Understanding Maven’s Rules for Using Weapons

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During his latest YouTube video, former WWE Superstar Maven discussed whether he was ever allowed to use props or weapons without prior approval. He said,

“You’re not going to just grab a trash can lid, grab a chair, grab something without having it pre-approved by your agent. We’re also out there in the spur of the moment and we’re reacting. For every action, Newton says, there is a reaction and sometimes that reaction includes props.

“Here’s an example. When I first started my career, I was at HWA, the developmental for WWE, Heartland Wrestling Association, and I was wrestling a guy named Justin Credible. Our match spilled to the outside and while we were wrestling along the ring apron, Justin reached up and grabbed and hit me with a water bottle. Water went everywhere!

“Obviously, we had no clue we were gonna get down to the floor and get this water bottle, but did we get in trouble for it backstage? Absolutely not. That doesn’t mean you’re going to just take it upon yourself to open up and pull out trash can lids or anything like that. Never going to happen. We definitely want to get approval on props, but we don’t want to not do something that comes to us if it’s going to make the match better.”

Maven had to use plenty of props and weapons during his time as Hardcore Champion. He held the title three times with his first win coming against The Undertaker.

Former WWE Superstar Maven recently discussed the use of props and weapons in professional wrestling during one of his YouTube videos. Maven shed light on the process of obtaining approval for using such items in matches and shared a personal experience to illustrate his point.

According to Maven, wrestlers are not allowed to use props or weapons without prior approval from their agents. They cannot simply grab a trash can lid or a chair during a match without getting the go-ahead from the appropriate authorities. This is because professional wrestling matches often involve spontaneous reactions, and using props without approval could lead to unforeseen consequences.

Maven recalled an incident from the early days of his career when he was wrestling against Justin Credible in the Heartland Wrestling Association (HWA), WWE’s developmental territory at the time. During their match, they found themselves outside the ring, and Justin Credible grabbed a water bottle and hit Maven with it, causing water to splash everywhere. Maven emphasized that they had no prior knowledge of this happening but did not face any repercussions backstage.

However, Maven clarified that this incident does not mean wrestlers can freely use props or weapons without approval. He stressed the importance of seeking permission for such actions to ensure safety and maintain the integrity of the match. While wrestlers want to enhance the quality of their performances, they must adhere to the guidelines set by their agents and the promotion.

Maven’s discussion on the use of props and weapons is particularly relevant considering his own history as Hardcore Champion. Maven held the title three times, with his first victory coming against none other than The Undertaker. As a Hardcore Champion, Maven was involved in matches that often incorporated various props and weapons, making it crucial for him to follow the proper protocols.

In conclusion, Maven’s insights shed light on the behind-the-scenes process of using props and weapons in professional wrestling. While spontaneity and improvisation play a significant role in matches, wrestlers must obtain approval from their agents before incorporating such elements. This ensures the safety of the performers and maintains the integrity of the match. Maven’s personal experience as a Hardcore Champion further emphasizes the importance of following these guidelines while still delivering an entertaining performance for the audience.