Virgil Profession Shoot Interview 2021

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Virgil Profession Shoot Interview 2021

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These pro wrestler are tremendous! Initiate here that is hannibal here from the and i am dwell with vulnerable wwe and wcw important person virgil who's also a vulnerable million-buck champion how are you doing tonight sir yeah the plan you doing man smartly i became obliging known as wwf it wasn't wwe it became wwf .

What's the distinction what's the distinction um capacity ok wwf had the general capacity on the earth wwe will get all flaky ok yeah wwf we came to promote our homes in all places we needed to switch to stadiums ok so why not moral .

Assemble you look it anymore because it's not the identical as you mentioned it's not the identical program i'll look it here and there you might perhaps well perhaps also yeah like um in the occasion that they gain got like uh you already know they bought smackdown on um friday moral and acquired uncooked on monday ok .

After which in most cases you already know if i ain't doing nothing on wednesday i look nxt and then i alter on over and i look um uh what's the identical with cohen cohen's co-became killed aew you've been on that haven't you didn't they outmoded you not too plan back .

Yeah i went down there that uh uh chris jericho bought me a shot down there so i went on down there how became which gain it became something varied man like they gain you look a bunch of the outdated canines from um wcw down there .

You appreciate man you look them all down there r anderson to you already know no topic demolenko ok you look them all down there and you look the fellows who were with the wwf then or down there .

How did you secure alongside with cody rhodes did you meet him as soon as you were there cody became always frigid i indicate like frigid guy i became always proper precise with dustin rhodes ok i became frigid with um dusty rose you made is it correct that your name virgil became given to you as a rib .

For dusty they they you that makes declare of the rib uh when i became like vince makes declare of a rib on me ok when i came to the wwf he known as me virgil ok that became a success on the american dream dusty rose am i moral ok .

After which when i went down the wcw they hit me with one more rib which became vincent which we vince mcmahon i don't care all they enact is obliging pay me yeah i i heard you were making like 150 expedient a year in wcw yeah which you might perhaps beat .

That moral it worked for 12. it went for 12 years and label and we didn't want to enact all we needed to enact became one tv tape in per week you indicate yeah it's not like you're on the road every damn day you already know can't beat that became that the very most sensible job you ever had in .

Wrestling that's moderately straightforward man that's moderately straightforward how did you secure into wrestling in the first declare it's at russell college hour i became a college wrestling ok and i didn't know nothing about modern what the guy who the truth is helped me out became tony atlas .

Tony considered me someplace like um i contain about it became like a bodybuilding competitors that's where tony ran i ran the brands of tony at i indicate and tony urged me like i will secure you the wwf i acknowledged smartly he acknowledged i will .

And um i acknowledged ok dart originate some money you indicate and then by shock tony gave a call to vince mcmahon and he invest took a see at me and um uh vince talked to me and they also flew me as a lot as .

Stanford connecticut you indicate and then he despatched me the general plan down to with jerry lawler in memphis tennessee in memphis and down there i became tagged with rocky johnson and down in memphis tennessee uh me and rocky johnson won the tag crew titles and then um .

Impulsively like about i became at about two months and vince shot me back up flew me back up from memphis tennessee the general technique to the guardia airport and limo took me from laguardia airport as a lot as stanford connecticut and when i went to the place of job a man became in there with blonde hair .

Named ted dibiase he acknowledged mike had a precise profession in pro wrestling i indicate college wrestling i acknowledged i contain about we're here for the identical component and then andre came out and pointed his head and pointed at me and acknowledged reach on in .

And we went to talk over with vince mcmahon and vince mcmahon acknowledged ted became 32 years 32 years outdated then and i became like uh 17 and he acknowledged i purchased a 17 year outdated child here a 32 year outdated man and he regarded at me and hit me moral my .

Chest and acknowledged don't [ __ ] my money up he put 132 million into us so as soon as you were in memphis did you might perhaps well perhaps even gain any warmth with jerry jarrett because i heard a rumor there became some friction with you and him jerry jarrett or jeff jarrett jerry jeff's father uh i haven't had no warmth with uh jerry .

Jarrett you indicate ok he did like faint covered although the warmth up uh um it became sid that urged me that so he might perhaps well were exaggerating yeah i i did i didn't know i had too critical warmth you indicate i didn't seem like i had none you indicate they secure they put the belts on me and .

And um rocky johnson you already know and then by shock i purchased a call it became my my mother bought a call from vince mcmahon and and they also acknowledged they wished me to reach as a lot as stanford connecticut how became rocky johnson to work with he .

Passed away unfortunately last year i indicate just like the rock became like rocky johnson became wonderful ineffective man you man bought greater and greater he wasn't ripped up like when he became entirely atlas you indicate and um he became entirely varied guy man .

Have been you uh unhappy as soon as you came upon he handed away um it became something man like man i became the truth is unhappy for the rock you indicate that this outdated man handed away and he he couldn't the truth is secure to look dwayne the truth is enact a component you man .

You were asserting that you obliging came upon as of late that unhealthy facts brown handed away which became the general plan back in 2007 were you shut with him no i i like i indicate baghdad became a pretty frigid guy you man and i didn't even know he handed away like i didn't know mr fuji handed away this guy moral here urged me but guys .

