GUNTHER Remains Confident Ahead of His Upcoming Title Match Against Jey Uso

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In a “WWE RAW Digital Exclusive,” GUNTHER addressed Imperium’s loss to Jey Uso and The New Day and looked ahead to his upcoming title match against Uso. He said,

“I think objectively, we have to have to look at the rivalry with the New Day. I think this whole thing’s a marathon, not a sprint. But honestly, the New Day and Jey Uso are both two of the most successful tag team wrestlers in the history of this company, and we lost to the better team today. That’s fine.

“Next week, Jey Uso’s challenging me for the Intercontinental Heavy Championship. It’s gonna be interesting. Because this time, Jey cannot share the burden of being successful. Jey will fully rely on himself, and he will face somebody that, unlike him, has achieved everything on his own. So I’m not worried at all.”

Next week’s Intercontinental Championship match will mark Jey’s first time challenging for the title in the history of his career.

GUNTHER vs. Jey Uso isn’t the only match announced for next week’s RAW. Click here to see what else is planned for next week’s show.

In a recent WWE RAW Digital Exclusive, Gunther, a prominent wrestler, addressed Imperium’s loss to Jey Uso and The New Day and expressed his thoughts on their upcoming title match. Gunther acknowledged the success of both The New Day and Jey Uso, considering them to be two of the most accomplished tag team wrestlers in the history of the company. He admitted that they lost to the better team on that particular day, but he remains optimistic about his chances in the upcoming match against Jey Uso.

Gunther emphasized that the rivalry with The New Day is a long-term endeavor, comparing it to a marathon rather than a sprint. He acknowledged the talent and achievements of his opponents but did not let it deter his confidence. Gunther believes that Jey Uso will face a different challenge when he confronts him for the Intercontinental Heavy Championship. Unlike Jey, Gunther claims to have achieved everything on his own and does not rely on anyone else for success. He expressed no worries about the match and seems determined to prove himself as the better wrestler.

It is worth noting that this will be Jey Uso’s first time challenging for the Intercontinental Championship in his career. This adds an element of novelty and anticipation to the match, as fans are curious to see how Jey will fare in this new endeavor.

The article also mentions that Gunther vs. Jey Uso is not the only match scheduled for next week’s RAW. Interested readers can click on the provided link to find out more about the other matches planned for the show.

Overall, Gunther’s comments in the WWE RAW Digital Exclusive have created excitement and anticipation among wrestling fans. The upcoming Intercontinental Championship match between Gunther and Jey Uso promises to be an intense and thrilling encounter. Fans will eagerly await the outcome of this clash between two talented wrestlers.