken away you know that you would possibly also dangle the you know the wrestling display but you wrestling as we knew it and and as a mainstream appeal I don't issue is is going to be in a space to come lend a hand you labored with uh you were talking relating to the the crockets you were there.

When Dusty was reserving Dusty would offer you with the pointers and come up with the promo and allow form of the pure magnetism of every individual character to form of emanate and promote the tickets you know the predominant points were almost secondary because God rattling it I got I got to peek that first and you form the work to rep out the put I’m in a position to acquire my fingers around his.

Throat yeah now you're in WWE F I'm gonna dispute that's a lot successfully I'm gonna dispute f a lot but I'm going to inform WWF a lot too that you would possibly dispute the [__] it flows better as a replacement of WWE WWF and likewise you know years yeah training yeah but but good enough so that you've got that that we were factual talking about then you definately're you're up in WWF and there's.

Ric Flair holding the script how form you operate in an environment fancy that successfully in actuality I was no longer there in WWF at the same time an correct talker successfully you know and the difficulty is Cactus is so appropriate that there's some guys that are so appropriate that even the scriptwriters will no longer hand.

Them they'll hand them a script but they know what they're going to acquire lend a hand is that man's model of that but excuse me that's a Bob Evans sausage gravy talking um but you know so many guys now that that don't dangle the expertise doing tv or that that don't dangle the pull to inform you know I in actuality don't.

Judge I dispute that but I would possibly dispute one thing better they’ll't form that they don't dangle the pool so that you gaze this mindless droning of these you know fancy the deer caught in the headlights peek because I'm I'm in actuality I'm taking a peek at the digicam but what I'm making an try to form is be conscious is recite what I in actuality dangle memorized from taking a peek at a fraction of paper with.

The total ardour and emotion of a Stepford wife whereas I represent you that I fully form no longer judge what I am asserting is factual because any individual else has build the words on your mouth yeah once more difference between writing and reserving and reserving I take this in actuality attention-grabbing character that folk fancy and I take this.

The truth is attention-grabbing character folks issue is a cut and I give them a cause to fight and I promote tickets for it and I let them be themselves because that's why folks were infected by them in the first space upright and if a man can't talk you acquire him in a system acquire him a supervisor no supervisor versus Creator you know and and you know if and.

If the supervisor doesn't work then you definately acquire a brand recent man I imply you understand it's it's no longer that exhausting but but now it's also there's the Preposterous element must always you've got I imply you know lets ride all day lengthy with the issues that that I’ve that Vince McMahon and his minions dangle performed to wrestling but whether or no longer it’s far the necrophilia or the.

Transvestite [__] on Designate Henry or factual the preposterosity to coin a phrase of any dreary [__] you wrestling operated on one frequent precept don't form the relaxation if it couldn't in actuality possibly happen it would possibly also very successfully be far-fetched Jared Jarrett was a master at it it’s far no longer vital what form of loopy insane [__] was going on it.

If truth be told was rooted in enough common sense or one thing you factual belief these are loopy folks you didn't issue it's phony folks doing this [__] to acquire a upward thrust out of us he belief these are loopy folks they're in actuality loopy and most cases they were loopy in an correct diagram possibly no longer So Noteworthy Anymore loopy in a corrupt diagram I don't know.

Uh let's uh let's let's form right here an imaginary sizable Booker what form I in actuality must throw in the stew oh geez um Insanity diverse shadowy tar Mexican heroin um once more I’ve and and by the style Jim as a subject of reality uh.

The coordinates commentary that up that's up as we discuss of direction you won't gaze it now but I'm obvious it'll be archived is my take on the difference between wrestling writing and reserving boy I'm going to walk this issue for all it's price um a huge Booker once more.

Can choose sizable ability and a huge Booker knows what ability enhances every diversified to work the Magic in the ring and plan money out of it and a huge Booker knows has restraint and knows when no longer to hot shot because in this enterprise every length of hot shotting in a state territory has been adopted by an equally lengthy if no longer longer length of.

Drought the put enterprise was down because if you form all the pieces that you would possibly also form you numb and immune the folk to your angles and and accidents or regardless of which is what the hardcore wrestling fad did and I'm obvious we'll acquire to that right here a cramped whereas also but you understand it venerable to be you know if if a man took the heel took a roll of quarters and punched a.

Man in the mouth and the quarters flew and he went down he came up he's bleeding my God he ran for three months with that I imply you know the fellow goes to the successfully being facility regardless of he will get stitched up now they gaze folks cruise thru flaming furnishings with thumbtacks and broken glass stacked on it with the AIDS contaminated hypodermic.

Needles ringing the you know and then and then you definately ride to interrupt and come lend a hand and successfully right here comes a you know a [__] match oh successfully can't grieve without end you understand it doesn't fabricate any sense what what we've performed is we dangle taken a enterprise the put grown men pretended to hurt every diversified but in actuality didn't and folks believed that they.

Were and paid to peek it and turned it into a enterprise the put grown men in actuality form hurt every diversified and no person believes they are and fewer of them pay to peek it who's the marks who's the marks you mentioned one thing very amusing it's so factual one time you I don't know what you what match you were talking about it would possibly well need been an indie display in actuality the put.

Any individual in actuality got hurt and uh by being tossed initiating air the ring didn't rob the rope and and everybody stopped the staff stopped the ref stopped and you mentioned why the [__] didn't you rely them out of the ring you're supposed to be hurt yeah good enough since it wasn't the form upright so I don't know what to form yeah but.

That's it it's such a huge commentary on currently guys are going extra time on tv upright or over time at a condominium display I was in at a display the diversified night for an used buddy of mine it's running Charlotte and he requested me to come over and take a peek and and the matches ride and it looked fancy it was factual going on without end I imply I had I.

Had a birthday staring at this match upright and it and it was in actuality I'm no longer gonna name any names because I don't are making an try to embarrass any one but it no doubt was so corrupt it was hurting the followers emotions and so the promoter in actuality will get on the microphone says two minutes left of the match and they they imprint oh [__] he's telling us to hurry up so as a replacement of going dwelling.

As an different of ending the match what did they form they went into the same sequence that they had deliberate after they put lend a hand in the locker room because they needed to acquire their [__] in even supposing the [__] they've got in to this level was some slightly shitty [__] they needed to acquire their [__] in sooner than they’d also neutral factual tiny kit tiny fetch of sunset flip factual acquire out of.

There one two three but now they ride in this lengthy who shot John bunch of [__] leading up to this spectacular form you know the [__] crickets chirping I saw three followers deliver lend a hand the tickets they sold remaining month because they didn't know form it any diversified diagram they they had what we talked relating to the folk the followers weren't.

In on the meeting they didn't know they wouldn't dangle been offended I don't issue they'd dangle been offended if spontaneous combustion to happen the canine caught on fire but that's a determined story and they wouldn't dangle known what was to come because they hadn't seen it both successfully proper amusing uh reserving story with you sooner than we form uh form.

This chapter uh I don't know what you were hunting for yeah all of the inventive finishes I've ever seen and you had them form all of them and then you definately had a extremely amusing form that yeah oh gosh oh my gosh it was up right here it was up right here in the Northeast was.

It one among the candido reveals I’ve it was and it would possibly also neutral dangle been it it would possibly also neutral dangle been my buddy's Devin storm and and and Ace darling and even I'm making an try to issue it would possibly also neutral dangle been on one among Dennis corluzzo reveals but on the overall yeah I be conscious it was a couple guys that with out a doubt were slightly appropriate at what they did and I mentioned exit there and stoop the.

Condo down but form form fancy six of the most cliched finishes that after when wrestling followers gaze this happen they know straight away that's the Attain but kick out at two and then tiny kit improve one two three and a P1 wow you know and it factual it labored factual I I did a an Ohio Valley wrestling one time we had a king of the hill match form of issue.

Um the put two guys originate and the winner of that match one more man jumps in the ring he straight away wrestles him the winner of that one more man jumps in the ring straight away wrestles him and it continues on we did a complete tv display The match lasted almost 40 minutes on tv and the Attain was Matt Morgan beating Designate Henry with a body.

Slam because Matt Morgan's a seven foot huge Designate Henry was 450 pounds and no person everbody slammed him so we did a 40-minute match with all these twists and turns and it you know we had two cramped one faces battle every diversified the mentor and the student and the student beat the teacher and then they shook fingers and.

Then the heel is accessible in and [__] the younger cramped one face and blah blah but we ended up a 40-minute match the form was a body slam and the folk threw the cramped one's near because they fancy they understood it they loved it and the guys got it over I let the that was the meaning of uh developmental territory fancy guys developed so I'll let them ride.

Within the market and acquire themselves over of their individual cramped section in that match and they got the match over that diagram and folks are making an try to peek more of it as a replacement of much less so let's paint the image 2001 WCW uh who's responsible of inventive over there at the time I don't dangle a [__].

Search files from and uh successfully no and now right here's and sooner than uh you know give folks the affect that I'm talking of stuff that I don't know the relaxation about let me gaze I don't know the relaxation about it because in 1999 uh July of ninety nine I moved lend a hand to Louisville got out of Stanford uh was paroled from the Titan towers and.

Um in fast it was it was my deal uh I've been up there I've been all inventive for a couple of years and and I was cheerful when I got the job I was cheerful when I eliminated it and and I'd labored in in the tv Studio which I fancy doing coloration with Jim Ross doing play-by-play I realized so worthy I loved an announcement with JR everybody loved our work uh.

Inner the office and you know the viewers with the exception of Kevin Dunn the Executive Vice [__] I imply president of uh Titan who's or WWE regardless of they're calling themselves for the time being put sooner than the law um we were too Southern too Southern collectively you know because they got that southern issue going on you know because.

The total world revolves around Recent York and Connecticut and everybody else factual follows fit you know so they chop up us up and and I was working with the third party promoters and scouting ability and I in actuality loved that uh and but at the same time I was residing in Connecticut and I was in penal advanced in Baton Rouge one time I loved that.

Staunch a cramped bit more than residing in Connecticut so they were training guys in a warehouse and this you know in the warehouse at the TV studio Tom Pritchard was thought with Sean stasiak was there and Kurt Attitude began out in the warehouse and and you know a bunch of guys that you know named some you know.

Some you wouldn't but there was the sawdust fumes after they were constructing items and the the guys that dub tapes would dwell by they'd be drinking lunch and staring at the guys determine and it was factual a factual a cool dry feedbackless atmosphere and each once whereas they form a space display in Massachusetts.

And I went to Jim Ross because I I've long gone lend a hand dwelling to Louisville and and flee into Danny Davis about a pal uh who had managed when I began in Memphis in 82 and he had spread out a wrestling college in Louisville that had turn out to be considerably a success to the put that he began running Condo reveals you know cramped space reveals and then he got a.

Tv on a low energy diagram and possibly he was doing issues on a shoestring but you know he would possibly put collectively guys and and it was a success and it was also in my place of origin and I knew it’ll be more a success so I went to Jim Ross and I mentioned you understand it's finest a subject of time because I've flee thru a dedication of issues right here that they dangle got.

Me doing and for one cause or one more both you know me and Vince Russo butted heads and the inventive issue and me and Kevin performed butted heads on the TV issue and likewise one among for the time being I'm going to detention heart because I reside in Connecticut and any individual I'm gonna flip how about if I ride lend a hand to Louisville and we launch an legit developmental.

Territory because they've been despatched in opposition to Memphis you know to work for Lawler to work for Randy Hales but they were finest running three reveals uh a week or so in the lab tv and there was no space for guys to ride to faculty there it wasn't full service so anyway I mentioned I would possibly ride lend a hand to Louisville and work with Danny and we.

Would contract because I sold a fraction of ovw somewhat frankly you know because I wanted to promote wrestling in my place of origin and reside there and we contracted with the WWE to lend a hand as a developmental program we would take as we would give them expertise on Are residing Events and on doing tv and and likewise a a college the put.

They would possibly also neutral in actuality put collectively and you know that would possibly that diagram lets beget up restock the shelves because when the territories went away the the educational ground went away and you had an inexperienced Skill guys were getting hurt guys weren't ready for prime time regardless of the case let's originate this now because in 5 years we're.

The truth is going to pray it it's what I mentioned in 1999. successfully we began it and with Jim Ross who understood wrestling and who understood relate I'll represent you a narrative Bill Watts told me that illustrates how Jim Ross would work with that that you would possibly well wish Bill Watts mentioned that Vince McMahon senior lend a hand in the 70s 80s.

If he wanted to inform you know Bill Watson's prime heel was Waldo von Eric if he wanted Waldo von Eric Ben senior was going to acquire Walden one Eric because the Northeast Madison Square Garden he would possibly pay guys extra money than they’d fabricate in most diversified territories so if he wanted a man I was going to ride but at the same time he didn't factual rape every.

Territory of ability which his son would dangle adopted suit um what he would form is he'd name Bill Watts he'd dispute invoice I in actuality prefer Waldo uh initiating TV on September 20th can you fabricate him accessible for me successfully of direction Vince will be at liberty to thanks Bill I'll come up with an extra week of dates on Andre Andre and then there's a week of.

Sellouts in the territory so it was you've labored collectively Jim Ross understood that we were running our beget enterprise and that we needed to promote tickets and we needed to manufacture some money to pay the bills and put the difficulty going in narrate that lets contract WWE f for this training service and form these guys so he.

Would give us few weeks ogle if any individual was going to be called up or any individual was going to originate going on the avenue or if any individual was being despatched down that we must envision out he had his ship collectively it was very easy to book Skill with Jim Ross because if Jim Ross mentioned that any individual was going to be there they were.

There even though the WWE needed to ride to expense to acquire out of one thing that they had gotten into because they'd promised they'd given their be conscious we ran between summer season of 2000 Summer season of 2001 three reveals at the Louisville Gardens that Drew a combined over 11 000 followers paid and over 150 000 of the gate we partnered with Particular Channel radio we.

Had sponsors uh the the sellout the Christmas Chaos display 2001 which was in actuality the display so nice we needed to place it on the market twice we had a date book December 13 2000 snow fall came no person would possibly acquire there we postponed till January thirty first linked card and aloof sold out everybody saved their tickets no person got refunds more folks came anyway we.

Paid Steve Austin twenty 5 thousand dollars to come down and form a reside interview with Jim Ross and Kane was the predominant match in opposition to the Leviathan who was Batista because we educated in that timeframe Batista Randy Orton John Cena And lots others um we were a success local promotion we.

Weren't going to acquire any bigger didn't are making an try to acquire any bigger we wanted to form factual what we were doing to acquire our sponsors in the neighborhood and plan properties so Jim Ross would book these guys and we would pay them successfully to come down and then also it was a space the put Jim Ross would possibly dispute it would possibly be very predominant tumble about a pounds or you factual got out of the successfully being facility from surgical treatment you.

Must acquire lend a hand in shape or it would possibly be very predominant acquire your obtain lend a hand or we must envision out then you they'd come to Louisville Workers without spending a dime since it was serving to ovw but it no doubt was also serving to the WWE and it was serving to the fellow that came down and did that and it'd follow it the payroll in Connecticut they’d follow it the payroll they were.

Paying them but you know we we paid gasoline when we featured them and made money off of them or when we were offering the service that we contracted to with the WWE they were despatched down to work for us and they were paying but we labored collectively it was every form of diversified programs that you would possibly also form issues when Jr began slowing down and.

Deciding to ride lend a hand to Oklahoma and they began grooming fancy grooming a werewolf to groom John Laurinaitis for Jr's space he couldn't lend a hand his jocks the fellow's walking in his shoes Lord I factual didn't know what the [__] he was doing I'm sorry John you know you're a complete [__] idiot and you're a liar you know he would then we we began the.

Thing is does anybody fancy him no no longer in the sector no I haven't met anybody his beget his beget mother slapped the stork that delivered him um they’d take they’d take guys uh and they’d fire him out from under us they'd be working for us we'd dangle championship belts on them and someday they wouldn't display up and we'd acquire a.