Have been gone i didn't know did mr fuji ever play any ribs on you smartly he tried to play ribs every any place you indicate but i became prepared for the general ribs you made yeah you bought to be prepared you indicate and i had the handiest of the handiest telling me what crimson hulk hogan you indicate so hogan hogan became chums with you oh .

Yeah yeah dreadful that became the truth is frigid with me what's he like delivery air of the ring frigid guy man proper frigid guy and i direct you bought to be chums with him since you uh were working with him so critical .

Yeah work me and ted worked with it became hogan savage hogan piper hogan piper and savage you indicate hobart hogan um austin piper you indicate it went like thru all of it you indicate .

Have been you upset as soon as you were employed by wwe that they obliging wished to originate you a manager before the entirety and a bodyguard i i didn't care i indicate i didn't know i didn't know nothing about the knowledgeable wrestling so why not be taught it ok and i had two of the handiest lecturers on the earth teaching me .

K it became tio santana a proper precise trainer and rick martell one of the precious handiest lecturers on the earth you indicate you are going to't dart that up how became the million buck man to work with we always hear that uh smartly he has a host of controversy about him so became he became he precise to you oh he's .

An actual guy man he's a groovy guy proper precise guy uh-huh he confirmed you i indicate he can repeat you as soon as you dart over a punch of you if a punch isn't laid in moral you might perhaps well perhaps also enact it enact it moral you indicate so that you are going to't beat that you .

Imply and i direct because they gave him the gimmick of the million buck man vince mcmahon handled you guys differently alongside with your slither you bought to slither first class we flew first class in all places in all places ok and we were we went on the first crew we went spherical .

The arena ok it wasn't obliging in the america we went across the arena and and wherever we were at that money we were throwing out became her money ok and we rocked and rolled it man what on sensible would you utilize like in .

A day like as soon as you're going for dinner did they pay to your dinners at cherish restaurants too yeah you expend the handiest restaurants handiest restaurants on the earth you ate at you ate anything else you wished to expend ok and then you definately might perhaps well purchase meals for diverse folks you already know what i'm talking about .

K in most cases ted pay for meals for like 15 or 20 varied guys that's moderately precise so that you will have to were smartly cherished for that yeah and and and then they indicate why they truthfully call them 1,000,000 buck man you already know what i'm talking about .

Yeah for sure now you always had a a lot bigger physique than the million buck man i direct you didn't practice with him i direct you in all likelihood went to the gym when he became aloof sound asleep i acknowledged jack man i i became outmoded to hitting the gym myself you might perhaps well perhaps also hit the gym in the morning early in the morning and in the gym leisurely at evening you .

Imply what became your well-liked match from that point length as soon as you were managing wouldn’t it were the summerslam at madison sq. backyard smartly it always bought to be the backyard man the backyard is the main component in all places you might perhaps well perhaps also you are going to rock the backyard you are going to rock .

Anyplace look what i'm talking about how became andre the gargantuan to work with oh wonderful wonderful man he he became a correct guy man and um and i'm sorry that they he handed away like it occurred you indicate like because andre became a youthful guy man .

He handed away like about 48 years outdated you indicate he wasn't a outdated canine or anything else like that you indicate did he ever capture you out drinking or anything else with him no i by no plan i by no plan drank but i i came to just a few bars where him and ted and the fellows were there and andre's be .

You appreciate had wonderful photography with jack daniels and like remy martin and stuff in there i be aware one time we we brought andre back he couldn't even switch out of a bar so i went bought about 25 guys and we carried andre and we put him on the cabin bought into the general vehicles and me brought .

Abet the resort and i purchased wonderful flasher lights and about 40 wonderful pillows and made a entire band for andre with three wonderful pillows and laid him i acknowledged let be sure that we lay andre on his abdomen in case he started puking he kicked all around the ground and wouldn't .

Safe strangled by his gain puke you already know what i'm talking about yeah that is possible to be a pretty wonderful mess coming from an gargantuan yeah and if even supposing it pukes on the ground ok it'll obliging slither on the ground but if it's on the back and he pukes ok he can choke off his gain puke .

Did he thanks for that when he aroused from sleep oh yeah andre's a proper precise guy man proper precise guy how became the final warrior unhurried the curtain jim hellwig man frigid guy frigid guy and then when i heard that he he handed away like in california .

His significant other and his dinky woman who ran across the road they rolled over to his automobile and then jim went across the road and when he bought midway across the road he obliging dropped ineffective in the center of the road i don't know what ended in him to gain a vital heart attack like that macho man's one more guy that uh had a .

Coronary heart attack something like that and he handed away how became your abilities with him oh randy randy savage is a groovy guy man precise guy precise guy man did you ever watch anything else like there's some rumors accessible that he became not treating elizabeth that wonderful did .

You ever watch anything else like that i i in actuality didn't watch it like you indicate i in actuality didn't know their private alternate ok but every time i considered like randy spherical elizabeth it became frigid you indicate it became no no .

No no kind of disrespect or anything else like that you indicate they were like obliging husband and significant other one more guy that you worked with became jake roberts who's an aew now how became he jake became laid back man moderately frigid you indicate he aloof became moderately over and folks would prefer them you indicate .

