Unseen Sting Footage Headed To WWE Network Next Week

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Unseen Sting Footage Headed To WWE Network Next Week

WWE Network News first spotted that WWE Network will be putting up an interesting special a week from this Sunday. In place of the next chapter of Undertaker’s Last Ride documentary, we’ll get “Sting: The Lost Tape.” Turning back the clock 25 years, the special follows Sting backstage at Slamboree 1995, documenting his preparations and interviews for a match against Big Bubba Rogers.

While a new documentary with interesting footage hitting WWE Network isn’t the biggest nose, this particular subject matter is most intriguing. According to all reliable sources, Sting is not currently under a WWE Legends contract, and he’s already made several motions towards AEW on social media. As you’d expect, this has stoked the rumor mill and sent fans speculating on how the company could utilize the WCW Icon in the same way they take advantage of Arn Anderson, Jake “The Snake,” and DDP.

Could this mean that Sting is actually still on good terms with the team at Stamford? Or is WWE wisely taking advantage of the buzz surrounding the legend to promote their streaming service? Either way, wrestling historians get a treat out of it, so I’m not complaining.

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