Name from the office oh we needed to let them ride successfully are they going to come lend a hand to form up oh no when we fire them we give them their ogle we don't let them work anymore because if they acquire hurt then we got to pay them till they're successfully because we are in a position to't fire folks that are injured so they wouldn't even give us the name asserting hello you better you.

Know wind so and so up because he would possibly also neutral no longer be around too lengthy they factual fire folks we'd by no diagram gaze them again or they’d ship guys to as they'd name us up on Tuesday yeah we're sending so and so the next day to come for tv uh we must employ them on TV I’m in a position to't TV's written successfully stick them in I’m in a position to't stick them in I've had the [__] display.

Written I form this myself what form you watched we got a [__] crew down right here that re-racks all this [__] on spur of the moment ogle why didn't you name me two weeks ago they didn't know two weeks ago because they didn't ever [__] collectively or one time we were promoting a display at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom with Randy Orton who we had on paper from.

John Laurinaitis was supposed to be there on that date and Tommy Dreamer calls us and says successfully he ain't gonna be there he sold a non-refundable vacation for his family why did he form that successfully I don't issue John ever told him then Laura NADA says oh no I was dreamer dreamer didn't represent him dreamer says no that's [__].

Laurenitis is the one which was supposed to symbolize him because laurenitis is the head of this [__] bowl of fruits and nuts you didn't know who to judge you factual slightly successfully knew no longer to judge John laurina nice and successfully I'll represent you a narrative I desire that Doug Basham right here's one more man that they [__] and mind.

Raped and ran out of the enterprise it would possibly dangle been a huge ability and he looked sizable his his physique was tall he was an used-time employee he would possibly talk he was in actuality getting it he had seven years expertise in the enterprise and utilizing him as my prime heel Danny Davis's nephew and and so he was his Danny's first student and Daddy had.

The truth is taken care I'm no longer asserting nepotism I'm asserting Danny in actuality took care training him because he was family and he was appropriate he was proper appropriate he's my prime heel he's got lengthy hair and he's cocky and he's carrying the shadowy leather pants he's got he's ripped and he's sizable upright he walks in TV one night he's.

Bald-headed he looked fancy a 40 yr used truck driver so what the [__] did you form he mentioned successfully I was at you know they had me come to raw and inventive wanted to peek what I looked fancy bald I mentioned they’ll't factual [__] fake so I I acquire on a cellular phone a name or an evening I scored his voicemail it's John Laurinaitis is Jim cornette my prime heel factual walked into.

[__] tv appears fancy a 40 yr used truck driver would you please represent this alleged inventive personnel that if they’ll't [__] fake or imagine what a man appears fancy bald give me two weeks ogle I'll book him in a hair match I'll shave it and I'll promote some tickets thanks [__] you bye improve it was fixed it was lower they they slapped Us.

Within the face they disrespected us we had educated terminate to a hundred folks that made the total-time roster guys and girls to about a extent both began in ovw were science I imply we stumbled on them and then they signed them after we educated them or they were signed by WWF and despatched down there and we educated them or they were already in the enterprise but they.

Spent a whereas getting polished sooner than they went there no diversified developmental program that they ever had lasted a yr no diversified developmental program they ever had did the relaxation but leech off and I'm no no I represent a lie leech with the exception of Much less Thatcher possibly in Cincinnati everybody else leeched off of them took their.

Money by no diagram made any money of their very beget by no diagram had an accurate promotion Pinocchio and by no diagram produced any ability but yet there we were in there they employ this fancy a storage closet down to they despatched us Rings we didn't request for because they wanted us to dangle WWF rings in conjunction with the WWF ropes which are proper ropes we mentioned no any individual's gonna acquire hurt we employ.

Cables because we employ the ring in the health club every single day we'll ship you extra ropes so straight away within two weeks I’ve it was Designate Henry of direction he's so heavy he hits the ropes they atomize he hurts himself three guys got hurt on the WWF gear that they needed to dangle because we couldn't factual employ cables as a replacement of ropes they were telling us.

What stamp of Snapple to promote in the concession stand oh don't form enterprise with this man we're mad at him successfully I'm no longer he needs to give me money that don't fabricate me mad successfully don't form enterprise with him are you going to give me the money he was oh he can't form that he requested for extra money they'd squeal fancy a pig under a gate so that you adjusted folks.

Judge wait a minute lend a hand on lend a hand on folks issue that the WWE owned ovw or began ovw or bought OB or paid all our bills I figured it out one time at the time that I figured it out they accounted for 30 of our annual working Income no longer counting Income factual annual working Income because we sold merchandise we.

Had sponsors we ran 120 reside events for the duration of 1 yr no longer in front of a complete bunch folks about a of them but counting the church gyms and the flea markets we had our guys out in front of folks we ran the Louisville Gardens we ran Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom we rent Saint Teresa's health club in front of 62 folks but we were running.

The reveals we had a tv display that was no longer bumped preempted or [__] with by our full cable protection broadcast affiliate CW Network diagram in Louisville from Might possibly well possibly 2000 to Might possibly well possibly 2008 Saturday night at 11 PM by no diagram been touched we were doing two hour Prime Time specials on Saturday night leading up to our Louisville Gardens events or.

For our anniversary reveals we had an accurate company and we we wanted some admire give us ogle must always you're taking any individual give us ogle must always you're sending any individual and ride away us the [__] alone to what form of gear we’re making an try to employ because obviously we're doing an correct job and John Laurinaitis is a [__] [__] and he couldn't ride away successfully.

Sufficient alone and for the relaxation yr that I had a relationship with them fancy this I'd name up and shout he'd name up Jim that you would possibly also't form that it's publicly traded company my response will be we're no longer even a privately traded company we're making an try to manufacture some money down right here ride away us [__] alone I yelled at the fellow and called him a dreary son.

Of a [__] because he's [__] with my enterprise successfully you hurt his emotions he shouldn't dangle such mushy [__] emotions he's in a wrestling enterprise and on and on it went till in the end improve improve improve we agreed no longer to discuss to every diversified anymore ever for the relaxation of our lives now that I got.

Them was lend a hand on let me let me the query was yeah I was no no inventive successfully wait a minute in developmental there was a question down right here was it a bother being a Booker in a developmental territory fancy no box of fluffy Ducks so anyway when I went down to Louisville I would possibly behold Raw on Monday nights.

Because right here's my week uh Friday and Saturday form space reveals Sunday and Monday were my TV writing days and I wrote all the pieces I wrote the formats and then I polished the formats then I wrote the formats down to ship to Danny so he would possibly reproduction him for the flexibility I wrote the voiceover reproduction for our freaking commercials which I then.

Did the dispute that's why my dispute is long gone I'm screaming for six years straight uh I wrote all the pieces daddy did all of the production I did all of the inventive I was the announcer Daddy was the director producer he conducted the music and timed the display and posted it I would possibly gaze the videotapes and log represent them what to place in blah blah two-man.

Crew so Friday and Saturday Remark reveals Sunday and Monday riding Tuesday our church health club apply display in 2001 Wednesday was our TV taping Thursday was my non-wrestling day didn't peek at wrestling and discuss wrestling didn't take into fable wrestling so I by no diagram saw Smackdown furthermore July 2001 I finally after.

Having it for over a yr determined that I would possibly in the end take three weeks off after our colossal Garden Indicate to dangle the stress-free and excitement of getting my hernia mounted 18 surgical Staples upright there across my crotch and so I was peeled up for far of July 2001 and don't in actuality be conscious but um Bruce Pritchard was there that was.

Moral relating to the time that they began placing commercials in the change papers and hiring writers folks that had expertise in proper tv which is what they have they are up there they refuse to admit that wrestling they have their circulation shuffle longest running I fancy their [__] Gunsmoke.

When's the relaxation time Marshall Dillon ever pulled a sequence out of his [__] pocket and hit the [__] Outlaw corrupt man or they have they're out of Lucy hello Vince you bought a variety of splaining to form they're no longer proper tv they're [__] wrestling and I’m in a position to be proud to be in wrestling at that stage but they're no longer so they have they're TV so.

They hire these writers with their college levels that dangle written in particular comedy reveals in case you know Sports actions leisure must be amusing I would possibly shriek the guys amusing don't plan money be severe admire your enterprise and then they'd ride up there and they'd dress fancy girls and slather themselves with oil and build g-strings on and acquire.

[__] from transvestites anyway so there was folks on the inventive personnel Stephanie was responsible doubtlessly about that level I don't know who the [__] they were and good enough the writers would come down once a yr to gaze right here's the difficulty oh let me represent you one thing else whereas I'm on the area the writers.

Would come down fancy once a yr and they’d ride to obw and uh that Brian gerwitz fellow about this [__] huge he once had a screaming fight with Paul Heyman and folks were in actuality betting on the cease outcome so which that that you would possibly also represent how stressful gurwitz would possibly also very successfully be would possibly whipped cream with an outboard motor they come down and they behold the guys.

Determine and then they behold the guys form promos me and Danny Davis are sitting there if Danny the trainers me the Booker they don't request is that this man the next cramped one face is he the next heel what's the strengths what's his weaknesses how worthy expertise does he dangle is he coachable you know what's his attitude fancy they.

Staunch peek at the gimmicks what form of amusing suit can he fit and I was telling Daddy this in a while he mentioned successfully I don't in actuality issue they know what form of questions to request they dangle got by no diagram seen wrestling training sooner than they dangle got by no diagram seen guys thought sooner than this about a of them had by no diagram seen wrestling matches sooner than they factual acquire a job.

Because they dangle got TV expertise so anyway Matt Morgan seven foot huge 320 pounds pure can ride the test judge it or no longer hello 3.8 sizable moderate in college astonishing athlete can talk lower a promo they [__] alongside with his head and build him thru so many silly [__] issues but in the end they let him ride they deliver.

Him up when they fabricate him companions with Good Indicate the superb human in the sector bigger than him then they despatched him lend a hand to developmental then they mentioned they [__] with him down there too he's my prime cramped one face they mentioned we're switching heel are making an try to peek him heal what am I gonna dangle him form smash Bambi's mother how am I going to.

Swap my preferred man good enough so I realized a strategy to form it then he turns into my prime heel is to place a canopy on him let's gaze if it improves his body language what successfully build a canopy on him then it kills him off once he kills him off no person cares about him anymore then they deliver him up there then they made him a.

Stutterer be conscious that the stuttering goof Matt Morgan the fellow is the blueprint of the actual athlete and can lower up a huge promo seven toes huge youngest Huge in enterprise they fabricate him a thunder it's successfully gaze the difficulty is it's he has he appears excellent but then you definately rep out he has an imperfection successfully [__] that's the style of [__] I.

In overall take lend a hand to the mall I acquire my a refund on but anyway I digress they let him ride they told him successfully inventive factual doesn't dangle the relaxation for you he tells this story to my easiest buddy Kenny Boland Kenny Bowlin sums it up by no diagram works for the WWF in his existence summed it up in one sentence fire the [__] Riders.

When would Bill Watts or Jim Crockett or Eddie Grammer Verne gagne or any sizable promoter in the historical past of wrestling exercise a Booker or a author whose job it was to employ his ability and you're paying this [__] man a week to work on your organization but then the booker would come up and dispute I factual don't dangle all the pieces for him.

Hey no worry hello let me allow you to alongside with your fetch acquire it in the car Apache on the lend a hand hasn't been nice having you they preserve the writers they fire the [__] ability ability is what sells tickets in this enterprise but the writers issue that they're more vital than the [__] Skill so they don't dangle.

Something else for them apply the [__] writers but that you would possibly also't fire the writers because that you would possibly also't fire your daughter successfully I was gonna dispute that but good enough but now Vince's collectively but and he mentioned I'm no longer that variety of man who mentioned the enterprise uh in his blood and in his family without end and right here's a.

Man who who's who was schooled well on the product why is it going on I don't know making an try to display Vince McMahon would would Sigmund Freud would soar out the window um at cases you love Vince at cases you dislike Vince at cases being around him you form a twitch generally all three.

Occur at the same time but I haven't been around him since 1999 except the occasional talk over with right here and there I don't know what's took space I know that he was always ashamed of being in the wrestling enterprise because he would name it at the originate he invented sports leisure as a strategy to con the.

Advertisers you're no longer buying that low-class wrestling that you watched you know everybody's toothless trailer park trash that behold we're doing one thing recent that was to con the advertisers that's gorgeous I'll work with you but then everybody is employed in the corporate since then they represent them that and now over 15 20.

Years they judge it it when's the relaxation time that any individual excuse me Bob Evans again when's the relaxation time any individual mentioned you hello did you gaze the sports leisure matches on TV remaining night hello did you acquire your sports leisure tickets yet or their Sports actions leisure at the Coliseum tonight it's [__] wrestling.

Nonetheless wrestling is in Recent York has always been considerably clownish it's always been cool engaging movie wanted to be more severe down south smaller inhabitants reveals ran more in overall wanted to be severe needed to ride on heat in Recent York it's all of the Indians and the Cowboys and the [__] you know zabadah and the [__] infernum and regardless of and and it was so considerably.

Cartoony but he took it to a complete recent stage since it turned into as a replacement of the Boston Celtics it turned into the Harlem Globetrotters it aloof conducted with a basketball on a court it's factual fully diversified and the Globetrotters don't play 71 dwelling games or regardless of so anyway what were we talking about.

Invasion the put were we in actuality [__] I'd prefer to peek that what'd they form grisly oh Christ can I I'm leaving ride ahead what they doing appropriate how form the spit take the king is wearisome um all the pieces I imply.

Here the predominant you've got to love the bottom line is and and I wasn't there but I would possibly hear him talking in his ear because I've long gone thru it Kevin Dunn when when Mick Foley determined to form Cactus Jack or they determined to let him in Madison Square Garden for the first time Cactus Jack had by no diagram been in the WWF so.

Kevin Dunn was convinced that mankind was a colossal famous person but no person knew who cax Jack was successfully no person's gonna know who right here’s Madison Square Garden as quickly because the music hit me came out the gap blew because they were wrestling followers Terry Funk Chainsaw Charlie when he comes after Madison Square Garden Kevin Dunn says successfully you know.

He cuts his hair with a pencil sharpener and he's got the buck enamel down right here he makes half million dollars a yr or better for the time being he can't dangle his [__] enamel mounted and and then everybody who has ever labored there in the tv crew or fancy I was talking to one among their used directors the diversified day works for TNA that folk.

Get labored on the crew he'll acquire on the headsets he's in the truck he's the producer and he's talking to the crew or he's drinking fancy chips with the enamel so anyway he mentioned [__] Terry Funk you haven't been right here in 15 years Nobody's Gonna Know as quickly as Terry comes out with a.

Chainsaw in the [__] pantyhose on his head and does begins doing that left form of lopy stroll around in a circle Terry Terry they’ll represent Vince successfully Vince that you would possibly also't let these guys acquire over WWF guys because WWF guys are the correct stars these guys from down south you know they've they've been on their TV you.

Know about a folks would possibly also neutral know him but they're no longer stars fancy we dangle the first issue about an invasion attitude is if the United States was invaded by [__] Swaziland or you know Bogota colombias the the [__] Bogota National Guard is that is that are we shaken no if I imply.

If any individual's got nuclear weapons they're gonna hit the [__] button we're pondering oh [__] we gotta hit them first that's an invasion what would happen if H.G Wells were the worlds the Martians land the [__] spaceship opens it out pops Marvin the Martian alongside with his cosmic ray gun acquire your acquire your Invaders over they.

Won't let they have Vince needs to hear it secretly deep down he does no person is as colossal because the WWF the WWF Stars so we are in a position to't let these guys peek fancy they're competitive or we are in a position to't let these guys beat WWF guys or can't even blah blah blah and it factual feeds on itself in heaven all of the McMahon family issue all of explanation why this will likely work the.