So what can you wha what can you converse you indicate um jake did a pretty precise job you indicate so evidently um aew i indicate became that uh became aew moral that's where jake is at yeah he's doing a pretty precise job down there they like him .

He's helping a host of men out down there working you man yeah and they also they’ll declare that indicate you how to man for sure they might perhaps aloof capture designate to them extra presumably yeah yeah reason jake man jake is aware of work he is aware of work man .

Used to be it uh were you contented after they urged you that they were gonna ruin you and ted up and originate you precise into a singles wrestler i don't know i indicate it became moderately frigid i indicate i cherished it like me and ted celebrate going across the arena man i indicate you're doing first class in all places you might perhaps well perhaps also .

Nonetheless some issues precise issues bought reach to the discontinue in most cases you indicate and you rock and roll in it you indicate did you ever date any female wrestlers over the years by no plan by no plan did by no plan by no plan .

Brother like me and capture to throw that money out and you’ve gotten got females waiting as soon as you wing to the airport ok be about 40 or 50 females sitting in the stands waiting for you reach on in you are going to't beat that you look females .

In all locations the keep you indicate and females be all varied suits and stuff you already know me and they also'd be waving to you and blowing delivery their legs exhibiting that panties exhibiting the brazilians name it you indicate so would which were the handiest time .

For you with the girls for your profession as soon as you had all them that became wonderful man that became wonderful one more wonderful time when i became out with wcw we did the general nwo component it became wonderful man became there any cities in explicit where there became extra girls than others how are you going to dart in the the massive apple metropolis the the massive apple metropolis is .

They bought what 28 million folks how are you going to dart in the the massive apple metropolis yeah i direct i've by no plan skilled uh all of that so precise for you marty janetti became telling me that you would hold spherical with him in most cases and you guys would capture up together oh yeah marty's a precise guy man he obliging like .

Infrequently he will get just like the truth is toasted and secure the truth is the truth is drunk and barely uh barely can switch spherical you man a fan on here that have to know the map did you map wrestling solo after breaking apart with 1,000,000 buck man and you hadn't been in the ring for thus a protracted time were you gratified being back in the ring .

Used to be that like being back in the ring when like you already know you you started managing w uh dibiase for just a few years yeah you weren't wrestling that critical and then after they broke you guys up you went back to changing precise into a pudgy-time wrestler yeah were you adore obliging moral back into your ingredient or did it yeah .

Honest moral moral on back in and like rock and roll man because i i omit like i had like dinky suits with like um tito santana rick martell i indicate they helped me out a lot man and no one can work like tito santana and no one can work like a rick martel .

K them guys were the truth is monsters of the midway you indicate yeah and they also helped me out a lot a lot and i aloof like them as of late when i look when i look tito or when i look rick he rips plan over montreal now you might perhaps well perhaps also .

Nonetheless i plod into tito here and there you man any individual's asking as soon as you might perhaps well perhaps even gain warmth with jeff jarrett they heard you had warmth with jeff jarrett not the truth is i indicate like jeff's plan down i don't know where jeff acknowledged now you indicate i direct he's aloof down in memphis tennessee moral .

Potentially nashville i contain about the truth is is he did he switch to nashville no i by no plan had no warmth with him man i heard he became released uh from wwe a whereas in the past he became a producer there became he yeah for a whereas they produced for this mcmahon for just a few years yeah did he did everybody shoot they permit them to dart huh .

Yeah they they they gave him a job after they put him in the corridor of popularity oh yeah uh smartly his father had a program down in um memphis tennessee didn't he uh jerry jarrett yeah he did for a the truth is long time yeah how .

Long became it aloof running when jeff came to wwf it became it became aloof running for a whereas after he came there became a working settlement for a whereas with jerry jarrett's company and the wwf yeah yeah they they took just a few of the fellows you made yeah it became like a model .

Yeah they might perhaps well were constructing down with uh jerry jarrett yeah and jeff might perhaps well were the main man down there moral for sure smartly jeff is obliging aloof residing down there i don't know exactly but i have interaction he must because that's where he has all of .

His contacts does jeff ever secure married i contain about he's with kurt perspective's significant other he took kurt perspective's significant other from kirk perspective yeah kurt kurt perspective outmoded to be married i'm talking to the kirk perspective from pennsylvania yeah jeff jarrett took his significant other secure the hell out of .

I'm here joking i'm not joking it's correct oh damn i'm bowled over kirk kirk didn't ruin his ass up man i’d pick to grab the legend unhurried that but it appears uh they were both in tna on the time and then jeff needed to switch away tna for a whereas whereas that died down .

Because kurt became bringing his significant other unhurried the curtain i direct and that's how her and jeff met no [ __ ] as soon as you indicate kirk i indicate kirk perspective's significant other is with jeff jarrett yeah secure the hell out of here yeah it's correct i don't i don't comprehend it but it .

Took declare you indicate kirk kirk kirk perspective will not be married to his significant other no extra no not that he is possible to be remarried now uh-huh this became about 5 – 6 years in the past i contain about as a minimal so he he presumably divorced that significant other moral there yeah yeah jeff married her jeff married her after christ .

Fair precise married to kirk perspective's ex-significant other yeah so kirk perspective bought remarried again you guys so but jeff became wit uh kurt became aloof with that woman on the time that jeff when jeff when jeff tried to enact the cherish the fancio huh yeah i i don't know i’d pick to grab the legend unhurried that uh .

