Britt Baker shares her thoughts on her participation in Doja Cat’s AEW Collaborative Music Video

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During a recent appearance on “WGN Radio 720,” former AEW Women’s World Champion Dr. Britt Baker DMD discussed appearing in Doja Cat’s recent AEW collaborative music video, Paint the Town Red.

You can check out some highlights from Baker below:


On filming the music video: “So, it was very last minute. Everything was really hush-hush, we really didn’t know much about it. We knew the song, the artist, and that’s it. We didn’t really know. We showed up that day and they were like ‘You’re doing this,’ and we did it, and it was done. It was all done in a day,” she revealed. “I was kind of like, ‘I wonder how this is going to turn out.’”

On finally seeing the video: “Then, when I saw the video, they did it so fast, it was like a week-two week’s time. I was like, ‘This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done,’ but it was in an asylum, which was haunted, and I don’t do ghosts. I’m like, ‘No, no, no, no, no.’ Some of the crew there were telling me stories. I don’t even know if they were messing with me or what, but I was like, ‘Listen, don’t tell me another thing or you’re coming with a bathroom. You’re coming with me here. I’m not walking by myself if you tell me another frickin’ ghost story about this place.’”

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Former AEW Women’s World Champion Dr. Britt Baker DMD recently appeared in Doja Cat’s AEW collaborative music video, “Paint the Town Red.” In a recent interview on WGN Radio 720, Baker shared some insights about her experience filming the video and her reaction to seeing the final product.

Filming the music video was a last-minute opportunity for Baker and the other wrestlers involved. They didn’t have much information about the project beforehand and only knew the song and the artist. Baker revealed that they showed up on the day of filming and were told what they needed to do. The entire video was shot in just one day. Baker admitted that she was curious about how the video would turn out given the limited information they had.

When Baker finally saw the finished music video, she was amazed at how quickly it was put together. The production team managed to complete it within a week or two. She described it as one of the coolest things she has ever done. However, there was one aspect of the filming location that made her uncomfortable. The video was shot in an asylum that was rumored to be haunted. Baker confessed that she doesn’t do well with ghosts and was not interested in hearing any ghost stories from the crew. She even jokingly threatened to bring someone with her to the bathroom if they continued to share spooky tales.

The music video, “Paint the Town Red,” features a collaboration between AEW and Doja Cat. It showcases the wrestlers in various scenes within the haunted asylum, adding a unique and eerie element to the video. The collaboration between AEW and Doja Cat highlights the growing crossover between the worlds of wrestling and music.

Overall, Britt Baker had a memorable experience filming Doja Cat’s music video. Despite her initial uncertainty, she was impressed with the final product and enjoyed being part of such a unique project. Fans can watch the extended cut of the music video on YouTube to see Baker and other AEW wrestlers in action.

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