Tony Khan Told New Japan About His WWE/Nick Khan Promo Before It Aired, They Thought It Was Great

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Tony Khan Told New Japan About His WWE/Nick Khan Promo Before It Aired, They Thought It Was Great

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Tony Khan‘s promo aimed at WWE and Nick Khan certainly caught many people by surprise, but New Japan Pro-Wrestling knew what was coming.

Tony Khan participated in a post-show media scrum after AEW Double Or Nothing concluded and the AEW President was asked to comment on Friday’s promo where he addressed the “talks” between WWE and New Japan. During the promo, Tony scoffed at the idea that WWE’s Nick Khan was trying to negotiating an exclusive deal with New Japan and praised what AEW had done with them in recent months. During the scrum, Khan explained that he told New Japan his idea before it aired and says they were on board with it.

“I spoke to New Japan and I asked them if they thought it was a good idea and a good promo, and they thought it was great. I thought it’d be a good promo and so it made sense. It was a big weekend for us and it’s true. We have a lot of stuff going on in New Japan and everyone’s welcome to talk to each other in the wrestling business, we’ve done some great stuff with New Japan in the last few weeks. I think we’re going to do a lot of great things going forward, everything we talked about, so I’m excited.”

Khan took a follow-up question about if there are any talks between the AEW and WWE sides, and he said he thinks so, calling it “friendly banter.” Khan said it’s mostly backchannel stuff, citing the Broken Skull Sessions appearance by Chris Jericho as a good example of the relationship.

Check out the full media scrum with Tony Khan below:

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