Howdy jeff jerry's glad cook dinner didn't put a foot in his ass you indicate yeah i don't be mindful you will have to [ __ ] with like uh kirk perspective ok no kirk perspective bro broke jeff jarrett's ass up 1,000,000 events man .

Yeah oh 100 yeah i've by no plan heard that jeff jarrett became a shooter no uh-uh he couldn't he couldn't shoot with kirk perspective no kirk bought he bought he bought gold in the olympics yeah i indicate in wrestling you indicate yeah .

Did you ever look any unhurried the curtain fights over the years with wrestlers not the truth is man like just like the fellows reach back and they also they they you already know talking and doing the issues and shaking hands and the entirety's frigid you indicate there's that's the group we’re with you man .

Each person became frigid with everybody you had just a few suits with uh raven when he became aloof wrestling as johnny polo how did you adore working with him oh wait a precise precise dinky worker man yeah he's a precise worker what about the repo man .

Oh repo became always moderately precise man repo and repo the two minnesota boys tied back up again you indicate it became repo and um his partner became like uh i'm in pittsburgh and he he became down by the union town ok that became repo man's partner you .

Imply yeah and i contain about a repo repo man is up in um aloof up in minneapolis and his partner is like down like in atlanta georgia oh yeah bill edie yeah bill eady moral bill he's down atlanta georgia man but many of the fellows like you smear the outdated .

Wwf or wcw originate originate their dwelling in atlanta georgia where enact you reside now i dwell in pittsburgh pa man ok uh-huh identical town as kurt perspective i direct oh i direct yeah so identical identical town yeah pittsburgh pa yeah are you married or anything else no i by no plan .

Bought married man by no plan bought married is it correct you were a math trainer at one point yes i taught i taught i taught math on the identical college i i graduated from i graduated from central catholic catholic college but i became in catholic .

You indicate and i i graduated valedictorian wow yeah smartly i inform my ass off you indicate so that you bought your college stage sooner than you went into pro wrestling yeah mm-hmm did any individual ever stare you any of the .

College students as soon as you were back as a trainer afterwards oh yeah they yeah they call you by you call you about virgil you man my name is michael jones ok they acknowledged mr virgil mr virgil that's michael jones you indicate yeah ok .

Did they ship you to condominium the unhealthy formative years since you were uh had all of your boxing and wrestling capacity at any time when there became concerns like unhealthy formative years didn't want to debris spherical up in in a catholic college since you mess spherical ok they'll obliging gain you you already know what i'm talking about .

Yeah yeah they'll give you a correct five like a ten thousand buck dazzling we're gonna enact that correct since you already know uh when i became in college when when i became teaching there it became 20 000 to switch there a year .

2 000 to your books when i went to highschool here it became most involving 10 000 a year 2 000 to your books what number of formative years want to debris up 20 000 and then they might perhaps well kick you out and by no plan want to raise you back to highschool there so it became a private college there's a .

Non-public college yes cat all catholic college uh ok yeah now you worked with the mountie how became he in the ring he's a pretty frigid guy you indicate he's a host of work i indicate the mount he became like that became up in like uh his father had a .

Total territory up like um and uh obliging a dinky bit uh west of uh toronto moral moral in quebec yeah and they also they originate some moderately precise .

Workers but like rick martell's off that plan yeah uh-huh what became it like wrestling massive gonzalez uh just a few of them guys man like they're characters man what can you converse .

Would he were uh one of the precious stiffest guys you wrestled uh you are going to love brother you uh work be spherical andre the gargantuan you are going to look andres touches like .

He touches you it's like a leaf that's how precise he is ok so that you look a man like massive gonzales ok he wasn't greater than andre the gargantuan but andre's contact became about 15 events softer than .

Huge gonzalez now you furthermore mght wrestled the original doink the clown matt bourne how became he he became the handiest doink i contain about yeah i contain about i contain about matt became the handiest doing they’d doinks going all going all over you indicate be aware um uh that one guy that one child who became one of .

The managers like uh he became a doink yeah became that brooklyn brawler yeah brooklyn brawler he became a joint moral is it correct that the brooklyn brawler had a relationship with pat patterson on the facet bought me i don't even know man yeah i will't i ain't gonna .

Articulate something i don't know you indicate i don't even know you always hear about uh the brooklyn brawler and jim powers too i heard about it but i've by no plan considered it ok ok you are going to look them maybe be spherical each varied ok but i don't know what's going down you indicate yeah and i in actuality didn't give a damn you indicate .

No is that their that's their alternate not mine she did gain a job for a the truth is very long time the brooklyn brawler yes yes indeed it did and they also bought he bought paid for didn't it yeah so what can you converse .

Yeah money's money moral yeah and he presumably didn't gain the arithmetic stage to fall back on moral so that you obliging roll with it moral yeah i contain about he's aloof like i presumably he presumably might perhaps well secure a dinky wrestling college or something like that yeah where is he out of .

Mediate he's out of michigan uh but they in the slay bought rid of him because it appears he became leaking facts to the grime sheets in accordance with the experiences no [ __ ] yeah what extra or less grime sheets would unlock i direct meltzer in them that's what that's what the experiences were why he became .