Entire the explanation why that Hall and Nash and the NWO invading WCW in actuality is the superb attitude they ever did in the 13 years they owned the corporate that with out a doubt in actuality did kick Vince's ass is because folks in actuality believed my God right here's [__] Razer and Diesel and they showed up and they're gonna [__] with the WCW guys we judge this that's why that.

Labored and he wasn't vivid enough to peek that 5 years later he will get the same issue handed to him double because now he owns all the pieces he would possibly employ the relaxation any name regardless of and blew it all off and no person's there telling him followers what the [__] are you doing they were doubtlessly telling him the reverse oh I don't desire these NWA guys.

You realize if no person believes that [__] [__] you know these guys now uh WWF Stars ready know all of them over the put the sector hell the McMahon's proudly owning all the pieces he did more McMahon Family blah blah it’ll aloof be a crime punishable by three to 5 years in the Remark Penal advanced to let Shane or Stephanie on tv.

Staunch because everybody knows that it's fancy George gulis with money everybody know Daddy mentioned promote everybody knows they're going to cause they're on tv is because they're Vince's younger folks because they didn't form it on their very beget merits I fancy Shane no longer too obvious about Stephanie the style she's flee thru [__] Skill over the relaxation 10.

Years running folks loopy and riding them out of the enterprise but the level is once that Shane owned one and Stephanie owned one and Vincent sold one but now his family and there's Linda available in the market you know I what the [__] it's WCW versus the WWF we've been ready for this for 20 [__] years and right here’s what you give us he hurt the followers.

Feelings and in case you seen factual fancy wwcw enterprise dropped off and I went the cease of ninety nine was it and then they misplaced 60 million in 2000 and then they were they were performed by early 2001. center of 2001 WWF enterprise dropped they made the bonehead mistake at flip to Steve Austin he oh yeah everybody needs to boo their [__] hero and.

And and they botched that and enterprise dropped and what was it a yr yr and a half sooner than it began percolating lend a hand up again I imply they were aloof making money no person's throwing any benefits for them I'm factual I'm factual asserting you know why form you watched the superb name Skill uh wasn't introduced aboard.

Initially shouldn't that first surge must always you form that Invasion attitude and and that first surge shouldn't you hit exhausting obvious first it was money gaze WCW was shedding extra money than everybody realizes because I'm no longer going to inform all these folks because I don't know but when he had Flair and Goldberg and sting and Nash.

And all of the cease guys but most of them we're no longer being paid by WCW they were being paid by Turner Broadcasting when WCW was sold folded up caught on fire turned blue tumble wearisome regardless of it didn't subject to them Turner Broadcasting aloof needed to pay these folks so if Goldberg is going to manufacture a half million dollars or what I'm sorry.

If I'm shorting you Goldberg but um regardless of you know sizable amount of cash to sit down down down at dwelling and form nothing for a yr yr and a half why is he even going to take the same quantity of cash to ride on a avenue and acquire beat up every weekend he's no longer but the difficulty is it was Pennywise and pound silly in case you're gonna aquire this issue.

And factual fold it up put away with it put away alongside with your competition gorgeous factual form that don't take any one because peek what he ended up with we'll discuss these names in a minute but my God you know these guys they were on 90 day outs every 90 days he would possibly dispute ride away don't form this anymore didn't must pay any one.

Something else it was 75 immense a yr possibly 50 Huge a yr minimums so he factual you know went to the buck store and sold him a bunch of wrestlers most of me didn't even desire he factual figured successfully I sold the corporate build them out of enterprise I don't desire all these guys to be unemployed these diversified guys making all this money they’ll rep the money for to be.

If he wanted to form the superb attitude of all time or if his inventive personnel wanted to form the superb attitude of all time they must always aloof dispute good enough we sold WCW for what any individual mentioned 2 million any individual mentioned 4 million I didn't write the test don't know for obvious but ridiculous fire sale imprint let's build it we factual spent 30 million.

Dollars on a [__] restaurant in Times Square for [__] sake we spent 20 million dollars making an try to promote folks bodybuilding pay-per-views you know we got three homosexual guys down at the Castro in San Francisco and a pair of [__] steroid manufacturers to behold a bodybuilding pay-per-gaze we spent all this money all these the XFL need I dispute.

More they won't utilize 5 million dollars to aquire the [__] prime ability and form the superb attitude of all time give them a easy schedule work with them a cramped bit please anyway what form you take into fable the dedication uh smashing the companies collectively as a replacement of making an try to operate.

Two separate companies successfully with what they got they needed to smash it collectively but of direction that wasn't gonna work and they must dangle known from the initiating but there was nothing to [__] there was nothing to promote in actuality successfully you bought the superb uh the superb the Nitro which is March 26th good enough the date that could reside in infamy.

In in scrutiny because they wait till Might possibly well possibly and scrutiny I spent I spent a week there one time that's sizable it's it's nice yeah you gotta ride on the off season uh Might possibly well possibly 28th is after they originate the invasion attitude it's two months successfully yeah because they hadn't realized what the [__] they were that's what it was fancy yeah.

Yeah and they wanted two months to devise that I would possibly dangle deliberate that on an correct [__] after a dinner at Taco Bell but no longer finest that you you've known for how lengthy that you're gonna aquire the corporate shouldn't you originate I I don't in actuality know that they knew all that lengthy they were gonna aquire the corporate they factual form of ended up with it but aloof you.

Know [__] you've despatched me this [__] on Monday hits Friday and I've got one thing better than they had build that [__] hards no longer rocket surgical treatment or mind science uh the first uh WCW match supplied to the WWE viewers was um was Buff Bagwell and versus Booker T Scott Hudson Arne Anderson doing.

Asserting what's going on what's going on good enough good enough I imply had these guys ever labored collectively sooner than did it imply the relaxation the supplied personnel had by no diagram labored collectively sooner than the 2 guys dangle by no diagram labored collectively sooner than I'm no longer knocking their their ability but it no doubt meant nothing in proper that it was no longer it wasn't Ric Flair.

Versus staying on the relaxation Nitro as a minimum you know they had they had the farewell match or regardless of the [__] but I imply it's there there wasn't an invasion plus by the style right here's a WCW match they all work for us now we beget them we are in a position to symbolize them what to form and uh now we're going to dangle them dangle them right here they're educated.

Monkeys and we're going to tug the strings how threatening was that to the existence in WWF as we understand it how would you dangle handled the ECW oh God and let me dispute this and by the style I saw the ECW roster as of the time that they went out of enterprise and I’m in a position to no doubt imprint why I don't even know some.

Amusing folks were but no ACW peek ECW had a variety of my chums work there and and had a variety of sizable ability plow thru there and ECW for the time being was a shell of its broken-down self which at as colossal as it ever got it was seen by one tenth of as many folk in this country and a minute fraction around the sector as WWF and WCW.

And having an ECW invasion of me would finest muddy the water uh they went out of enterprise take cherry choose your key Skill give them jobs give them positions one or the diversified but to place ECW in there if they hadn't dangle prolonged the agony of that I knew when ECW began I was in Knoxville running Smoky Mountain and I.

Would hear what was going on and Brian hildenbrand Designate Curtis but the dear buddy Ito had had chums with Sim tapes and And lots others we staring at I mentioned they're beating the [__] out of every diversified for proper they're falling off the [__] roof they mentioned every diversified wrapping every diversified up in Barbour what the [__] are they doing up there I knew it was no longer.

Going to be appropriate for the talk over with for the reliable wrestling industry I had no thought how upright I was in that even supposing ECW supplied Chris Benoit Eddie Guerrero It's Repeatedly Eternally known acquire the tables tables chairs ladders [__] fire extinguishers lights out crucifixions barbed wire broken glass the rottens boy they obvious were too.

Um this hardcore [__] the put you know I fancy the enterprise as Dutch mantel always says in his most attention-grabbing line I fancy the enterprise considerably better when the marks were out front in the seats all of a surprising guys are beating the [__] out of every diversified for proper in front of a bunch of folks that know that.

All the pieces they're doing is choreographed and they're cheering it because they're in actuality hurting every diversified what form of [__] psychology is that and they're doing it for nearly no money and they're also doing it factual for the sake of being on tv so the folk chant ECW why form the wrestlers in.

The ring desire the folk to chant the name of the promotion it venerable to be ride Ricky ride ride now it's ECW oh sizable I factual fractured my [__] sacroiliac broke my [__] leg and shoved a [__] wood Spike up my tank and they're no longer chanting Jim Jim Jim ECW sizable [__] dreary if they've hurt the.

[__] guys and hurt the [__] enterprise it immuned and numbed the followers that you would possibly also't form an attitude anymore an hurt attitude because they've seen these guys form all the pieces but [__] B flee thru a razor blade Manufacturing facility it was it hurt the enterprise it hurt our tools the flexibility we needed to acquire heat and plan it numbed folks to all the pieces it was.

[__] unfriendly closed ECW down taking the four guys that I wanted to take and and hope that everybody forgot about it and possibly lets ride lend a hand to about a semblance of Sanity the put guys didn't must smash themselves and and and [__] themselves and shorten their careers in front of folks that knew that they were.

Cooperating with every diversified to form it um and must always you behold these in actuality hardcore matches you know the wrestler upright I couldn't I saw a bootleg DVD because I couldn't ride to the movies in Louisville because some many folk know who I am there been on TV there for 25 [__] years and I was embarrassed because now folks peek at you fancy.

Oh you're in that wrestling mattress take staple weapons and staple buck bills to every diversified's heads and lower every diversified with razor blades what form of [__] morons would possibly they be you favor to charm to 200 guys that ain't getting laid that night that are [__] sitting in a goddamn truck dwell automobile parking status or form you favor to charm to 10 000 folks in a.

Major Coliseum since you're an athlete and a performer and you is possibly doing one thing that the majority folks are no longer appropriate enough to form I'm appropriate enough to hit you in the head with a blunt instrument and I bet you that you can bleed when I form it because I'll factual hit you in actuality exhausting what ability did that [__] take now then when folks pay to peek that.

Attain they in actuality feel appropriate about themselves after they ride dwelling if they form then they're the same form of folks at [__] molest the cat and kick the canine I don't are making an try to be around these folks I are making an try to be around the folk that went to peek a huge performance by some talented athletes and a few sizable talkers and a few attention-grabbing personalities I don't desire.

To be around a [__] bunch of folks that applauded when a man took a staple gun a stapled a buck invoice to about a diversified man's [__] head worthy much less one it I would possibly slightly ride around the corner to any individual on the federal intercourse registry intercourse perpetrator registry then moved around the corner to any individual in the wrestling enterprise after seeing the wrestler.

Broken down drug addict has no family and [__] slices and dices himself to pieces on [__] weekends for chicken toes and oh but there was a success story in the wrestler one man opened a venerable car lot in Phoenix God rattling what a success story as a minimum I got one thing to look forward to in my used age [__] it was embarrassing anyway so ride ahead.

Reasonably a commentary on the enterprise in that movie yeah um successfully of direction this in actuality is Sprite by the style yet you've been drinking that [__] once I watched that [__] what was it this the barbecue or some Woods of this successfully you know what you know what right here Jim.

Heard God bless him God Leisure his soul I'd prefer to be in a space to inform that for proper but he's no longer wearisome yet I've got my fingers crossed um he got me on Sprite since it's caffeine free and gaze when when I was spent six months on the WCW reserving committee working with Jim heard I finished up being hospitalized with a [__].

Belly worry because I was so careworn out that I was over producing abdominal acid which ended in the signs of a coronary heart assault and they had me crooked up to the daggum issue and I believed I was having a coronary heart assault and they mentioned up prescription strength Zantac and steer clear of stress I mentioned I work for Jim.

Hurd I’m in a position to't form that so I quit the reserving committee was gorgeous from there on it's no caffeine no Jim heard I'm sizable I’m in a position to't whip any one anymore I'm broke down and crippled but I choose he's got to be [__] 90 now the list I imply he's so used when he was in college he didn't dangle historical past you know so how lengthy.

Is that list your ass kicking list it's it's a lengthy list no successfully no I've shortened it up to used folks paraplegics and midgets for the time being because I'm aging and I've had too many accidents dangle you ever taken anybody off the list has anybody graduated to possibly factual the uh Overall disdain as a replacement of an ass whip I aloof dislike a.

Lot of folks I factual don't are making an try to fight him anymore good enough fancy Russo hasn't graduated to one thing else no me and Vinnie Roo were gorgeous now don't strive to don't know hasn't graduated to the next cease when we were in the WWF collectively our ideas on what reliable wrestling were were to this level aside that they in actuality almost went all of the style.

Spherical the sector and met on the diversified side but now I I adopted that no longer taking it so severely methodology anymore alrighty and we in actuality we discuss now let's take that what about wrestling we haven't long gone that far but yeah foreign.

the World Heavyweight Champion for WCW now right here’s at the time of the invasion right here's the put the the titles were uh Booker T won it on the relaxation Nitro uh WCW uh us title was also Booker T uh the Tag Crew titles were Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Hare uh the cruiserweight uh was uh Shane Helms now these are the four belts.

That wwfe saved wwfu in case you uh TV title was dug in that went uh by the wayside Kidman and Mysterio were the cruise weight tags that went by the wayside and mang was the Hardcore Champion that one by the style one two three four 5 what’s that seven championships yeah in an organization loses so they were shedding no longer up to 10.

Million dollars per Championship per yr on the overall I'm no longer no longer going to symbolize it I'm you know right here's the difficulty it’s far unprecedented WCW had 20 stars and 20 proper appropriate expertise and 40 [__] schlubs on on the roster but the concern is it wasn't the Talon's fault I know from being there in 89 and 90 that you know I.

Stated a time if Jim heard it had Hulk Hogan he couldn't dangle drawn a condominium with him because they'd realized some strategy to [__] that up you Bischoff had an unintended epiphany of buying up known stars and doing an invasion attitude and it labored and he didn't know apply it up every [__] off upright now knocking on the door.

I'm gonna lend a hand you with some form of papers and and it's a disgrace since you know did Turner Broadcasting suffered did any Executives acquire fired for mismanaging this company so badly that in 13 years they owned it it finest turned a profit two no they saved making their inflated salaries and all these [__] wrestlers were out of enterprise even.

Even though they went in there and beat themselves up every night till about a of them frankly determined it wasn't price it and slacked off because no person cared anyway after they did that so why must always aloof they smash themselves but you know what I'm asserting rosters or the relaxation right here to me if any one disagrees please.

I desire them to I back them to jot down name electronic mail carrier pigeon regardless of Sean right here because I don't hear it enough um they gotta judge it must judge it in case you is possibly going to form an invasion attitude and in the times when wrestling as we mentioned has been uncovered and is seen as.

Staunch leisure or in some cases no longer even that in case you’d prefer to in actuality plan colossal money in case you’d prefer to clutch why Dana White in the UFC is kicking Vince's ass on Pay-per-gaze it's no longer finest since it's proper but since it's wrestling it the UFC is reliable wrestling without the.

Predetermined endings they dangle got the grease referees got oil on him they had that one they had the double knockout form the put they both hit every diversified at the same time they both ride down explanation why these are used trite cliched wrestling finishes is because they legitimately at one time did happen or they legitimately would possibly happen but.

They've been performed to death in wrestling by Bookers and ability correct thru the years who factual couldn't come up with the relaxation and determined to factual ride with the same used [__] which occurs to everybody and it's even took space to me but the UFC is reliable wrestling with.

Guys that aren't allowed to Trash Talk every diversified and the the relaxation the crowds for the UFC when the when the underdogs fabricate it a comeback they sound fancy the used 70s wrestling crowds are you used enough to be conscious that yeah were you factual uh must always you're on your father's imprint or a stain on your mother's panties when that you.

Know but um it so UFC and Dana White are kicking Vince his ass on pay-per-gaze because folks are making an try to peek a fight between two folks that they have are stressful and that they’re form of infected by both liking or disliking so the first issue is in case you're going to.

