Backstage Update On Bryan Danielson’s In-Ring Future & Possible Retirement?

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On Saturday night’s episode of AEW Collision, Bryan Danielson cut a promo where he revealed that he was in the “last year” of his in-ring career.

During his promo, Danielson stated that he promised his six-year-old daughter that he’d finish his in-ring career within the next year because he made a promise to her that he’d be done wrestling when she turns seven years old.


According to a report from Sports Illustrated, Bryan Danielson does have plans on moving away from full-time wrestling at some point in the next year. With that being said, it was noted that he’d still be open to “special attraction” matches after that. As you’d expect, this would mean he’d wrestle on rare occasions for some of AEW’s bigger events.

It’s well known among everyone in the wrestling business that Danielson is a huge family man and they are his top priority. Additionally, Danielson isn’t one to say things he doesn’t mean or truly believe as it pertains to his family and career.

When asked during the post-All Out 2023 media scrum about possibly taking on a creative role in AEW, Danielson said,

“It’s hard, because I love [the creative] aspect of it so much, but I also love being with my family, and going to shows takes you away from your family… She says to me things like this: ‘Daddy, you’re gonna be done wrestling when I turn 7, right? You’re gonna be home every day when I turn 7.’ And that’s really hard to turn down, right? All of that to say, I’ve got a lot of thinking to do. That’s not a no, it’s a, ‘How do I make this work while still keeping the meaningful things in my life — the things that I find important — putting them as a top priority?’”

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