Released as an agent yeah yeah because he became working unhurried the curtain so he knew some facts i direct and you will have to grab a lot facts ok yeah ok vince ain't going to shoot you off like that you indicate no except you secure some precise proof you already know man .

Yeah obliging to bawl them off or who i don't know who the one which in the slay did it but he had a job for i contain about over 20 years sooner than that occurred [ __ ] you are going to't beat that he had he had the job and roll with it didn't he yeah man became your greatest payday wrestlemania eight .

Used to be that one man that went at it uh no i contain about that might perhaps were wrestlemania seven yeah wrestlemania seven yeah smartly i’d dart play yeah yeah wrestlemania eight i contain about you were in the four-man tag crew oh me with me .

Brett bulldog and um me brett bulldog and piper something like that yeah oh yeah that's a correct payday you already know me because bret bret brett can work his ass off davey boy can work his ass off and piper can work his ass off but piper making .

To earn you bought to preserve up your chortle interior your abdomen you man yeah my brother originate you scurry chortle and write moral on national television that's correct i contain about that became survivor sequence the truth is smartly maybe bretton piper yeah bulldog yeah now i knew that became .

Used to be that survivor sequence that's what any individual's asserting yeah yeah because the truth is we most involving gain four pay-per-views yeah back in those days yeah russell that's all you wish how are you going to secure over with 12 pay-per-views it's too critical yeah hiya see .

It takes some guys five years to secure over not obliging a month ok did you hear about all this controversy with ric aptitude not too long in the past not the truth is i some some some one one of the precious fellows over here became telling me about that that .

Movement with flare you indicate i acknowledged whoa i acknowledged aptitude might perhaps well aloof work his ass off you already know man i indicate like what what what did what enact i indicate he's aloof like a working [ __ ] you indicate and he's aloof one of the precious handiest workers out .

Yeah it appears he uh became bare and i direct he became twirling his dick spherical like a helicopter for some flight attendants like a helicopter that's what he acknowledged no [ __ ] yeah man plan back law enforcement officials there ok like no law enforcement officials here ok .

Does any of them girls bought no proof of it i don't be mindful they gain proof it became settled it appears this occurred like 20 years in the past and they also're most involving popping out about it now they're popping out about that [ __ ] now yeah this occurred in 2002 man why are you bringing some outdated [ __ ] out .

That don't indicate nothing moral now and you strive to debris any individual up you man yeah because rick rick's frigid guy man you man so why strive to debris a man up for it i indicate he ain't messing them up .

Who is the craziest wrestler that you noticed like in the bars i do know you acknowledged you didn't drink but uh there were some moderately wild guys in those days yeah there became a host of untamed guys man and a host of untamed guys are aloof residing you indicate definitely so as soon as you left wwe you went to wcw .

Quite rapidly after who recruited you into wcw no it bought me in there hulk hogan oh the truth is wow bought me in the it bought me in the wcw yep and we roll from there bro you indicate .

And that i did the entirety that they want to be achieved like teddy most involving stayed like a year and they also split you indicate yeah i heard you were very legit i heard eric bischoff converse that if any individual didn't indicate up like a marcus bagwell who's unreliable they might perhaps well call you on the last minute and i'll reach on you .

Honest you bought to be legit you bought to be legit and know what to enact ok and i became very legit i i purchased that in most cases from the wwf you indicate yeah i made sure a host of men bought back to their rooms ok .

Piper became a proper precise obliging friend of mine be sure that he bought back he is possible to be in a bar blast it ok i be sure that he bought back to the goddamn resort ok rick ugly became a precise obliging friend of mine i made sure he bought back to the resort ok might perhaps well you repeat us any tales about rick ugly um .

Love rick became always a groovy guy man and that's essentially the most involving legend i will the truth is repeat you me because like i in actuality like his private alternate you indicate to me he became always a groovy guy gain you heard the the rumors about his death no i didn't ok .

There's this there's a ordinary legend going spherical but as soon as you haven't heard it i won't elevate it up rick became always frigid with me man you indicate now the component i be aware of you most from wcw became the west texas rednecks oh yeah that .

Used to be so [ __ ] funny man yeah uh were kirk kane up there with kirk yeah that became that became wonderful how how funny became that [ __ ] man and um who else is down there like um i contain about we're two brothers were there like um .

Yeah they were both brothers yeah or they both aloof both are aloof residing moral yeah i contain about so i do know the father died but yeah but i contain about one one wisdom one windham is he aloof works unhurried the curtain for the um uh aew .

Uh i yeah i contain about uh gary's outdated partner mike rotundo outmoded to work unhurried the curtain yeah but i contain about barry one of them works unhurried the curtain moral yeah barry windham the last time i noticed me gained a host of weight million buck man's gained a host of weight too oh yeah man i indicate .

Must you don't hold your self up you indicate that weight comes on you adore a mother you indicate yeah now kurt henning mr supreme uh working with him with the west texas rednecks became that fun oh that's fun man yeah kirk became always a precise guy man kurt henning became always a correct guy did you secure to in actuality teach in those uh .

Songs oh yeah i obliging had fun singing and our voices felt like ineffective males strolling you indicate yeah tainted voices you indicate but it became funny so [ __ ] gain a bunch of laughs moral enact you specialize in that they’re going to need to gain .