Get an invasion they must judge it now in the times of net and exposes and And lots others how form we fabricate them judge one thing no longer all of it they don't must judge that all the pieces's proper they factual must they must dangle a doubt a smidgen of doubt the suspension of disbelief.

If Vince McMahon had come out on March 26 2001 at the cease of Raw [__] Nitro build a Mighty Mouse cool engaging movie on that night in actuality positioned on one thing that claims flip to [__] raw I don't know the diagram they’d dangle performed it but they factual showed Raw the relaxation half hour of the display Vince McMahon comes out.

And he says I in actuality dangle in the end performed it after 17 years of combating a warfare with these these reprobates down south Ted Turner billionaire Ted I squashed you fancy a worm I beget it all now me Vince McMahon I beget wrestling I in actuality dangle bought WCW boo state regardless of because Vince for the total relaxation.

Any one can dispute about him is one among the sizable heals of all time on tv and in person possibly generally too I beget wrestling I squashed billionaire Ted I've bought WCW I've bought their assets bought their their name their intellectual property and I've bought their wrestlers and now that I've gotten rid of you out of my hair.

Billionaire Ted now that the WWF stands dominant because the most attention-grabbing wrestling company on the face of the planet everybody's got to be questioning what's going to happen to your accepted wrestlers and I know that that uh about a of you WCW followers down south there you know because he condescending but we'll ride ahead and come out with it he hates.

Southern folks appears down at him so let's ride ahead and come out and dispute it you're doubtlessly questioning what's going to happen to those wrestlers that you fancy the wrestlers and about a of the WCW wrestlers they're doubtlessly questioning successfully what's in my future successfully easy solution is you don't dangle any futures because I beget you I beget you Lock.

Stock and Barrel and by the time I because I know all of you WCW wrestlers night in an evening after you were available in the market on the avenue you were performing in these VFW Halls these bingo halls and these parking lots county fairs and you were making an try to place me out of enterprise I lend a hand you factual as accountable as I form billionaire Ted.

For making an try to place the WWF out of enterprise when we tried to deliver leisure to the families of the lots around the sector so since I lend a hand you factual as accountable as I form billionaire Ted WCW wrestlers I'm going to manufacture obvious you pay for that first I.

Get you for a yr I sold this company I sold everybody's contracts for one yr and in that yr you bought your dedication that you would possibly both that you would possibly ride dwelling and ride dwelling you don't must work for you don't must build up with me you breach your contracts in case you form you don't acquire paid in what's more than that.

Since I on the overall beget wrestling you'll by no diagram work again or that you would possibly also stick around for the following yr and that that you would possibly also acquire paid on these elephantine inflated contracts these morons down in WCW signs you to clutch you're no longer price it but for that money I promise you you're gonna roll over and play wearisome for.

Every person on my roster we are in a position to beat you fancy a Dusty rug at spring cleansing we are in a position to manufacture obvious that by the time that yr is up that nothing is left to your careers that the followers would slightly gaze Mickey Mouse than gaze any of you they won't pay a dime to peek it that's going to be my revenge that's how I'm going to acquire even I've destroyed billionaire Ted.

I've bought WCW and now I'm going to take his total roster down with me you know a bubble butt upright all of a surprising he's interrupted Mr McMahon I'm so cheerful to hear you dispute that it's Eric Bischoff walking out the entranceway Mr McMahon because once more Eric Bischoff and and that's gaze.

That's the class of wrestling when folks are in actuality Pricks that you would possibly also factual fabricate them heels and they fabricate money with it Eric Bischoff comes out he says Mr McMahon I'm cheerful that you have realized what's been going on and I'm cheerful that issues dangle come to.

This I'm cheerful that that I don't must work for that no appropriate Turner Broadcasting anymore and I'm so cheerful that you've realized that it was the wrestler's fault all alongside I tried to flee an correct healthful factual company but it no doubt was these wrestlers by the whiny wrestlers always in it for themselves I'm cheerful to peek blames being build in the.

Factual space I factual are making an try to let you know Mr McMahon that I almost had you there once but but you bought me Vince if I would possibly also neutral you bought me Vince and I'll represent you if there's the relaxation I’m in a position to form to support fabricate this transition a cramped smoother don't hesitate to name on me Eric Bischoff that you would possibly also factual name me Easy E and by the style I factual prefer to inform that in case you dangle any.

Spots in center management in the WWF for any person with some expertise successfully I'm no doubt initiating to discussing these I factual on your time Mr McMahon on your time Vince appears at him whether he don't know what a wine his ass or scratch his behold and he's initiating to bring to mind this.

When all of a surprising there's a colossal commotion up about midway in one among the breezeways into the Iran all of a surprising the followers are screaming Here Comes everybody knows who right here’s Ric Flair down the steps thru the folk with the WCW wrestlers no longer all of that you would possibly also't dangle 30 guys come to but names I imply.

The folks that folk know and Flair is hotter than a two buck pistol and that that you would possibly also gaze it on his face and he comes upright down to ringside he goes to the announcer's desk and he grabs a microphone and they're taking on the status and Vince mentioned no no no let him discuss because they're initiating to ride to interrupt.

Or lower to shadowy or regardless of security coming no no let him discuss let's gaze what he's got to inform for himself sooner than he walks the freaking plank and Flair says Vince you know and Bishop by the style you and me you and me Bishop oh I know one among for the time being it's gonna happen which it did by the style.

Vince you watched you bought us don't you successfully let me represent you one thing I haven't spent 25 years in this enterprise this occupation of mine I haven't I haven't spilled my blood and my sweat and my tears to exit there and be the 60-minute man to entertain these folks every night of my existence I had more bathe time than Hogan.

Had wrestling time shoot with it and I haven't performed all that factual for it to come to an cease fancy this yeah you sold us you sold our contracts but you didn't aquire our self-admire you didn't aquire our souls and there's some guys upright right here that aren't factual gonna roll over and play wearisome now you've got the contract.

You've got the contracts that you would possibly also represent us the put to ride that you would possibly also represent us what time to be there and that that you would possibly also represent us whether our hand goes up or our shoulders ride down that's authorized but what that you would possibly also't represent us is how easy it’s far to acquire us there that you would possibly also't represent us every ride to manufacture every.

Foot to place in front of the diversified you know right here’s wrestling what we form is no longer ballet and in case you’d prefer to place us in there with about a of your your Superstars as you name them successfully we would possibly also neutral match down but issues would possibly also neutral happen sooner than we form you know this it's a contact sport folks's eyes acquire busted initiating folks's.

Teeth acquire knocked out generally the shoulder will get torn or a knee will get clipped generally folks acquire hurt proper corrupt successfully are you inspiring to sacrifice or to pain all of the money you've got tied up in all of these pampered slightly boys that you cruise around and you own limousines for whereas we've.

Been busting our butts night in and night out time in time out metropolis in metropolis out Metropolis to declare to Country for 20 years about a of us are you inspiring to pain all that money you bought tied up on your coddled cramped slightly boys on a belief that possibly factual possibly it would possibly also neutral no longer be as easy to acquire to.

That three rely as you bring to mind what are you going to form sue us you're gonna take us to court because we beat any individual up in a reliable wrestling match factual a question this factual a question since you sold our contracts but you didn't aquire her soles and we're.

Soundless men factual then improve comes the dynamite no music on this because music is we're telling the folk dangle you ever seen by the style when any individual's getting the [__] kicked out of them any individual involves fabricate a attach music hits if I'm getting [__] kicked out of me and my chums got to succor for his [__] entrance music.

Reach and relief me out yeah if I would possibly like chums fancy that I don't need chums I would possibly like enemas or regardless of the [__] the asserting is right here out of the doorway diagram the put they must always aloof be since they work there comes the WWF wrestlers led by Stone Chilly Steve Austin who appears and now there's one more warfare.

From the crowd and they follow it the stage so that you've got WCW guys down on the flooring around the ring you've got Bischoff and the aisleway you've got Vince in the ring possibly bishop steps in the ring who knows you bought the WWF guys at the doorway diagram and Austin says wait factual a rattling minute initially Bishop you cramped weasel I.

Take into account you you gutless cut you fired me over the telephones [__] you Vince what are you making an try to form you're making an try to to play some form of energy day out and you're utilizing us as your cramped toys factual since you've been for the past 20 years you've been evaluating penis sizes with Ted Turner and now you finally.

Figured out yours is factual a cramped bit bigger than his is and you've ended up with this complete issue now what you're gonna form is you're gonna build us in a ring with a bunch of guys that are going to take a peek at to hurt us and you watched we're factual going to face there wide initiating with our with smiling with our enamel ready to be knocked out and our Arms Broad Start.

In a position to be kicked in the balls you bought to be out of your mind I don't know what you watched you're making an try to tug right here and I don't know what Bischoff is making an try to form and and Rick nature I'll represent you what I admire you I don't admire everybody in that neighborhood of yours but I admire you but I'll be goddamn.

If any of us right here in the WWF are factual gonna stand there and let [__] fancy that ride on and we got families to feed we got wives we got younger folks we got bills to pay and we don't must be out of work we don't must be hurt factual since you bought some form of Feud with any individual else going on you're going to place us in a space fancy that.

In represent far as I'm alive to Vince in case you’d prefer to fight Eric Bischoff I'll sit down down in the front row with some popcorn and behold it but in case you demand of us to acquire in the ring with any of these Pricks over right here and acquire our asses kicked and we're going to originate kicking lend a hand possibly even first now this shit's initiating to [__] bubble up fancy a.

Goddamn cramped cauldron upright the folk would judge that Vince McMahon is an govt who would fabricate diversified folks fight and suffer for his appropriate they’d judge that Eric Bischoff is a weasel who needs to attach him himself at everybody else's expense and wishes to attach his job they’d judge that the WCW wrestlers who dangle.

Been on the shedding cease of issues all of a surprising now are asserting successfully God rattling it we would possibly also neutral must form a job without popping out and in actuality asserting that but we don't must form it easy and any individual would possibly also neutral acquire hurt and accidents form happen and they’d judge that then the WWF guys who it's their dwelling field and they beget the they don't beget the gap but.

They’ve they've gotten the gap over and they're on the a success side and all of a surprising they're being expected to acquire in the ring with a bunch of guys that ain't going to work with them and the superb one which isn't there and right here’s the put we fabricate one concession to Showbiz the superb man that outcome in the WWF neighborhood is the Undertaker.

Because since it’s far admittedly the most attention-grabbing gimmick in the historical past of the sector and no person would possibly ever dangle performed this any better than imprint the one man that in there is the Undertaker because upright as Austin finishes that and then there's Vince is initiating to inform one thing and Eric's lip is trembling and Flair's [__] hot and.

Taking his tie off and throwing his jacket down and everybody's ready to ride improve blackout lightning colossal display it's the Undertaker and I’m in a position to't form the Undertaker's promo but he would dispute one thing to the gist of Vince McMahon I know you and I know what.

More or much less person you is possibly and I know that you can fabricate diversified folks suffer on your beget create Eric Bischoff I don't know you nor form I care to I gaze two groups of folks that are about to be at odds and it don't peek fancy there's a easy solution and as far as I'm alive to I'm on no person's side and I belief no person and when I acquire in the ring with any one from.

Either side or both I'm going to manufacture obvious to guard myself the least bit cases and form unto others sooner than they form unto me if anybody tries to take food far off from my desk if any one tries to take my livelihood if any one tries to take liberties with me they’ll be handled from one side or the diversified it makes no difference I invent no longer dangle any chums.

Might possibly well possibly you all relaxation in peace bong credits [__] rap improve raws off the air and folks are going what the [__] is going on right here dispute what you wish these guys are mad that's all it takes is doubt they must judge now they are making an try to peek what's going to happen next week upright so they tune in next week you know.

What occurs next week nothing you know why because Vince McMahon is so [__] Shook Up by [__] going on that he didn't rely on that for the following two or three weeks as a minimum the announcement is made girls and gentlemen Vince McMahon is rethinking his acquisition of WCW as far because the.

Utilization of the flexibility that He has bought and can neutral be having an announcement on raw in the following couple of weeks don't ride over an episode we don't know when it's coming ourself and WWF circulation goes alongside factual as it's been going alongside but everybody's asking and for once possibly any individual that [__] office would possibly put a secret and no longer leak.

[__] on the rep because then in the end by the cease of the month the announcement is made on Monday Evening Raw Vince comes out and says girls and I'm no longer going to ride be conscious for be conscious of all these promos we'll be right here [__] Friday or Christmas but the gist turns into.

That it would possibly well no longer be in the superb ardour of the wrestling occupation at this imprint integrate the 2 rosters and therefore we dangle determined since Vince has to pay all these [__] now whether or not they as lengthy as they don't breach their contracts as lengthy as they don't no display or refuse to form a job or.

Be convicted of a crime of honest turpitude or regardless of you know [__] he's got to pay everybody so now he's got all this [__] going out and no strategy to in actuality fabricate any money off of it without having a mutiny or an incident he’s going to be civilly liable or prison regardless of we're going to place them separate girls.

And gentlemen um Monday night will be raw with the WWF roster Thursday night will be nitro with the WCW roster with shrimp alterations for the immediate future now you mentioned because gaze be conscious WCW for a yr and a half the rankings had been shedding fancy a turd in a punch.

Bowl Skill had been backward and ahead and all the pieces was up in the air and Bischoff ran to space fancy a [__] Chinese fire drill and and the followers had flee off and the used proper wrestling that the southern folks knew and you understand it had long gone away and they were making an try to reproduction events and all the pieces she got to.

Rehab the promotion so now you've given the folk a cause to originate staring at again gaze what's going to happen and then you definately no doubt form right here’s the actual different all of a surprising all of the silly skits acquire geared lend a hand because now everybody's all of the abilities in a more severe mind set.

At the same time there's no competition you don't need the recent shot hitting in opposition to yourself you don't must Sizzling Shot you don't must dangle an attitude every quarter-hour or fear and any individual's going to swap the channel that you would possibly also originate constructing your ability that you would possibly also originate constructing the common sense of your Universe WWF.

Goes alongside form of fancy successfully no longer even form of fancy it was you take out all of the silliness it all peek the skits if I was reserving us what I'd form you fabricate it more of a sports basically based presentation again as a replacement of guys in the in the locker room with a digicam on them and they're plotting a financial institution robbery Restless the worst.

Criminals in the sector they status illegal systems there's a goddamn nationwide tv digicam you know you haven't announcer interviewing guys about their matches or or represent right here's a newcomer you know we're going to acquire him over it fancy a sports program since you favor to be a cramped more severe and over at WCW.

You're doing the same issue but additionally you're rehabbing WCW as a promotion in the eyes of its viewers we're no longer going to tumble issues and ride away you placing we're no longer going to swap belts willy-nilly we're no longer going to dangle celebrities coming right here and beat folks for titles we're no longer going to dangle [__] ridiculous stipulation matches.

We're going to come up with with circulation and excitement with our prime athletes folks are going to obtain and lose and likewise all of the WCW wrestlers are popping out and asserting we are going to fabricate obvious right here’s the very best rated wrestling program on the air that it's the most delightful wrestling program on the air because if we are in a position to't kick their asses in the ring.

We're going to kick them in the rankings we're going to dangle more folks staring at our display than staring at their display WWF guys are asserting the same issue [__] these [__] local minor Leaguers we're aloof the WWF we're the industry leader we're going to gear it up a notch everybody's severe everybody's on their recreation and you’ve got.

Two separate wrestling promotions both doing the superb they’ll to acquire a cramped credibility to deliver excitement to acquire their ability positioned to acquire all the pieces that they need in represent to ride ahead so both features Prosper both promotions expectantly theoretically attain my realizing but for how lengthy but.

