Kevin Nash Partnering With No Borders Naturals CBD Oil Line As Global Brand Ambassador

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Kevin Nash Partnering With No Borders Naturals CBD Oil Line As Global Brand Ambassador

Kevin Nash has joined No Borders Naturals as a Global Brand Ambassador and Company Spokesperson to help spread awareness about the benefits that hemp cannabidiol (CBD) provides for athletes and active consumers.

No Borders Naturals is a subsidiary of No Borders Inc., a purveyor of Hemp-Derived CBD health and wellness products for active consumers and their pets that is headquartered in Arizona.

“Kevin is exactly the type of person that we are looking to partner with on our No Borders Naturals journey,” said No Borders Naturals CEO Joseph Snyder. “He not only has the values and family-centric ideals that we hold dear but he has spent a vibrant life taking (quite literally) a beating and coming out on top smiling!”

“After 32 surgeries, I know a lot about pain and rehab. I literally vomit 15 minutes after putting an opioid in my body; it makes me sick and I had tried half a dozen CBD brands with no real result before I was introduced to No Borders Naturals,” said Kevin Nash. “What really mattered was that I feel better when I take the liquid CBD sublingual under my tongue, apply the muscle and joint balm to myself before my workouts… I can feel a huge difference after my workouts in all my joints applying the Muscle Recovery Roll On. These products work!”

Nash added:

“Because my wife, my mother in law and myself were all using the muscle and joint balms, we went through that the quickest so we went on the site, threw down my credit card and ordered a bunch more of the muscle balm. I only put my name on products that I actually use/believe in and I am proud to join the No Borders Naturals family to share these great products with all of my friends and fans around the world who also suffer from pain. Make sure to use coupon code KevinNash to save 10% off your order.”

No Borders, Inc.’s mission in 2020 is to “Make a lot of money, help a lot of people and have a lot of fun!” The Company believes its CBD LabChain Certified wellness products provide a path to wellness for all Americans including those impacted by the opioid epidemic plaguing our great nation.

“Many people are afraid of failing a drug test and even losing their job if they take a CBD product with too much THC,” said No Borders, Inc. CEO Joseph Snyder. “We hope that sharing our message of transparency, security and quality through amazing people such as Kevin will help us share the benefits of Hemp CBD with millions of people in 2020.”

Nash will be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame for the second time in 2020 as a member of the New World Order alongside Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman.

For more information about No Borders, visit the Company’s website at

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