Pushed that more sturdy because it look i heard that they they wished the masterpiece group to in actuality be the dinky one faces in opposition to the west texas crimson decks but you guys bought over because the faces yeah and they also were booing the rappers and then wcw obliging threw the perspective away yeah they obliging threw it away but they .

They didn't care about the rappers because we were getting over because we were obliging sitting outdated college you indicate and it bought over i heard just a few of those uh those rapper guys were making like 400 000 a year .

Oh yeah they didn't want to reach in making no money in wrestling ok so that they they did what all rappers enact that they originate originate money they converse omit that and they also that's why the the the .

West texas rednecks and the general stuff went below you indicate that [ __ ] shot down gone you indicate yeah ain't making no money so a host of men they all split they all left you were part of the nwo as smartly that will need to were moderately precise for you oh .

That's fun man they aloof be aware you as of late they aloof be aware like it became the day old to this what became your well-liked part about being with the nwo smartly it became like wonderful wonderful working guys with like kevin nash one more wonderful working guy scott corridor .

Positive working guy became ted dibiase when he became there and one more wonderful guy ok wonderful working guy is x-pac you indicate parker's a proper precise guy man yeah he's uh he's underrated yeah he's a proper precise guy man now i've heard you converse it's not the truth is .

You that runs your twitter it's your agent because in most cases he will get you some warmth on there doesn't he oh yeah he he that's that's the identical my age is paige megan and um but he's aloof paige is a proper precise guy man and um .

He obliging supplies me a dinky warmth to fire it up you man how did you secure alongside with booker t oh booker's a precise guy man but uh me and stevie became like like move closer stevie ray because we were the truth is shut because we were like uh .

We were like both doing the identical component you might perhaps well perhaps also yeah we're beginning moral in the nwo you might perhaps well perhaps also yeah now enact you be aware the match where uh it became hercules getting his freedom on saturday evening main match that you were .

A part of uh where her heart became in it yeah that became um uh paul romwe's partner moral yes yeah yeah younger too huh he died very younger too yeah .

I indicate i'm talking about um uh hercules yeah i indicate like you by no plan considered a man gone like that you indicate and i i contain about that the truth is affected um paul roma you indicate .

I indicate like guys losing like like that you might perhaps well perhaps also and like both of them guys were precise guys man paul roman's wonderful guy hercules is a correct guy any individual's commenting on here that i direct bobby duncan jr did dart away bobby jr yeah one of the precious west texas one of the precious west texas rednecks guys .

Oh yeah i indicate that's um is that became that his brother that became not one of the precious brothers that became like uh i direct one of kurt's guys yeah what texas rednecks moral yeah he handed away then huh yeah and .

Yeah bobby duncan became in there with us became like four or five of us in there i contain about there became five because bobby duncan is the one which died then there became kendall and barry windham kurt henry you both females boys moral yeah ok and then who became the assorted child that handed away bobby duncan bobby duncan moral he .

Passed away and then kirk king handed away yeah kurt henning sadly handed away yeah oh kurt kurt became one of my running partners man were you disturbed as soon as you heard he died oh yeah man brother ran me up a tree man you indicate and you look all of your chums which might perhaps well be .

Fair precise losing like mattress bugs you indicate i indicate it knocks you out you man did you ever secure to satisfy dennis rodman when he became in wcw yeah dennis and and and and and and the mailman known as him alone after all and i be aware i be aware telling .

Plenty of the fellows i acknowledged the mailman is a [ __ ] athlete ok rotman is an athlete ok when them guys came into wrestling they ran like athletes am i moral yeah and they also work like athletes oh yeah .

They were precise they were very precise i want to pronounce for the diminutive practising huh for not having critical practising they were moderately precise and they also reach precise into a wrestling they were they were important person basketball avid gamers they rock wrestling can't beat that can you no .

What did you contain your uh theme music in wwe yeah i believed i believed it became ok it became funny you indicate yeah and ruin it whereas we open laughing you indicate yeah but .

Song's music and you gotta rock with what no topic it’s you indicate yeah what extra or less music enact you adore in proper life um i indicate i like rock ok and then you definately adore of the cirrus music too yummy what became your workout routine like .

Abet for your high years oh i could perhaps also aloof dart hit the gym about six in the morning for about an hour and a half and i could perhaps also aloof hit it leisurely at evening about 9 30 at evening you already know for about an hour and a half did you enact anything else explicit for abs you always had the truth is precise abs oh i did sit .

Americawhen you return you wake up in the morning you hit about 150 sit-americabefore you dart to mattress you hit 200. ok yeah and then you definately might perhaps reach with um you might perhaps well perhaps even gain a dumbbell and your chest maybe like a hundred pound dumbbell and doing sit-americawith it ok now you had very precise footwork uh where did you be taught your boxing talents huh you .

Learned like um both my brothers were navy seals ok that's why i learned a host of that and and one of my precise chums became a vital boxer you indicate were you a boxing fan too um i i pick to switch i like what look boxing you indicate and um .

It obliging stop with me you man now you wrestled nails as smartly how became he in the ring to me nails wasn't a unhealthy guy you indicate i couldn't look what folks were like they truthfully stopped on and you indicate like he became the everyday guy like everybody else were you there that day that he attacked .