It’s essential to discuss Skill or you favor to discuss no put going the put you're going how lengthy are you going to acquire yourself good enough successfully gaze now also if if every Pro promotion has a monthly pay-per-gaze successfully then you definately're competing in opposition to yourself again since you're ready for folk to pay.

30 or 40 dollars twice a month to peek [__] that you beget so that you're diluting your pie you know or regardless of what form of pie we got peach pie you bought a scent so that you originate alternating let's dispute would possibly also neutral is the WCW Pay-Per-Uncover June is WWF King of the rain July is WCW August is SummerSlam WWE.

So the first issue you form now oh undergo in mind I'm sorry I I represent a lie Vince would also dangle supplied on that first night if any one has any worry and even the 2d week if any one has any worry with what I'm doing and wishes to [__] soar ship ride.

To the diversified side more energy to you it tells all his boys in the WWF guess who steps up and says you know what I don't fancy what you're doing I don't fancy what you're asserting I are making an try to ride over there Chris Benoit and sooner than we ride any extra and right here’s fully severe uh you know if everybody mentioned successfully why is he talking.

About Chris Benoit you know Chris Benoit I regarded as I wasn't terminate to him but we we were always friendly he was always sizable to me I knew him on and off for nearly 15 years I'm in the strange space also of you know he killed any individual that I've known for 20 years and and who was married to a man that I've known for 25.

Years and and who was no longer finest a pal of mine but additionally a teacher and so I'm going to act fancy that by no diagram took space by no diagram will happen in this world in this fantasy universe that we've got right here Chris Benoit was the same individual that we always knew him to be the most attention-grabbing kid in the sector Earth and he by no diagram went loopy good enough.

Chris Benoit lend a hand lend a hand to our leisure Chris Benoit skips over and Vince is hot about it so on the first WCW Pay-Per-Uncover he decides I'm gonna ship any individual over there because he can book the matches because he owns the promotions I'm going to ship.

Any individual over right here shriek Chris Benoit a lesson and that is likely to be William Regal because everybody who knows enough to clutch what's going on knows that Chris benoit's a stressful sumbitch and William Regal the snake pit England the Billy Robinson [__] lineage and lots others and lots others these.

Guys are going to dangle it out because William Regal his job would possibly also neutral depend upon teaching Mr Benoit a lesson now what you form is you sit down down with I sit down down as Booker with both these guys that dispute peek right here's what we must form you guys and and by the style right here’s a pay and proposition you're no longer getting your.

Wrestling payoff at the same time as pay-per-gaze WCW Pay-Per-Uncover who knows what's going to form we agree on a imprint whether it's twenty thousand dollars a fraction or for regardless of the [__] it’s far since it's no longer fancy Vince is fast on [__] money he factual didn't he didn't originate a football league that week so he's got some extra money in a while.

Um dangle a gentleman's agreement you're no longer no straight punches to the enamel or to the nose you're no longer going for every diversified's balls no person's gonna Fish Hook regardless of but you is possibly going to dangle a fight and work it shit's gonna land and I imply represent me neither one among these guys has performed this sooner than or would form it.

Especially for mountainous money I'm no longer I'm no longer making an try to be some [__] cut right here telling guys to exit and fight and I'm no longer I'm asserting we're making a enterprise proposition will you form this in case you dispute no then I'll rep any individual else that's no longer gonna you know [__] affect your job but I’ve they're excellent for it they're going to acquire a payoff for for.

Getting out of alter and after they acquire in the ring first they're going to originate wrestling and it's going to be roughly no longer in actuality an MMA match because that has some principles but it no doubt's going to be the used you know used-long-established [__] two guys in the health club going to make your mind up on this which will get out of hand and any individual begins.

Throwing about a fists and slightly quickly you bought any individual who's I busted initiating and they're bleeding and any individual's got a shadowy imprint and it will get out of hand to the level the put the referee and [__] this calls for the bell for no obvious cause and a few diversified referees and possibly even security and I'm no longer talking relating to the [__] t-shirt security couldn't.

Withhold security goddamn you know kindergarten I'm talking about Rios right here’s a severe area the put you fabricate it peek fancy that these guys dangle long gone off and they’re swinging and throwing any individual's going to acquire hurt and you're pulling both of them off of every diversified and this got fully out of [__] hand at diverse folks needed to acquire.

Alive to and atomize it up and folks are horrified and you ride to the lengthy [__] on digicam since you acquire off of it sooner than it's even performed it's no longer fancy you they pull them aside and they ride lend a hand collectively and pull them aside again on it the announcer mentioned oh my God it's breaking down no it's fancy if the [__] occurs folks hit the ring and all of a.

Sudden you're staring at the announcer ride uh successfully constructing in a while girls and gentlemen we've got uh the hugging uh cease of the mark personnel title tournament or regardless of upright acquire off of it folks are going to sit down down down there and ride [__] good enough now we acquire it these [__] after they [__] invade every diversified's status there's tempers.

Flaring and shit's gonna happen and then Benoit goes lend a hand to WCW Nitro the following week and his [__] eyes out to right here and he's got the [__] stitches and regola on Raw regardless of and [__] good enough now then possibly on Nitro wait possibly Arn Anderson now and gaze Arn Anderson because he can't battle but he he's.

Aaron Anderson's no longer a TV commentator no longer mentioned he couldn't form it I'm asserting that's a smash of his expertise as one among the sizable workers in the historical past of the enterprise and one among the sizable Talkers in historical past of the enterprise he turns into a spokesman for about a of the wrestlers and potentially and in a while Chris benoit's non-public supervisor that's one issue unlucky.

Chris couldn't form appropriate promo he brings Chris Benoit and he says peek at what this has performed to this man's face this complete conflict a bunch of promoters combating with every diversified over hundreds and hundreds of greenbacks and this kid finally ends up the worst for it successfully that's [__] there are wrestlers dangle a code promoters invent no longer dangle any code promoters would stab their.

Mothers in the lend a hand and dangle them arrested for carrying a concealed weapon but wrestlers dangle a code a reliable code you that you would possibly also neutral no longer fancy the fellow you're in the ring with but you know he's got family to feed he's got bills to pay and you don't hurt him you don't hurt him to the put he can't work and he can't form that and and as far as.

We're alive to their side broke the code upright and we've established that and we're no longer swearing Revenge because there is no rematch or are we going to book them again if they factual had a [__] shoot no no motive it's proper so Aaron explains the wrestler's code.

Regal they're unhappy broken but on Raw Vince has demanded that Eric Bischoff the customary supervisor of WCW and Rick Flair who’s now correct thru the final diverse weeks come out as variety of the leader of the WCW Union of wrestlers because they now don't belief Bischoff and they won't contend with Bischoff unless they've got Flair there to discuss for them.

He demands their presence calling raw to discuss this spoiled behavior of their WCW athlete Chris Benoit in making an try to to hurt purposely and of direction it was the diversified diagram around so anyway Bischoff because the customary supervisor of WCW and Flair because the ebook of the wrestlers dangle.

Been called to Raw by Vince McMahon to reply the prices about this erroneous area this code on worthy you know Regal and Benoit got out of alter and Benoit and wcw's ebook obviously was being unprofessional so they're there and they're going to air this out in the ring because Vince is hot and wishes to.

Ed Flair comes out and says you know he straight away knows it that uh Vince is making an try to manufacture him peek corrupt but folks that saw it know what took space and and you know he's no longer gonna he's no longer gonna build up for any one chastising any of his wrestlers because he was defending himself and and you know on the overall it we launch getting a.

Diminutive inventive right here but we aloof must put folks believing that this can in actuality happen so Vince says good enough successfully I'll represent you what Flair since you're right here uh I don't know whether Mr Bischoff informed you no he he didn't represent you what successfully then you definately're wrestling tonight on RAW.

K yeah yeah we've picked up a brand recent Skill we’re making an try to ascertain him out in opposition to an Ancient Pro and gaze what he's got because the timing of right here’s factual about upright I’m in a position to't be conscious if this man was signed in or if he came in possibly a couple months later to ovw but the level is I judge he was I judge he was in ovw at the time so he would dangle been.

In a position to to be pulled to Raw so anyway so uh he tells Flair flare mentioned successfully I didn't deliver my gear it doesn't subject if I had some tennis shoes some sweatpants it doesn't subject because by the time I acquire carried out alongside with your occupation that's all you're gonna be in a space to rep the money for anyway Rick but uh you're gonna be wrestling tonight in opposition to the fellow I.

Judge he's in actuality he's going to be doubtlessly our next colossal issue his name is Brock Lesnar he's the 2000 NCAA heavyweight wrestling champion and he's got an agent that with out a doubt doesn't fancy you very worthy his name's Heyman I’ve he mentioned you fired him once possibly twice lend a hand in WCW about a years ago because Blair did fire Paulie as a minimum once I.

Used to be there for one among them if no longer more they book Flair in opposition to an NCAA Champion shooter who’s barely educated in reliable wrestling so we know with a man that's advising him that's a significant [__] liar and and you know and hates him so when the match comes about and Flair's got to form it or you know I imply.

It's supposed to be a reliable wrestling match but what's going to happen I’m in a position to't breach his contract in other locations as he'll ride dwelling I imply we're you know we're taking about a Liberties right here they originate to match flare goes to lock up Brock's standing there alongside with his arms in his facets.

There goes the lock up again Brock double legs he takes him down he goes flare grabs the ropes proper like a flash referee backs it up Flair comes up and chops Brock Brock factual appears at him chopsy McGee and factual appears at him goes take the arm Brock factual jerks it away good enough he's no longer cooperating we know the put right here’s going so flare being an used Pro.

And also because he can throw a hell of a [__] working punch and laid it if he needs to hauls off a blisters Brock upright and he's Brock's in the UFC upright now and then good enough you know he they paid him 250 Huge a yr to study to battle so let's once more dispute that we're we're making it price its wild take a couple of photos from Flair.

And flare throws it blisters him upright in a [__] imprint and Brock straight away takes him down now you've got a 25 yr used monster he's factual come out of the NCAA tournament in opposition to it’s far no longer vital what form of shape that Rick was in and it’s far no longer vital what form of athlete he was twice as used a lot smaller and no longer inspiring for competition.

At that state level and Brock's taking him down and Flair now’s becoming the dirtiest participant in the game and he's going for the eyes he's going for the years and it's getting a cramped gruesome but it no doubt doesn't remaining lengthy because Brock fancy he did with Frank Mir guess on him a couple of hammer fists and lock some form of chicken soar or.

Something and he's stretching flares and everybody knows flares had a corrupt shoulder had rotator cuff complications blah blah blah he locks that [__] issue on and he's cranking and going south with it and Haman is screaming purple in the face fancy you know he'd acquire rip it out rip it out and Vince is standing lend a hand there grinning and on the overall Flair.

Screams and it will definitely Brock let's ride and gamers [__] he's ripped his shoulder out and that's the style that section is and Brad Brock has been supplied and he won't be a colossal deal in the WWF for a whereas because that would possibly we factual wanted a significant shooter to come in and form that and.

He's aloof he's going to ride to developmental but he's going to be lend a hand then he'll be undefeated but gaze right here's the difficulty right here's one more issue with these rosters whereas the same time WWF is doing their program wcw's doing their program strive to be the superb wrestling program on these features.

I'm that contains The Young Skill the facets and Christians and the the the the Kurt Attitude had finest been up there a couple of years at that level so technically he'd be a younger Skill anyway you know we'll talk relating to the roster right here in a 2d but these forms of guys below that are no longer stars that dangle no longer been identified with one promotion or one more.

As of yet because this was eight years ago but I would possibly like I would possibly like younger Skill I'm going to be that contains them below of their very beget promotion but for the sake of the crossovers Stars shooters or stressful guys and whipping boys that's what I dangle to wicked over because we must put it believable so now that that has took space.

Guess what occurs Jim Ross fancy Ed Whalen and Calgary will get up and walks off in protests right here’s the most unprofessional issue I've ever seen in my existence I'm no longer going to dangle a fraction of it and he walks off the [__] broadcast and Vince says that's gorgeous I know the put your sympathies lie I know the put your.

[__] coronary heart is you favor to be lend a hand down right here down south alongside with your wrestlers successfully Jim Ross I beget you too so ride ahead ride on lend a hand to WCW I'll acquire an accurate broadcaster Michael Cole he's performed the news issue Vince can fabricate that believable he's been making an try to place away with J.R 10 [__] years even he's been there's.

Ever been guess who else walks off Mick Foley because Mick Foley the one issue that folk know he genuinely is the nicest man in the wrestling enterprise and he doesn't fancy what's going on and he decides that he is gonna because he saved his money everybody knows that too he's going to quit he's going to retire.

He walks off from the promotion and retires from wrestling and I shocking this on after Vince screwed Brett Survivor Sequence 97 who didn't come to TV the following day besides Owen and folks in the family Bulldog Mick Foley didn’t come to TV because he was upset that they that he truth and Cactus in case you gaze this you were upset that a wrestler couldn't.

Belief a promoter must always you take into fable it in hindsight but they nominated me to name Cactus and and talk him into coming lend a hand because we had an correct relationship and I did I called him at night and and the style I got him lend a hand was I mentioned peek I mentioned this man factual got screwed he got screwed in a job the put he's making 2 million a yr so he can.

Creep down in completely different locations and fabricate 3 million a yr and you're no longer going to come lend a hand to TV to affirm this screwing is he going to jot down you a test on your annual annual wage out of that three million dollars he's getting if no longer Cactus come lend a hand for you and and he did he's you know you're upright successfully I don't.

Even know if he mentioned I was upright but he came lend a hand so Mick Foley walks off and quits and henceforth henceforth and fourth width all of the interior promotional matches are in actuality being billed as code suspended meaning the reliable code amongst wrestlers is no longer in form when a WWF man faces a WCW man factual so we got that.

Straight so the June pay-per-gaze the King of the Ring now who form we’re making an try to humiliate Vince has determined you know what there's an used warfare horse that has [__] me around he no showed me Survivor Sequence 93 he was supposed to be one among the knights he went dwelling to nurse a sick horse.

He no showed me a cup of Terry Funk is on that WCW roster so I'm going to give Terry Funk a championship match on King of the Ring in opposition to Kane the Intercontinental Champion he won the Intercontinental Champion he build it on him the outdated Monday night because we factual desire Terry funkin right here.

With this huge the unforgiving gruesome monster so he would possibly ride whip up on the used cowboy successfully Funk being the dilapidated that he is Cain will get in right here once more there's an absence of cooperation and customarily these are short because generally a shoot is a.

Stinky match in a variety of cases when folks aren't cooperating it's no longer an correct match but they're form of working with every diversified that you would possibly represent but Kane is factual blistering him and that that you would possibly also Ted that you would possibly also gaze welts constructing Ontarian he's in actuality [__] pounding him but Terry's combating lend a hand he ain't giving him the opposition so Terry being the.

Ancient dilapidated he had two issues belief of 1 is a strategy to acquire out of [__] the constructed the constructing when he does what he's pondering of and secondly is [__] fabricate obvious that he can't be [__] let ride or fired or regardless of as a minimum in storyline we'll we'll strive to suspend the disbelief.

Has Kate is beating the bills out of him and bends over to make your mind up on him up to beat him up some more Terry tiny features even cinches up lengthy enough to acquire a [__] three rely from the referees ride oh [__] he [__] double crosses Eamon wins the Intercontinental title and straight away rolls out of the ring grabs the belt and.

Out of the crowd comes the Harris boys Ron and Don Harris and they rob Terry and they flee out the side [__] door and Kane's up taking a peek fancy [__] Wendy Richter when Moolah cinched up on her and Terry Funk has now captured the WWF Intercontinental Championship and Vince is having a [__] epileptic fit so God rattling it July WCW Pay-Per-Uncover.

