Trinity Describes Her Knockouts Title Defense Against Mickie James as an Unforgettable and Beloved Moment

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On a recent edition of the “Battleground Podcast,” Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Trinity recalled defending the title against former champion Mickie James at Bound for Glory 2023 this past month.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On facing Mickie James: “That’ll be one of my all-time favorite moments. Just being in there with someone as iconic and as trailblazing as Mickie, it really gave me a boost of confidence myself that I needed at the point to be in such a high profile match against her, with her. To come out victorious, it’s helped me more than I can even put into words, that I can even explain.”

On her relationship with James: “And to do it with someone who is such a friend to me, who’s been such a supporter through my wrestling career, it was just magical. It’s things like that that I’ve been able to do and I’ve been able to accomplish … one of the perks to … me leaving and making the decisions that I made … it’s just one of those things that I feel one of the blessings that … has come out of a stressful situation for me at the time. But yeah, it was a beautiful, beautiful night for me.”

At Bound for Glory 2023, Trinity retained her title against James via submission.

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Trinity, the current Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion, recently shared her experience defending the title against former champion Mickie James at Bound for Glory 2023. In a recent episode of the “Battleground Podcast,” Trinity expressed her admiration for James and the impact their match had on her career.

Facing Mickie James was a significant moment for Trinity, as she considers it one of her all-time favorite moments. Trinity acknowledged James’ iconic status and trailblazing career, which boosted her confidence. Being in a high-profile match against such a respected wrestler helped Trinity believe in herself even more. She described the experience as a blessing that came out of a stressful situation.

Trinity also emphasized the importance of her friendship with Mickie James. James has been a supporter throughout Trinity’s wrestling career, and having the opportunity to share the ring with her was magical. The bond they share made the match even more special for Trinity.

At Bound for Glory 2023, Trinity successfully defended her title against James, winning via submission. The victory solidified Trinity’s position as the reigning Knockouts Champion and showcased her skills in the ring.

To get a glimpse of Trinity’s thoughts on the match and her relationship with James, you can watch highlights from the podcast. The video provides insight into Trinity’s emotions and the significance of the match for her career.

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Trinity’s match against Mickie James at Bound for Glory 2023 was a memorable moment in her career. It showcased her talent and allowed her to share the ring with an iconic wrestler. The experience boosted Trinity’s confidence and strengthened her bond with James. As the reigning Knockouts Champion, Trinity continues to make waves in the wrestling industry.