Vince mcmahon no i don't be mindful i became there that day but i heard it i heard it the general boys repeat you you already know yeah how became the berserker to struggle berserker yeah he wasn't too unhealthy you man .

Yeah wonderful tricky tricky guy as smartly um what are your thoughts on the passing of kamala he had a correct uh struggle with diabetes sooner than he handed away oh man like kamala man like um he like did he lose one leg or something like that he misplaced both his .

Legs the truth is both legs moral yeah and um it's extra or less laborious man as soon as you lose both your legs and then you definately proceed to gotta strive to secure across the plan you gonna secure spherical on the wheelchair the general time he became in a wheelchair yeah ok and then kamala like he became outmoded to strolling .

On his legs ok so like kamala presumably the truth is pissed him off where he's in a wheelchair the general time ok kamala like he he acknowledged he'd presumably be greater off going six feet below am i moral smartly that's what occurred sadly and they also they by no plan put him in the corridor of popularity and he the truth is wished to be in the corridor .

Of popularity yeah but like i indicate like they don't put everybody in the corridor of popularity you indicate yeah he i direct they after they bought time and they also want to place any individual in there they’ll put any individual in there did they put million buck man in there .

But i don't even know he he already been in all moral yeah they’ll need to gain put you guys in together yeah but but you already know the map that goes you indicate yeah it's political yeah smartly god what guys secure put in what guys don't secure put in ok yeah uh-huh any individual on here needs to grab as soon as you .

Have any tales about the final warrior smartly my warrior became a all moral guy man i indicate he busted his ass i indicate he banged that iron ok and he always came on time to the general suits ok so final warrior wasn't a unhealthy guy you .

Imply a host of men which might perhaps well be in opposition to final warrior because they became too stiff ok but the main component is he's aloof racking you in that ring you made .

And as soon as you’re employed with him folks want to look what you are going to enact in opposition to him yeah yeah did you ever the truth is gain a match with him uh we did we did something with warrior sooner than like but it became proper immediate you man yeah i contain about man tells me something became anxious sooner than i will't it became proper immediate .

I indicate that's essentially the most involving component and irascible yeah did you ever work with chris benoit benoit um benoit i don't be mindful i by no plan did nothing with chris sooner than man .

Now i heard what what occurred at his dwelling you indicate like holy [ __ ] you indicate yeah it's moderately unhealthy yeah how's your head from concussions they tried to blame that on concussions but you don't look everybody with concussions going spherical killing their households yeah i do know moral but i've by no plan had like i direct like my .

Head like knocked in the head in most cases like but i don't be mindful i in actuality had a proper unhealthy concussion like that and i by no plan had nothing that that uncommon uncommon where i put a concussion on hurting just a few of my family moral enact you might perhaps well perhaps even gain any tales about the iron .

Stylish no i gain none about the iron sheet because i i wasn't across the iron bought myself so i don't know you indicate that like you guys asked guys that we were rolling across the iron cheek the general time .

I became by no plan spherical like that you indicate presumably greater to your health to not be spherical him yeah i indicate we had those issues in smartly-liked ok i'm not a drinkaholic ok i'm not a pillowaholic so i wouldn't be spherical with something like that you indicate i became across the arena .

Taking pills i became spherical drinking like a like a like a like a mule moral uh-huh how did you secure alongside with cocoa beware coco became already excessive man he became laid back and he's all moral some folks converse he has a dinky little bit of an perspective smartly smartly we .

I indicate like as soon as you're as soon as you're immediate and and seem like everybody else is outweighing you um it supplies you some it's like about perspective you indicate it pisses you off a dinky a dinky bit .

You might perhaps well also yeah you've bought to capture it in rush and excel with something else you indicate that's all now as soon as you went back to the wwe in 2010 how did that entire trouble reach about it came out like uh uh i did something with ted's son there you might perhaps well perhaps also .

And that's what vince wished to enact you indicate and uh it most involving lasted about maybe a year you indicate yeah ted's son didn't the truth is gain very critical success they tried to push him but it wasn't his son wasn't just like the daddy you indicate yeah .

Teddy jr wasn't like ted senior ok ted might perhaps well work his ass off ok ted senior i'm talking about moral and he can support everybody else too you might perhaps well perhaps also but ted jr is obliging discovering out ok he's not just like the father ok the father been in territories all around the united .

States ok what are your thoughts on steroids a host of wrestlers outmoded steroids back in the 80s and 90s i indicate the handiest component i learned on steroids i learned from outdated man i by no plan took no roids man by no plan and i could perhaps well aloof switch that iron you .

Imply you you bought to expend properly capture your vitamins properly and and rock and roll man you don't want a explain that dwell you indicate by taking all that stuff it’ll obliging abolish your physique what became your weight reduction map like .

Um largely i um had varied protein drinks ok i outmoded to capture a see at to expend one pork like a correct like steak in the evening um i had like wonderful bowls of like cereal and milk and then i had like .

A correct wonderful steak for lunch you indicate did you did you capture protein supplements as smartly or obliging drink milk uh i drink protein like a correct protein a protein drink you indicate moral yeah i obliging capture it on each day basis and i aloof enact it did you enact cardio too huh did you enact a host of cardio oh yeah .