Successfully guess who Vince decides to ship to care for this [__] man that ain't gonna acquire double crossed Kurt Attitude good enough beat an Olympic champion [__] Kirk comes out and says on the overall Vince McMahon has despatched me right here to issue an initiating worry any badass [__] in that locker room needs to come acquire in the ring with me stick your head up your.

Ass I'll build a sandwich on your lend a hand and starve you to death I'm an Olympic gold medalist and that was finest three years ago and that ain't no [__] and I'm right here to [__] stretch any individual from [__] to hurry for food guess who steps up Rick Steiner Rick Steiner right here the canine face Gremlin.

Plentiful athlete and [__] School amateur wasn't an Olympic champion wasn't even terminate and we'll represent you that but he's a corrupt [__] and he's got fingers fancy [__] Paws catcher's mitts so Steiner accepts but they dangle got on the overall a [__] wrestling match a stiff Genuine Vogue worthy fancy the Kurt head with Samoa Joe.

Genuine Vogue but without a ropes in enterprise and Steiner will get pinned he loses but then attitude possibly spits on him or regardless of and initiating [__] as a man Steiner slaps him successfully then all of a surprising who form I in actuality dangle down right here ah guess who hits the from the uh from the crowd from the WWF side Perry Saturn and.

Dean malenko and they acquire Rick Steiner down and they're [__] football kicking and once more we're taking some Liberties but had I've seen Steiner hit himself more sturdy than he I'd desire any one to hit any one else so guess who [__] Runs Out Scott Steiner.

Since it's a WCW Pay-Per-Uncover so I imply they after they hit the ring it's fancy Designate's hitting the ring and the boy's got to come from the lend a hand so they're getting some [__] kicks in Scott Stater comes down with a baseball bat or a board or regardless of and once more now the WWF guys take off and flee and there's [__] police officers chasing him or.

Whatever we fabricate I'm glossing over a variety of this but we fabricate these incidents peek you know considerably reliable and at the same time there's a cramped but aloof it's it's diverse more proper than what the [__] they're seeing with the [__] Diva pillow fights by the style I'm making that a [__] firing offense as Booker for any one to indicate a diva.

Lingerie pillow fight match to me so anyway we unusual on Raw Vince comes out says successfully that'll peek fancy Rick Steiner is going to be wrestling very worthy I'm paying him but he's doubtlessly you know shedding in on the deal thanks to the successfully being facility bills so.

I'd factual prefer to thank the person that made it all attainable to acquire my men into the constructing that night to acquire my revenge for Terry Funk stealing my promotions Intercontinental title he brings out Bischoff Eric you dangle earned your stripes you're formally now my assistant right here in the WWF.

Every person oh [__] turncoat Trader backstabbing bastard cut now Eric Bischoff is Vince's assistant and since Ric Flair has been dwelling injured alongside with his shoulder torn out and can neutral by no diagram battle again hello [__] flare you fancy the WCW folks so worthy why don't you ride down there with that [__].

Droop face [__] Jim Ross and the goddamn relaxation of the [__] clowns you is also the customary supervisor and that that you would possibly also behold all of the boat sink because we're [__] with all of you now Ric Flair's the customary supervisor Bischoff is the stooge of Vince McMahon over on Raw and now shit's heating up and at WWE SummerSlam.

Verse says good enough Rick Steiner you're no longer hurt corrupt enough you're going to be lend a hand up in about a month or so so represent you what how about you deliver your brother Scott you colossal badass shooters take on Saturn and malenko gaze what occurs successfully that match comes about.

And [__] on the overall double disqualification there's no form because no person will form enterprise with every diversified and once more they dangle got a sturdy style [__] match and they're [__] throwing some blows but this time it's a cramped bit more wrestling because all these guys are wrestlers as a replacement of Opponents and malenko knows.

His [__] and peek at Saturn and the folk that gaze a match that they’ll judge and no person will form enterprise there's no longer even any two counts there's folks making an try to pin folks and folks getting out of it so it's a double DQ and it's waived off and meanwhile Owen also I forgot also when Flair has made the you know right here's.

That he's been made the customary supervisor on Nitro he comes that claims so Eric Bischoff did he ride ahead and ride all of the route and come up with 30 pieces of silver you Judas [__] all of us knew you'd stab Us in the lend a hand you narrow but now you form it upright on the diversified man's [__] tv so he he upright and possibly um.

Maybe as a subject of reality also on pay-per-gaze uh Dustin Rhodes for WCW will get introduced over and will get build in the ring with the colossal display and The Good Indicate obviously what the [__] you bought to form with the fellow you didn't desire performed Good Indicate beats Dustin possibly Dean malenko stretches unlucky Canyon.

Because Canyon is factual a man on the card making an try to place his job he will get build in with Dean malenko malenko stretches him upright some [__] fancy that good enough possibly this doesn't all happen in this represent but I imply you know so flares promote Judas Bischoff but on Nitro he broadcasts he has a surprise in a while since he's the recent customary supervisor at Nitro and.

Also Dusty can form a hot promo about Dustin his son being abused asserting the WWE doesn't fabricate Legends they factual fabricate ass kissers all upright and then Flair at the cease of this draw comes out and and introduces his recent acquisition since it occurred to him if he's the customary supervisor he can hire wrestlers even supposing Vince.

Doesn't must pay him he's employed this man out of his beget pocket to come to WCW since it feels fancy it will be a morale booster got named Cactus Jack Vince's head on Raw blows up after the [__] the fellow walked out he quit he retired that you would possibly also't trace Mick Foley I didn't trace Mick Foley I signed Cactus.

Jack and I'm paying events you're no longer and we factual factual [__] [__] upright possibly in September WCW Dusty turns into Dustin's supervisor and possibly puts him alongside side Jeff Jarrett as a mark personnel because there's two 2d generation wrestlers because now also I'm gonna are making an try to build my younger ability because as we're getting ever closer to.

WrestleMania a variety of this shit's going to be blown off now I will dispute one issue I I didn't I didn't rep I didn't rep three folks and particularly and I'll display this I didn't rep Goldberg because he had a form of contracts the put he's going to acquire paid it’s far no longer vital what he was.

Closing in on 40 he was injured at the time I wondered his dedication to the enterprise to be somewhat factual you know uh he he was he was smashed over as as a phenomenon but he by no diagram was allowed to turn out to be a subtle employee I don't issue his coronary heart was in it he had diversified issues to form so I didn't take Goldberg I didn't take Lex Luger because despite.

It right here’s fantasy but some issues that you would possibly also't ride that far and Vince McMahon would dangle no longer taken Lex Luger and for the same cause Larry zabisco because right here’s a bisco [__] sued even they've there's been heat for 20 years so we didn't take these folks but uh but I'm I'm constructing my my youthful guys so.

Maybe also possibly Funk has been ordered on that pay-per-gaze to defend the the Intercontinental title that he stoled that he stole geez I'm making an try to study and talk at the same time that he stole in opposition to malenko but son of a gun he calls in and says rattling this issue I got a sick horse again and he doesn't display up.

Successfully now no display he will be fired upright then Vince will by no diagram acquire his [__] belt lend a hand now it's more vital to Vince to dangle Terry Funk that used broken down cowboy that it that has been a thorn in his side as NWA Champion mentioned it's a [__] slack 60s and his used man and his [__] brother the funks the NWA these Southern wrestlers I'm gonna.

Acquire this [__] on a [__] program I'm gonna humiliate in front of everybody and any individual's getting my belt lend a hand good enough so Terry doesn't acquire fired Booker T possibly has a match in opposition to Christian but he's disqualified Booker WCW Christian WWE because the referee introduced in occurs to work for the WWE.

Wouldn't you know who won the pony uh possibly Mel and likewise possibly Jeff Jarrett and Dustin Rhodes as companions there with Dusty in the corner because they're 2d generation Stars possibly they had a match and beat the Hardees and there was cooperation there they had a hell of a match because the [__] Hardy Boys you know they.

They invent no longer dangle any [__] bone to make your mind up on but they're WWF guys so now they're in hot water for placing the diversified guys over without Vince popping out and asserting as such good enough possibly we ride to October now on the WWE program the dudleys dangle turn out to be the WWE mark personnel champions meanwhile to coach balls Mahoney a.

Lesson because there's four guys we picked up from ECW Jerry Lynn and Nova Jerry Lynn tall performer Nova came to me in Louisville upright about this time he was in sizable shape and form some sizable stuff balls Mahoney stressful loopy some [__] I've always had a mushy space for him appropriate employee he's accidents and And lots others and.

That style but eight years ago he would possibly aloof [__] ride and he won a stressful loopy some [__] that'll Hardway himself and Rob Van Dam Rob's work Past a psychology appealing no longer exactly stellar and about a of it's sloppy but he does athletic issues that no-one else can form and he's got Charisma so he's a famous person.

So possibly on that day we deliver Brock Lesnar lend a hand to the mainstream and he exhausting programs and hospitalizes balls Maloney or balls baloney balls Maloney um Terry Funk is compelled to defend the Intercontinental title in opposition to Eddie Guerrero God rattling it we're getting his belt and wouldn't you know who won the.

Pony folks laying there throughout the [__] rig and Eddie goes thru the Frog Splash and his foot slips off the rope and he falls and you know Eddie was such a employee he would possibly form this he in actuality falls on his head and knocks himself out and [__] Terry appears over one two three he's aloof got the [__].

Belt but it no doubt factual we're taking half in with Terry's [__] because he can acquire by with it everybody else is slightly worthy deadly severe at Survivor Sequence we're initiating to acquire heated up because now guess who we got in the ring in opposition to every diversified Bam Bam Bigelow in opposition to Taz now dangle you ever seen these are no longer the.

Hulk Hogans the stings the ETC because no we're no longer they're on their very beget program successfully Hogan no longer but you know what stings on his beget program Undertaker Austin is on his beget program regardless of but Vince is no longer going to pain his prime guys coming over and getting in this [__] [__] but by the same token a week on TV.

Now not finest are both promotions doing their very beget angles and their very beget playing cards and constructing their very beget pay-per-views but everybody no longer everybody but chosen folks a week are sniping at every diversified because Dusty now’s gonna you know lower some [__] promos right here shortly about some folks and he can lower upright down to the bone so Bam Bam.

Bigelow and Taz will get out of hand and possibly the police officers must hit the ring and no longer the [__] police officers dispute please but proper uniform police officers with [__] weapons and tasers and [__] that appears reliable and they handcuff any individual but in the system of dragging these folks out with Bigelow and Taz once more talking about in particular Bam Bam any individual'll.

Throw some [__] he was a bounty hunter and God they had his head tattooed for [__] sake you watched he supplies a [__] some some fan would acquire [__] hurt and there'd be a lawsuit and Vince goes [__] epileptic so Vince fires Taz and he in actuality and he's long gone and of direction you pay him to ride dwelling no longer taking it out on the fellow for.

An attitude but now no person sees Taz anymore and he's legitimately fired for this in narrate that oh [__] there's [__] [__] going on he'll come lend a hand after this complete issue resolves he owes Vince books a handicap match the dudleys in opposition to animal the avenue warrior because now and the dudleys can come out and rubbing their fingers collectively because.

Hawk didn't work there for the time being and the dudleys will be rubbing their fingers collectively guys we want lets dangle got both of them because we'd prefer to beat the Dual carriageway Warriors because they're legend of the Tag Crew titles and they're constructing to the 20 cases but we'll take animal and they [__] beat animal and the animal doesn't are making an try to.

And he tries to you know he tries to acquire his photos in but at the same time that you would possibly also represent you understand it didn't devolve into a shoot but it no doubt was humiliating for the fellow upright Triple H who's been hurt all yr and by the style right here's what I take into fable Triple H M his promos I'd slightly behold a canine lick.

Its balls tiresome and diagram too lengthy one time I had Raw on and he's talking and then I [__] exit to the storage I acquire some I come lend a hand he's talking then he will get in the ring to battle good enough so I ride fabricate myself a [__] sandwich I come lend a hand he's talking after he form the [__] match.

Staunch employee student of the game but he's the fellow that works with the fellow that attracts the money would Triple H unless he had married into the family and been smashed into that space yr after yr after yr with the interruptions for the accidents with the Bland promos would he dangle ever been in that space if he was factual the.

Diverse even he's an correct employee but he ain't Sean Michaels as far as display stealer he ain't Steve Austin as far as or the rock as far as [__] Superstar he hit Mick Foley as far as Skill he doesn't acquire does Triple H acquire mentioned in with these guys Flair Foley taker Austin Rock except in WWF scripted [__] tv commercials no he's.

The fellow that works with the fellow that attracts the money but Triple H returns and Funk is compelled to defend the Intercontinental title in opposition to Triple H and Triple H wins with some form of relief we won't ride into facts but some nefariousness from Eric Bischoff and then Vince doesn't fire him now that I got my belt lend a hand I'm no longer gonna fire.

You I desire you to display up next month because I got a Christmas repeat for you on the pay-per-gaze you [__] used cowboy cut so anyway blah blah blah blah blah the put the [__] so December comes around yeah I did take into fable this a cramped bit on the December pay-per-gaze WC that Mick Foley and gaze right here’s no longer all this.

Is factual some highlights because I imply if we in actuality sat down for days and weeks but Foley wins the WCW title so he's the WCW Champion Terry Funk beats any individual wins a match but all of a surprising there's a blackout gaze we are in a position to play with Terry stuff a cramped bit a cramped Showbiz there's a blackout when the lights come on Undertaker has Terry Funk.

Up in a tombstone and [__] tombstones even throughout the Ring crosses his arms relaxation in peace and on the display Vince pops up and laughs I aloof paint both the TV Crews because how else you're gonna dangle a [__] blackout and all that yeah upright he got even for funk's double wicked now we're initiating to acquire a cramped bit.

Better quality of matches sting WCW gab beats Chris Jericho in a whale of a match but once more how did [__] Jericho acquire beat when wasn't the [__] fix in successfully God rattling the answer is [__] Jericho hurt his [__] lend a hand when sting build the [__] lend a hand on that he was supposed to Jericho couldn't complete.

Things as mandatory and needed to resign because possibly sting factual wouldn't ride over somewhat as easy upright taking half in on the [__] Bret Hart Survivor Sequence Gotta Die animal on that pay-per-gaze brings out a determined visitor he has talked a pal of his into coming lend a hand to the corporate and agreeing to mark personnel with him thanks.

To Mr Ric Flair customary supervisor Hawk the Dual carriageway Warriors are lend a hand they're lend a hand collectively um The Warriors that night obtain the WCW mark personnel title because Vince doesn't give a [__] what WCW guys form in opposition to every diversified January at the Royal Rumble guess who comes lend a hand Hulk Hogan colossal [__].

Reaction because he's heard all of the issues that Dusty Rhodes has been asserting and Ric Flair has been asserting Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair were always Pretenders brother I was always the person they were available in the market in the tiny metropolis the bush league but Hulkamania will by no diagram die because the [__] that he would form upright.

He was the Man Steve Austin of the Royal Rumble wins the WWE title he says he's the correct world champion the rock beats Jeff Jarrett match by no diagram took space upright did that match ever happen I don't understand it didn't but so The Rock has a whale of a match with Jeff Jaren of direction Jefferson WCW man so he's ordered to place down for him whether he would.

Get or no longer and rock cuts a promo about I hear there's this man and I’m in a position to't form the rock so that you know but he promo Sting the fellow that beats his chest and howls and he does a bunch of his pie jokes and then face paint and all the pieces and he on the overall factual embarrasses verbally embarrasses issue Undertaker is having a match.

Guess what occurs throughout the [__] match the [__] uh apron flips up and Terry Funk comes out from under the ring with a flaming [__] Branding Iron and sticks it on the Undertaker's ass and runs upright hip hop and possibly no longer his ass that would possibly also very successfully be amusing for Taylor because we are in a position to't acquire too.

Amusing with taker but he on the overall flaming Brands The Undertaker and [__] takes off and that's obviously going in enterprise for himself and I imply about a of this as we take into fable about a of this stuff it would possibly also very successfully be a cramped amusing for a shoot so we would take it out but you know blah blah blah the dudleys are undefeated in WWE Tag.

