Tony Schiavone On Not ‘Everything Being Off The Cuff’ In Wrestling & How That’s Okay

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Tony Schiavone On Not ‘Everything Being Off The Cuff’ In Wrestling & How That’s Okay

Tony Schiavone

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Tony Schiavone loves having “trust” be at his back and the legendary voice has that not only in All Elite Wrestling, but did during his days at Jim Crockett Promotions.

Schiavone and Conrad Thompson were enjoying a “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton bout on the latest episode of What Happened When as the two began wondering to how much Jim Cornette rehearsed his promos during that time and that led to a discussion on scripted promos. Conrad said how a lot people tend to get too upset about whether if a promo is scripted or not as he’s more concerned with if a promo is good or not. Tony agrees and brings up something he learned about a classic match a few years back.

“I learned this in MLW and I’m not gonna say who told me this, it’s one of the kids backstage, I don’t know how they fuckin’ knew, but they said, you know the Ricky Steamboat, Macho Man wonderful match from WrestleMania 3?”

“It was written down. Page for page, move for move,” Conrad said, aware that the two orchestrated the match.

“Not everything is off the cuff in wrestling, but I’m proud to say the stuff that David [Crockett] and I did was off the cuff back then cause that’s the way it was,” Tony said. “One of the things that I looked back on fondly but also one of the things that I remember at the time that I was really excited about was that, ‘Hey these guys trust me!’ That means a lot and that’s kind of what I’m getting now on AEW and what I got back then. I mean I get produced in AEW now, some, but not a lot, but back then, ‘Tony, David, do your shit, man.'”

Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone

Catch the whole episode of What Happened When below:

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