You secure on a bike and begin utilizing utilizing up and down wonderful ass hills pennsylvania bought heaps of of wonderful outdated hills you already know man yeah yeah you secure you secure your legs in form secure your back in form your arms in form and your ankles in form you indicate yeah any tales about haku everybody says .

He's the toughest wrestler ever i do know you wrestled with a pretty moderately tempo or ombre man down down in florida man yeah but he most involving bought tricky one i indicate as soon as you mess with him it will get tricky to your ass you man but in most cases he's a .

Quite laid back guy yeah i direct you weren't there that evening that he supposedly bit any individual's nose off no i by no plan heard that who’s aware of he equipped off bite off uh i contain about it became any individual in a bar oh smartly they might perhaps aloof've been [ __ ] with him .

Honest they pick to debris with everybody outmoded to make your mind up to call him uh racist names did you abilities any racism not the truth is you indicate not the truth is i by no plan the truth is skilled no racism at all ever to me everybody became by the identical identical joe blue guy what became the time desk like in wwe .

Um we were on the road like 21 straight days off five back out 21. did they provide you with with that point desk months upfront so which you might perhaps map out oh yeah you you they we had we ran three crews one went across the arena one went across the america and one across the america and canada .

Yeah everybody hated canada moral for the explanation that payoffs were lower oh yeah i indicate just like the canadian buck became plan lower than the usa but vince mcmahon became moderately frigid he paid you in americaoh that's moderately damn precise yeah moderately damn precise moral and as soon as you as soon as you're over in europe .

K you receives a commission in the kilos can't beat that no the americadollar the kilos the americadollar became uh the pound became two to 1 to the americadollar so that you as soon as you made as soon as you made a thousand .

In in london yeah like two thousand but as soon as you’re employed in eire it's like not two thousand is twenty 300 how became goldberg to work with bill's a precise guy man .

Is there any individual in as of late's wrestling that you would pick to be a bodyguard for oh man i i wouldn't i’d be a bodyguard for like um mountain wrestler i pick to be a bodyguard for like uh .

My man donald trump oh i didn't know you were a donald trump supporter oh yeah man don became always frigid man we were always frigid moral because which you might perhaps gain met him on the wrestlemanias i had wrestlemania 4 and 5 at .

The taj mahal yeah he became always frigid with me yeah always frigid did you might perhaps well perhaps even gain a well-liked wrestlemania i contain about my first wrestler made his prefer notorious i indicate first one wrestlemania four it's the trump plaza atlantic metropolis .

How's your physique retaining up for the time being oh ok man i come up i secure i'm not every morning man if i will mattress i'll enact like about uh 110 sit-americayou indicate enact you proceed to capture wrestling bookings huh i capture largely i capture like every varied .

Signings not getting back in the ring no extra omit that no secure that [ __ ] man i am going dart and ruin my leg and ruin my ankle ruin my knee you might perhaps well perhaps also ain't no fools i'll dart enact enact varied signings in varied locations you indicate yeah .

Why don't you dart there ruin your ankle ruin your ruin your wrists ruin your leg you indicate ok you're you're increasing older now you're gonna heal up sooner i don't blame you is there some legend about you and tatanka there's a fan asking i don't pick to talk on myself .

Who's the talkative the truth is precise guys man he's always a precise guy you indicate yeah so there became no self-discipline with him and you ever no map shut the controversy became always a groovy guy man any individual's asking your thoughts on the election on the election yeah the presidential .

Election yeah i i indicate like biden one ok but i contain about i contain about trump took him dude lemon trump took him to the limit man yeah you were shut yeah trump didn't mess spherical you indicate .

Nonetheless trump trump is aware of he know what he's doing what became the undertaker like unhurried the curtain smartly taker became always a correct guy man he's always a groovy guy always always why why enact you specialize in he stayed see you later because he drew money he drew money .

Yeah ok did you might perhaps well perhaps even gain a well-liked opponent wouldn’t it were martell or santana who um both of them can work their ass off they both can work like they’ll work like magic males you indicate yes martel and tito santana .

They are the both of the handiest enact you might perhaps well perhaps even gain any guidelines accessible for wrestlers that might perhaps well be looking out at about be effective in deliver so that you is known as a precise wrestler dart to a precise trainer a precise trainer any individual like rick martell and one more trainer is like tito santana .

And they’ll indicate you how to out the handiest would you ever uh be a guest trainer or anything else for wwe in the occasion that they wished you a guest trainer vince de la media gain nothing as company ok he has smartly-liked trainers that's what he has how did you secure the uh soul practice name who converse jones yeah jerry lawler came up .

With that name ok yeah that became jerry lawler's name what's your well-liked name of the general names you had curly bill and all these i contain about i contain about the favourite name became virgil vince bought the name over yeah that name bought over they they comprehend it they comprehend it like it's like second component they converse second .

Day nature moral bear you already know chris canyon at all in wcw chris canyon yeah a lot no they obliging did a correct documentary on him he became mortis or something as smartly uh i didn't know him that smartly man ok .

And likewise you already know and you already know who else he doesn't know that smartly he doesn't know you hannibal when i urged him we were doing the interview with he acknowledged who's that i acknowledged you already know what contrary to upright belief he's not too unhealthy of a man and you already know what i feel sorry about asserting that precise now now i'm speechless oh you will have to be and you .

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