Crew competition and for the past almost four months and likewise we dangle an inter-promotional match booked that will get everybody's consideration they don't even atomize loose into a fight they in actuality strive to beat every diversified in a wrestling match and can't for 20 minutes no person wins 20 minute Broadway Kurt Attitude Chris Benoit that you would possibly also they’d.

[__] Scorch the gap upright Genuine Vogue all of the style February pay-per-gaze WCW Dusty promos Hogan challenges him says on the overall Dusty would wouldn't dangle Dusty and flare on on TBS we were constructing to the first Crockett cup in the Superdome and they in actuality can this was 1986 when.

There was no breaking of Ok depart and there was no net and folks didn't know these phrases you know I mentioned I by no diagram even heard the term High space till I got they in actuality came out on TBS and mentioned they don't form jobs in front of 70 000 folks because I’ve flares that first mentioned I ain't doing a job in front of 70 000 folks in a Superdome brother.

After which Dusty mentioned successfully I don't form no jobs in front of 70 000 folks both so the put does that ride away us in actuality certain and and the boys were even fancy [__] and of direction the folk that knew mentioned [__] and the folk that didn't know what job was so dusty goes into enterprise for himself on this pay-per-gaze after they build a reside mic in front of him which he you.

Know he's the dream he does these form of issues because he's venerable to calling the photos and Dusty cuts a promo on [__] Hogan asserting I was the person must always you were aloof [__] strumming a guitar and I was in opposition to Superstar Billy Graham in medicine Square Garden brother and blah.

Blah blah and factual out of nowhere factual says these items running [__] Hogan down thanks to the [__] remarks that Hogan made the outdated month sting possibly has a match with Edge and one thing occurs but sting answers Rock Foley defeats his WCW Challenger and he responds to Austin asserting that he was.

The the person the sector champion but I mentioned hello I've held the WWE title and the WCW title Steve Austin you've finest held one and you know Mick can elevate this off it all of the cease guys are in actuality getting a cramped snotty with every diversified you've got you've got rock and sting and Dusty and Hogan and Flair and and all these been out and Austin if I pointing out.

On occasion insulting every diversified on every diversified's tv features because they're [__] sniping and this issue's going on for goodbye and possibly Terry Funk will get ambushed by two guys under [__] hoods but as a replacement of this deal the put the digicam factual took space to be in the auto parking status it's the used we did this with The Thrill.

Seekers and the heavenly our bodies in Knoxville a fan has a video digicam and you no doubt you fabricate it a girl since you hear the girl's dispute because if it's a man you watched both if any individual with it and even he must dangle helped but there's the girl with the video digicam and the lovable cramped six-yr-used lady oh there's Terry Funk honey flee and.

Acquire his autograph and he's taking pictures hello wave and there's Terry you know doing the wave with the cramped lady and all of a surprising these two guys pull up the [__] car and soar out improve into the [__] side of the [__] car kicking beanie improve soar Direct the girl's oh my God name the police and they display on the WCW program they.

Indicate that footage because Flair's talking about was it the Undertaker because he got the hooded Druids or was it Vince McMahon who's accountable but more importantly than that right here’s how far it's [__] come so in the end you ride to Raw Vince is tired of the [__] complications the lawsuits the scientific bills WCW and Flair build up.

Or shut up God rattling it it's time my roster makes a subject to your roster in a promotional Showdown WrestleMania up and down the card WWF versus WCW and whoever wins the massive majority of these matches the put the codes will be suspended whoever wins the massive majority of the matches could be the the roster of the crew that.

Gets their contracts renewed so whoever wins the majority continues employment whoever wins the minority you're all worn out since it's been a yr and now I in actuality dangle the Clause gaze these WCW guys dangle been looking out to acquire in they they’d also neutral dispute hello if enough of your guys acquire hurt you'll must employ us we'll aloof be employed and we're.

Talking diverse of hundreds of seven-choose jobs right here so right here’s a colossal [__] on the line so now by this level we've had work we've had shoot we've had work shoot we've had [__] folks that would possibly well in actuality discuss every diversified and fabricate folks judge it [__] promo on every diversified meanwhile we've had the WWF and WCW.

Independently with their very beget tv reveals and their very beget [__] reside Condo display excursions we didn't discuss that upright that's factual their very beget promotions wrestling must always aloof be hot the the rankings must always aloof be appropriate the WCW must always aloof be rehabbed it's been a yr all of the the flexibility has has been positioned.

The style that you would possibly desire it I've I've doubtlessly had Vince utilize a ton of cash in developmental to you know to trace the guys that are that are going to lend a hand Us in 5 and ten years I've got my guys on the roster that are younger already effervescent below ready to employ them after WrestleMania to give folks a unusual peek because after.

WrestleMania it's all WWE even though he keeps the WCW [__] roster it's all WWE because we are in a position to't put this going upright obvious so on the overall it comes down to this huge WrestleMania [__] card and whichever promotion wins the massive majority of the [__] matches is these whose contracts are renewed and there are the.

[__] horses he's riding upright now he can put any one he needs from the diversified you know from the shedding side if he needs but you know if WCW loses he's [__] can't in the mall because they're a bunch of [__] pricks possibly on Nitro possibly you dangle both rosters out for a contract signing and a possibly a [__] you know a form of.

Work shoot press conferences possibly no longer I don't know but WrestleMania 2002 you favor to hear this card let's form it um and these matches to my knowledge both had by no diagram taken space dangle by no diagram taken space by no diagram took space up till then or regardless of the case Bob Evans sausage gravy for the third time.

For the UN and WWF is on the left side wcw's on the upright side that that you would possibly must fabricate two columns because we got a 5 hour pay-per-gaze window folks because [__] I'm factual gonna build all of them down gaze what occurs for the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship there’ll be finest one Stone Chilly Steve Austin versus Mick.

Foley now that match had took space but it no doubt by no diagram took space with both titles on the line with two guys in reverse [__] locations and likewise the difficulty is Slash was about ready to retire so I’ve that's an correct diagram is Eddie to ship him out the predominant match at WrestleMania the put he in the end loses the.

Championship to Austin and he rides off into the sunset to be a easiest-promoting author and his buddy Rogers mentioned to a nicer man it couldn't happen because I fancy me some Mick Foley good enough the the semi-remaining match and gaze there's no longer stipulations in these matches because your gimmick and gimmicks in case you build good enough you know I imply.

We'll dangle a couple of issues but for the most fragment it's no longer going to be first blood or Texas death or lights out because the matches themselves are gimmicks you don't are making an try to burn thru your [__] gimmicks The Closing Stir of the used cowboy Desperado Undertaker Terry Funk.

Repeat me that Undertaker would no longer choose it an honor to work with Terry Funk and Terry at that level doubtlessly is going to retire for the 42nd time but did that match ever happen any one two guys from Texas even supposing even supposing tiger doesn't he's from Loss of life Valley but taker would dangle a ball with.

It funk will be on his recreation what a [__] match and you know and and the on the overall taker would [__] uh he would obtain the match but he would then come out as a cramped one face because T he would beat Terry till Terry couldn't hardly ever [__] breathe and Terry wouldn't quit till in the end he was about wearisome and then Undertaker would.

Acquire admire for Terry Funk good enough The Rock versus sting WCW icon and [__] WWE fancy f icon regardless of the [__] by no diagram took space by no diagram will now and in that one and about price my 2d results ah there we ride.

Sting catches Rock because we're going to assume that everybody's right here to form enterprise and rock for the time being wasn't that the yr he labored with Hogan or was that 2003 it was this yr was that the relaxation match he had which one when was the relaxation match he had but the level is he was fixing.

K but I imply today he was mounted defying the cardinal rule of Tv folks I'm talking to folks off display but Rock was leaving he already was going to the movies I’ve he would dangle given lend a hand to the to the enterprise and he would dangle build staying over because sting was going.

To put at that level for a cramped whereas and you know Rock's going to manufacture 15 million a yr in the movie so I’ve his emotions will be uh gorgeous and right here's the put we're going to play with this a cramped bit when Hulk Hogan came lend a hand he had a supervisor with him Jimmy Hart so for the rationale that two greatest icons of these.

Companies of the 70s and 80s are going to ride head up it finest figures they both need any individual in the corner Hulk Hogan with Jimmy Hart in opposition to Dusty Rhodes with Jim cornette fancy Dusty needs any individual to discuss for him no I wouldn't initiating my mouth I factual won't [__] around with Jimmy Hart and behold this [__] match.

So and since we're factual pulling this all fully out of our asses anyway um and in that one if I'm no longer unsuitable Hogan wins on disqualification thanks to what the managers form because Dusty ain't laying down he ain't gonna form no jobs in front of 70 000 folks so the put does that ride away us so it's a DQ and I.

Don't blame you who will get it uh Hogan over Dusty on DQ oh yeah gaze now you build the circle around the grisly [__] deal holding over to succor you take Hogan's gonna lose under any circumstance this can also very successfully be a fantasy but we got to place some [__] semblance of reality next match this this match had took space and.

If truth be told I believed it was [__] sizable Vince McMahon versus Ric Flair but for when we got a stipulation if Flair wins he will get 5 minutes alongside side Eric Bischoff we've been constructing this for a [__] yr upright Ric Flair has his occupation was over he has no longer wrestled since upright after the.

[__] own when Brock tore him up but he says God rattling it no longer as a wrestler but as a man Vince McMahon I'm gonna kick your ass and that cramped [__] weasel that cramped gutless bastard that no appropriate cut that Judas turncoat Eric Bischoff if I beat you Vince McMahon I acquire 5 minutes with Eric Bischoff and Vince.

Says successfully of direction because Vince is the genetic Jackhammer has balls the scale of grapefruits he's no longer gonna [__] acquire beat up by a [__] [__] so blah blah blah obvious that you would possibly also dangle it and there's Bishop I I did take into fable it the diversified diagram around but I saw Bischoff strive to battle once.

And it was so [__] embarrassing he was oh my God his [__] didn't land and he looked [__] awkward and erroneous and so Flair and Vince had a huge [__] match and then you definately know on the overall Bischoff would possibly form regardless of the [__] he would possibly form it won't remaining lengthy under oh and I'm sorry and by the style a flare does defeat Vince McMahon to acquire.

To 5 minutes with Bishop Undisputed World Tag Crew Championship this will likely dangle been the first time that this uh match of past and repeat ever took space Dudley's in opposition to the Dual carriageway Warriors and in that one the Warriors would ride over and I’ve that the dudleys will be honored to form that in particular if they.

Knew they were getting a rematch and there was more to the story in a while then we're going to showcase doubtlessly the strongest wrestling match that we are in a position to field out of both rosters in an Ironman match don't know what the closing date is but you know most Falls in regardless of time that lets give them on this 5.

Hour window we dangle Kurt Attitude versus Chris Benoit with Aaron Anderson and Benoit would acquire attitude and I don't issue any one which likes wrestling I don't issue would argue with having seen that he'd doubtlessly every display for the following month or for the following yr slightly but on this one Benoit topsy.

The Intercontinental versus the united statestitle there’ll be finest one after this Triple H versus Booker T and Triple H does acquire him thanks to direction once more it's fantasy but why any individual you know what I was doing my uh who's slam and who name in and I didn't behold WrestleMania I was.

Washing my hair and um Tommy Tommy Fiero says are you bowled over at Triple H won and I but I blew snot I busted out loud bowled over is no longer a [__] emotion I would possibly invent no longer dangle any no I'm no longer bowled over he won we wouldn't be bowled over if he won if he beat all of the [__] roster good enough then we're gonna gimmick issues up a cramped bit we're gonna dangle a ladder.

Match factual because right here’s the blow away hotspot match of the [__] display Asian Christian who I believed were a tall mark personnel I loved the brood I loved their personnel this was relating to the time they were doing the like minded stuff God you bought rottenham Roddy yeah and by the by the style their supervisor is Trish Stratus one more blonde.

Canadian she looked hot and in particular since with all this seriousness going on by the style the diva lingerie pillow fight matches are out of it Trish was an correct employee she in actuality labored exhausting for the time being she wasn't necessarily unprecedented but she got that diagram but uh we've build the girls matches on the lend a hand burner unless we are in a position to rep one thing.

Either to match up to a Gail Cam and Awesome Kong in phrases of a fight or the crush girls from Japan or chegusa or one thing fancy that you know we're no longer uh we're no longer in actuality that contains predominant weapons or regardless of in opposition to you know Stacy Keibler or regardless of the [__] that was they're going in opposition to Nova and Jerry Lynn who are doubtlessly going to be my WCW.

Hotspot barn burner mark personnel right here you ride stressful guys match Good Indicate and Kane in opposition to the Steiner brother will get the total oh I'm sorry I'm sorry that is likely to be let me put tune of this Edge and Christian give me that next one showing Kane and The Steiner Brothers gaze we got 16 matches on this display.

Because we've been we've been spending a yr promoting this we're going to come up with alongside with your [__] money's price a pack of lunch deliver your [__] popcorn deliver the younger folks the midgets are wrestling tonight or deliver the midgets the younger folks are wrestling tonight and in that one uh the Steiners acquire it because they're after all brothers and they're a cramped.

Bit more skilled in mark personnel even supposing a Good Indicate and Kane build up a hell of a fight I fancy this next one Chris Jericho versus Lance Storm I introduced him into this world I'll take them out The Thrill Seekers um Jericho catches storm in what would must always aloof be I would possibly issue one more Blow Away.

[__] athletic performance the Hardee's with Lita and Lita would follow the Hardee's because they were a kit they in actuality I’ve that they were the three of them were hotter collectively than after they've tried to interrupt them up and [__] one man killed the diversified man's canine and all this pleased horse [__].

Towards my so the the WWF uh resident younger folks's personnel in opposition to my 2d generation personnel of Jeff Jarrett and Dustin Rhodes I'm obvious I don't know whether Jeff will fancy being teamed up with Dustin but fancy I mentioned in these forms of cases these below matches these are my younger folks that after we.

Acquire because we ain't gonna dangle Terry Funk we ain't gonna dangle Mick Foley we ain't gonna dangle the rock we ain't gonna dangle Hulk Hogan I'm utilizing this this one-yr build length to dangle these dream matches dangle a Blow Away WrestleMania but all these diversified folks are featured because they've been featured on my program and then all of the.

Younger guys are going to ride up and by the following yr's WrestleMania this side of the card is going to be over right here upright because age and attrition and accidents uh peek the Dual carriageway Warriors ain't going to ride lengthy Vince ain't a wrestler Flair is is no longer successfully aloof gonna ride a whereas but we wouldn't dangle belief at the time Dusty.

Used to be winding it down Hogan fragment-time Rock fragment time staying aloof good enough Funk is quitting taker aloof has years Austin in actuality was you know sadly quickly to be performed and Mick wasn't going to battle full time after that so these guys are going to be the lengthy flee as in next yr as that's one more issue we don't and I.

Would dangle pumped money in developmental because when these guys are over right here developmental guys are gonna be over there or we are in a position to factual put utilizing the same [__] folks till all the pieces occurs fancy you know the AWA and all of us flip into powder good enough what about this six man.

Successfully you wish a a lot bigger board yeah um you know factual form it on the display regardless of um Eddie Guerrero Perry Saturn and Dean malenko good enough in opposition to Chavo Guerrero Rey Mysterio and Chris candido with Tammy sich you represent me that six-man mark the put we're gonna dangle some Lucha spots we're gonna.

Get some wrestling we're gonna dangle some [__] colossal bumps candido give me them again candido Chavo and Mysterio who are once more Chris Ok everybody knows I fancy Chris candido I’m in a position to't dispute that Rey Mysterio an unprecedented performer the Guerreros complete family hell when I'm sorry results results um.

