Cody Rhodes Is ‘Most Aware’ Of Himself & QT Marshall; Fighting Aaron Solow At ‘House Always Wins’

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Cody Rhodes Is ‘Most Aware’ Of Himself & QT Marshall; Fighting Aaron Solow At ‘House Always Wins’

Cody Rhodes Tony Schiavone

Credit: AEW

Cody Rhodes never mentions QT Marshall by name in his latest promo, but he does believe his turncoat friend lacks a great deal of self-awareness.

Tony Schivaone revealed on an All Elite Control Center earlier today that Cody Rhodes will be facing Aaron Solow in a “Duuuval Street Fight” at AEWs first-ever house show, “The House Always Wins” on Friday, April, 9 at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville. The blooms after Marshall, Solow, Anthony Agogo and Nick Comereto all stabbed The Nightmare Family in the back post-exhibition bout between Cody and QT. “The American Nightmare” happened to appear with Tony in the video and addressed what happened on Wednesday’s Dynamite before asking the stick man what he considered important in a wrestler. Tony gave some viable answers, but Cody had one attribute he holds paramount.

“The thing that I look for the most, and you might not hear this that often is ‘self awareness,'” Cody stated before calling out some of the criticisms he’s had thrown his way. “When you’re aware you can ask yourself the tough questions: ‘Am I a draw?’ ‘Am I an earner?’ ‘Do I look good?’ ‘How are my interviews?’ ‘How do I do in the deep waters of a match,’ and if your answer is negative then you can positively affect change by working at it, by doing the work, and I know those terms offend some. They offend the lazy because we all know mediocrity loves company but believe it or not, I am the most ‘aware’ wrestler there is on the planet. I get it. ‘Oh gosh, he’s an EVP, he’s coming out the middle, all that pyro? Oh my gosh and there’s a tour bus? Oh, another action figure let somebody else eat! But let’s think about it. Right? You don’t like the pyro? I’m gonna add more. You don’t like the figures? Well they sell so we’re gonna keep going with them. You don’t like the tour bus? I’m gonna wrap it with The Nightmare Family logo so it’s even more obnoxious! You don’t like Tweeting about my show on TBS? Well, buckle up because there’s a whole new one coming to TNT. Oh, and you think someone else should eat? Well go ahead and get your ass in the kitchen and instead of expecting that free Morton’s Steak. That’s self awareness! That’s running up the score. I went from undesirable to undeniable and I have no intentions of just handing that away. I don’t owe anything to anybody other than the fans that afforded me the opportunity. The opportunity that I have.”

As mentioned, Cody makes a deliberate point to not say QT Marshall’s name, but he asks Tony what he thinks “this person” thinks he sees when looking in the mirror. Schiavone responds by asking him directly about Marshall and his actions.

“I’d say that I’d hope you see a great trainer. Somebody who runs a prolific wrestling school and a wonderful individual when it comes to ‘back of house’, a wonderful employee for AEW. A really nice guy, but what he actually sees is the problem. See, you see this ‘divine gift to wrestling.’ He genuinely believes he is a good wrestler, but there is no credentials. There is no exposition, there is no evidence to back that up.

“What?,” He continues. “You were an extra at Ring of Honor 30 times? Ya saw Bryan Danielson in the airport once? You think ‘maybe?’ He’s a nice guy, but so is my neighbor, doesn’t mean he belongs in the ring and speaking of, get used to living with a qualifier.

Cody uses himself as an example and then calls out his “House Always Wins” opponent.

“My whole life I have been ‘Dusty’s kid.’ I’m okay with that. It sharpens, it clarifies my cross-hairs. I’m aware of what I need to do, what work I need to put in and to get even more specific, April 9 at AEW’s very first, very first house show, Aaron Solow, you all know too well you know what it’s like to be a qualifier. For a decade, you were a baggage handler. For a decade, you were somebody else’s bitch and on that night, you’ll be mine. Thank you, Tony.'”

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— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) April 3, 2021

Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone

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