Vickie Guerrero Claims WWE Is Blocking Talent From Her Podcast Due To AEW Dark Appearance

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Vickie Guerrero Claims WWE Is Blocking Talent From Her Podcast Due To AEW Dark Appearance


Vickie Guerrero says WWE didn’t like her appearance on AEW Dark last year, because they are no longer letting WWE contracted talent on her podcast.

Vickie explained on a recent episode that she asked WWE to interview talent but they won’t return her calls after learning she had appeared on AEW Dark.

“I have the podcast and I had asked to interview some Superstars for [the show], and they found out I went to AEW and they don’t even talk to me. Between me and you [her guest, David Benoit], they didn’t call me for two years.

I haven’t heard from them—what did they expect me to do? Just to sit here and wait for them to call so I could do some work? I love wrestling. I love to work in the ring. And if someone is giving me an opportunity to go and show up and have some fun, then I should be able to because I’m not obligated to anybody.”

Vickie went on to note that her appearance looks to have pissed her former employer off, but she thinks there’s enough talent and enough jobs to go around where talent should be able to do what they want.

“When someone told me I couldn’t interview the [WWE] Superstars because I went to AEW, I was just like, ‘Wow, They’re gonna be like that.”

Vickie Guerrero was the special guest on the December 11 edition of AEW Dark in Garland, Texas. Vickie last worked full-time for WWE in 2014. She has made a few other cameos since then—one in 2016 and two more in 2018 as a surprise entrant in the Women’s Royal Rumble match and on SmackDown 1000.

The full podcast can be heard at this link.

Vickie Guerrero also spoke to Wrestlezone’s Kevin Kellam last year about what’s missing from WWE TV now, becoming comfortable as a villain on-air, a potential Hall Of Fame induction one day and much more.

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