Jared and Dustin caught the Hardee's on that one factual because we got to place this issue [__] slightly terminate down to the wire so we're initiating to uh change backward and ahead in the sixth man it's the uh Eddie guerrero-led personnel so the WWF wins that one good enough we got three more Brock Lesnar the.

Next colossal issue alongside with his supervisor pleased Haman defeats Bam Bam Bigelow can you imagine that colossal [__] beast in there with [__] Brock and they're suplexing every diversified backward and ahead be believable and up and as a subject of reality hello I am hoping he by no diagram sees this because.

Kevin Nash will come up and build his foot up my ass because I build him this low on the card uh rhino versus Kevin Nash and Nash takes it and having mentioned this I had a match with sooner than I even looked at the rosters in mind that was going to be over right here doubtlessly third down which was Michael's and Triple H in opposition to Holland Nash and.

They'll peek at the rosters Hall was no longer in WCW and Michaels had taken his ball and long gone dwelling promoting his lend a hand and was no longer in WWF in narrate that match would dangle been the Legends deal except we don't dangle half the participants you know and once I issue lets dangle made it up but you know I was making an try to follow somewhere you know that's gorgeous.

Hell yeah follow reality yeah there you ride we're in actuality sticking to reality if Jesus Craig give me some more of that shadowy tar heroin over right here and then factual because we’re making an try to employ the annual WrestleMania custom and acquire everybody on the card you don't must write these names but one two three four 5 six seven eight nine ten eleven.

Twelve a 14-man Fight Royal and I'll factual study them off that you would possibly also graphicize them Steve Blackman the cause I picked holding Steve was because he was a sound martial arts educated looked in sizable shape had that severe peek he's any individual that you would possibly are making an try to dangle for this trading backward and ahead of.

Valid fights Delo Brown who by no diagram got a heavenly shake up there and was worthy better Skill than his [__] push and indicated Al Snow who knows a lot about wrestling and wrestling holes and would dangle been training about a of the youthful guys Val Venus who was sizable [__] performer bull Buchanan who by no diagram got a [__].

Chance factual astonishing who was a huge younger kid William Regal who we've already talked about Bill Demotte discuss a colossal corrupt son of a gun that was convincing and can neutral ride around balls Van Damme Dallas Internet page factual because God bless him I couldn't rep the relaxation to make your mind up on out he didn't.

The WCW roster was form of off as far because the WWE at the time if had diagram more younger guys that would possibly well [__] ride somewhat frankly and I was making an try to make your mind up on out the put to space diverse of these guys and they factual didn't dangle any evident counterpart on the diversified side because we talked about that that Diamond Dallas Internet page in opposition to the Undertaker scenario.

They did holy [__] that's yeah and who's gonna judge that he's stalking his wife and uh right here's Diamond Dallas Internet page even a cramped one face over right here and all of a surprising he's a [__] nut and a six pervert possibly a intercourse pervert but he no doubt wasn't a [__] heel in case you gaze that uh Canyon and the Harris Twins and and once more Paige was on.

On the level of quit he made his money and he was older than any one gave him credit for being sizable shape but you know I don't are making an try to put money into in some guys who are are rich and about ready to acquire out of the enterprise when I'm constructing my future and in that fight royal Van Damme wins because he's any individual that I are making an try to.

[__] put money into so what factual WCW Fight Royal yeah Fight Royal and so forth the overall for the WWF side Austin over Foley take her over Funk Hogan over Dusty DQ Triple H over Booker Edge and Christian over Nova and Jerry Lynn Jericho over.

Storm the six-man WWF wins Brock over Bigelow WCW wins sting over Rock flare over Vince Warriors over Dudley's Benoit over attitude Steiner's over showing Kane Jarrett and Dustin over the Hardees Nash over Rhino and Van Damme wins the Fight Royal now wouldn't you know who won the pony once and by the style form you know what I'm asserting when I dispute that won the.

Pony wouldn't you know who won the pony the promoter in Richmond Virginia's name lend a hand in the possibly slack 50s 60s was Bill Lewis and Richmond Virginia was on its ass so they supplied because Bill Lewis owned a horse farm he's gonna raffle off a pony come to the matches come down aquire your ticket build your ticket stub in the box and we're gonna plan it intermission.

And any individual's gonna obtain a pony we're giving freely a free pony and they dangle got a huge condominium that night and he comes out at intermission he's gonna give away the pony and he reaches down in the Box he fumbles around and he pulls it out successfully wouldn't you know who won the pony my son blue my son blue won the pony and they're upright you [__] and they.

Killed a [__] metropolis anyway so on every occasion that I'm making an try to name Shenanigans on one thing that is clearly [__] contrived or couldn't [__] happen successfully wouldn't you know who won the general public anyway in case you will ogle by your arithmetic 16 matches eight and eight successfully son of a [__] on Raw the very next night Vince comes out.

And crows a tie is factual fancy kissing Dusty it ain't no appropriate to any one since you gaze the deal was I mentioned I mentioned the promotion that wins the massive majority of the matches is safe from being canned as that you would possibly also gaze 50 percent is no longer a majority that diagram WCW roster you're performed you're fired your Vapor historical past in the archives carried out would possibly.

Set over with acquire out of my [__] constructing but out comes Ric Flair says you weren't very appropriate at math in college events for a billionaire or as a minimum on paper that you would possibly also't rely very successfully since you gaze it's factual the outcomes of all of the matches that you gave but you.

Forgot one issue when I beat you I got 5 minutes with Eric Bischoff and I beat Eric Bischoff in like a flash vogue that counts as a match Thanks to You Vince McMahon WCW won the massive majority of the matches now that you would possibly also't fire us you're caught with us oh who vents his head blows up and.

All the pieces goes to [__] WWE but now we've got two features Monday and Thursday with two separate Crews everybody you favor to place will get constructed-in and now Vince and Ric Flair in the emblem recent revamp WWE are at every diversified's throats as flare strikes out of the ring and into the gap of a customary.

Supervisor so as a replacement of I'm no longer gonna dispute the relaxation corrupt about Vicky Guerrero I don't know the girl but as a replacement of uh about a of the diversified customary managers that they've had you've got Ric Flair as as one customary supervisor you've got [__] if Bishop if we’re making an try to form that or regardless of the [__] gaze you've aloof got in actuality [__] skilled heavy.

Talkers in these positions but and you know Flair says we form must always aloof be a fraction of the WWE I'm going to manufacture your existence hell Vince and Vince's flip purple and and right here we ride off again and we after a yr we've rehabbed WCW enough to expectantly form two million buys as [__] you know Jesus Christ um and at the same time we've got the.

Ratings expectantly it's peaked on Monday and Thursday as they're going to be expectantly we've had a tall flee of condominium reveals but now the condominium reveals always separate because if we don't are making an try to [__] with that because in case you form it too worthy you know factual every every display but you've you've you've you've got your.

Dream matches out of the style you've positioned your youthful Skill you've got money in developmental you've got rankings on Monday and Thursday expectantly peaked you've drawn your colossal Buy fee and now you've got your next yr deliberate with all of these guys that are in actuality going to be strong for these [__] titles that the legend fancy.

Steve Austin can now be working with [__] Kurt Attitude or Chris Benoit who dangle confirmed themselves or [__] Triple H and Booker you've got Edge and Christian now who can come over right here and [__] zap the [__] dudlies if they wish or you've got the [__] Nova and Jerry Lynn that would possibly well come down and work with the Hardys and but they are continuously in.

The [__] bigger matches so that you've got Warriors and Steiners they must reprise as a Legends match you acquire your belts off the Warriors because that's a fast time issue doubtlessly build it to the dudleys and they work with Edge and Christian Nova and Jerry Lynn are going to form some appropriate [__] Jeff Jared and Dustin Rhodes an correct.

[__] personnel and even Jeff splits off on his beget and chases that Intercontinental title um Undertaker is aloof a [__] resident locker room enforcer but he's got a bunch of younger younger gays Brock Lesnar is coming alongside expectantly Brock won't ride [__] insane and judge factual because he's getting paid a million.

Dollars a yr that's it's a bother to ride away dwelling four days a week be conscious lend a hand in the day and Croc must always you venerable to must ride away the house finest four days a week Jesus Christ successfully in the gaze in this book uh Jim cornette Wearisome night Specific 25th anniversary it in actuality lend a hand on I will rep uh proper hasty factual one instance if I would possibly also neutral factual.

Flip factual I'm factual gonna Vamp for a 2d I judge it was about this time right here we requested for the time without work I are making an try to symbolize you what accessible at the health club Nook accessible at oh golly when was it at the low imprint of for the low imprint of finest 25 plus 5 dollars transport and coping with and it’s far.

A heavy book that you would possibly also testify to the weights of the book price every penny um oh ah certain October 16th uh 1984 we had been working since July in a stretch of 103 days the Wearisome night Specific had seven days off and I since I was also doing TV promos and managing Dr Loss of life at the time had no days off 103 days in a row double photos most Sundays any one which now in.

The enterprise performed mine or bonds work four days a week can kiss them a colossal elephantine ass but anyway so that you on the overall you you you know [__] I don't know if that would possibly dangle labored obviously a variety of there would dangle been politics come into play and we're factual jacking off fantasizing right here but by the same token.

That would possibly dangle been a lot [__] better than what they did with what they had I'm sorry how exhausting was that Vince I had three days I had three in actuality three nights to bring to mind it I drove 700 miles the day prior to this and then sat down for a couple hours and fiddled but you know once more it's we form we are in a position to build [__] down on a board right here and.

There's so worthy politics and folks would acquire hurt and folks wouldn't are making an try to form what you wanted them to form and non-public points would come into play and this will likely by no diagram in actuality happen nonetheless having mentioned that the idea that would possibly dangle took space and that that you would possibly also neutral no longer ride as far with it as what we did by factual hauling issues out.

Of thin air but the idea that would possibly dangle took space or they’d also neutral dangle made an strive at it or they’d also neutral dangle spent the money up front to acquire the Stars to dangle the dream matches what would that video factual I imply if we factual had these matches upright there how many how many movies would that promote how many pay-per-views would that promote how lengthy.

Would folks discuss that uh but it no doubt would it no longer would dangle required placing one more promotion on the same stage because the WWF and that's what has been the concern and that was the same issue to be somewhat factual when Jim Crockett sold uh Bill Watson's territory.

The fellows weren’t supplied at the same stage and I I was no longer I didn't dangle enough seniority in the enterprise at the time to dangle been conscious of what talks went on but I by no diagram did imprint it because there must dangle been some money made there somewhere but it no doubt was no longer botched on wherever near a stage is that this deal one time in historical past.

And by the style and right here's the difficulty who the [__] is quiwi what’s qui-wee any one hear to those names that they [__] signed I I don't are making an try to I don't wanna I don't are making an try to embarrass any one but they on the overall they signed everybody they’d also neutral acquire for a [__] ham sandwich and a cup of coffee and they left the guys that would possibly promote the.

Tickets sitting dwelling aquire them out I imply he no longer up to three years later he was paying diverse guys seven figures a yr why no longer [__] form it there yeah yeah you acquire one shot in historical past to to dangle the uh yeah let's ride down let's ride down and and and factual rely the dedication of folks that are.

Soundless active even for a one or two shot issue in the wrestling enterprise Steve Austin is no longer going to work again Terry Funk slightly successfully diagram today Rock there's three Hogan doubtlessly four I don't issue Dusty's wrestled again 5 Flair mentioned he's gonna honor it six Vince ain't having one more match successfully let's.

Snarl six aloof since you by no diagram know with Vince that's factual God bless Hawk seven uh animal doesn't work does he does animal work anymore possibly it's eight God bless Eddie nine uh no person knows the put Saturn is 10. Dean's retired corrupt neck 11. Chris 12. um.

Bam Bam 13 Benoit 14. Brock too bro successfully yeah what am I obsessed with Brock the put was I at 14 15. um Trish Trish 16. 16 [__] folks off that card from.

Eight years ago are no longer in the enterprise in in some admire or one more so it ain't gonna happen and half of this side is performed and Lita Devin storm no longer Devon storm remaining one oh land storm and 7 storms too but anyway yeah so the level is you.

Are conscious of it ain't gonna happen now and dream matches are few and far between I don't I don't imply to place harping on it and I make it more uncomplicated to uh dispute one thing but these matches aren't going to happen anymore and what dream match now’s there attainable in the enterprise that has no longer taken space that it that would possibly currently currently upright now.

Every person's met because they all work successfully now thank God for tea and you know right here's one issue I almost belief of no longer selecting Jeff Jarrett up the least bit on the roster because if he had persevered on he would no longer dangle stumbled on a TNA and upright now Vince would beget all of the [__].

Wrestling enterprise and then he'd and he'd already be down in Mexico [__] their enterprise up and over in Japan [__] oh I forgot he is but anyway um so I almost belief of asserting [__] no I'm no longer going to rep Jeff because then there'd be no TNA but in a fantasy world you know why no longer obvious but everybody's met everybody works for.

Largely the same person the folk that dangle the seniority for for dream matches dangle already both met and and then retired already there ain't no Andrea in Hulk Hogan anymore upright there's no WrestleMania three predominant match we created some there but that was the window they had and they blew it that's all I dangle to say.

About that that's all he's gonna dispute that's it that's all because I don't are making an try to acquire lengthy-winded or the relaxation I are making an try to thanks for the amount of work you build into this predominant are you kidding that's it it took me it took me a doubtlessly a immense complete of about four hours I venerable to place eight hours at to 10 hours.

Two day two days in a row into my Ohio Valley wrestling tv and that wasn't even on paperback I like it it's on wbki seven in [__] Louisville I love every minute of the four hours and uh I had a neutral appropriate time I haven't booked the relaxation in a whereas yeah I went to Booker's Anonymous it's a 12-step program you have to solution every.

Wrestling linked query with I don't give a [__] um 200 hours of Smoky Mountain TV and each condominium display for four years 300 weekly episodes of Ohio Valley wrestling at every condominium display for six years the WCW reserving committee for six months coping with herd two years on Vince's inventive personnel for fancy uh we're I went.

Up there I mentioned successfully Bruce Pritchard me and Bruce I mentioned what form we form come on over to the condominium we're gonna work I'll acquire to Bruce's condominium upright we spent all of the morning taking half in alongside with his canine we'd throw the stick the canine would flee acquire it come lend a hand then we went to the pizza space down the avenue from his condominium for [__] lunch then we come lend a hand and we.

Watched [__] Phil Donahue or Oprah Winfrey or some chess why are we no longer writing TVs successfully we are in a position to't form the relaxation till Vince tells us form it or we know he likes it Housewives we're factual wasting our time I mentioned why are we sitting at your [__] condominium successfully because the office would possibly also neutral name and it appears fancy we're working.

I mentioned successfully why can't we sit down at my [__] properties because because I'm I got seniority over you and I'm your boss and all upright so every single day I'd sit down at [__] Bruce's condominium and on Wednesday we would ride to Vince's condominium the put we'd sit down there at his his dining room desk and in actuality write the display and then the relaxation of the week we'd sit down over Bruce's.

Condo and then JJ quit and they build Bruce in the office right here's the deal I ride to Stanford I ride into an house in Stamford that they're renting for me till I’m in a position to rep a condominium upright it's in Stamford Bruce lives 30 miles out in Trumbull so every morning I exit 30 miles to.

Bruce's condominium sit down there play alongside with his canine like the pizza and [__] come lend a hand this goes on for three months successfully [__] it when I finally stumbled on a condominium I stumbled on a condominium upright out in Monroe Trumbull at you know I'm fancy 5 miles from Bruce upright I ride in three weeks later JJ quits and leaves they build Bruce in the office now.

Every morning
My WWF Wrestler says this plugin is terribly astronomical.

Visitor Booker #09 | Jim Cornette (Disc#1 and #2)

Visitor Booker #09 | Jim Cornette (Disc#1 and #2)