Tyson Dux Was Scheduled To Be Part Of Shawn Spears’ Search For A Tag Partner In AEW

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Tyson Dux Was Scheduled To Be Part Of Shawn Spears’ Search For A Tag Partner In AEW

Tyson Dux recently joined Spencer Love of Love Wrestling for a conversation focussed on his wrestling career and life throughout the pandemic. As part of that conversation, Dux revealed that he was scheduled for an appearance with All Elite Wrestling as part of Shawn Spears’ search for a tag partner. Highlights from the conversation can be found below, courtesy of Spencer Love.

Dux explained that the pandemic put his AEW appearance with Spears on hold and explained what he was supposed to do with the promotion.

“It was supposed to be a thing with Spears when Spears was having people come out and doing tags with him. It’s of course switched since then, but they wanted me to come down and tag with him, be his partner, and run that kind of angle. That’s all gone now but we’ll see what happens. We’ll see him down the line.”

When asked about his favorite opponents to work with, Dux was asked about what makes Spears such a likable opponent. Dux went on to explain that Spears has a natural gift for timing and truly understands why moves are put together instead of just stringing them together.

“With Spears it’s one thing, and this is the hardest thing in professional wrestling to learn. It’s only when you start in this business that you really get a sense of it, but it’s timing. Shawn is a good big guy, attractive, athletic, all this stuff, but what sets him apart (more) than anybody else is his sense of timing is perfect. He knows when to sell, when to fire up, when to go back to the sell, when to change gears, all this stuff where I don’t have to tell him. I don’t have to plan anything, we can just go out there and do it. He’s just got a real natural gift for timing. A lot of guys, I have to pull along. Like I either (say) like ‘slow down,’ or I was like ‘pick it up,’ you know what I mean? I never, I have never had to give him one of those calls ever. Like none of those cues. Whereas like guys on – usual guys that think they know what they’re doing in this business, you know how it is, they go a long time, but all it is, is they just know how to do wrestling moves. They don’t know when to put the wrestling moves and why they’re putting the wrestling moves. Shawn knows how.”