Tony Khan On Mark Henry’s AEW Debut: He Can Be A Great On-Air Personality And A Great Backstage Influence

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Tony Khan On Mark Henry’s AEW Debut: He Can Be A Great On-Air Personality And A Great Backstage Influence

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Tony Khan says Mark Henry will be a big asset for AEW on-screen as well as behind the scenes.

Tony Khan participated in a post-show media scrum after AEW Double Or Nothing concluded and was asked about how the company was able to bring Mark Henry into the fold. Henry’s signing was announced last night during the pay-per-view, and Khan praised Henry for his talents on-air and behind the scenes.

“How it came up? Mark Henry and I are friends and Mark told me he was available to do things that I would be really interested in him doing. I thought that would be really interesting because he’s not only a good friend but he’s a really respected person in the wrestling business. Not just a great wrestler but a great mind, a great scout, and a great analyst in wrestling, he provides his opinions on the radio but he gives great scouting reports and really has helped mentor a lot of wrestlers, in addition to just being a great wrestling mind. I think he can be a great on-air personality, but also a great backstage influence. He’s a great friend and a great person, and so it’s just great to have Mark in the AEW family and it was great to announce it on such a special show and have it be a great moment right there along with—sandwiched in there with the big double main event on what is my favorite pay-per-view that we’ve done.”

Henry joins AEW as an analyst for the new Rampage show as well as a coach, and he will comment on his signing this week on AEW Dynamite.

Later in the scrum, Khan clarified that Henry might not necessarily be the play-by-play or color analyst, but he will be a big part of Rampage in an analyst role. Khan said he had more plans for the full team for Rampage that will be revealed soon, adding that one of the commentators will be someone within the company and dropped a strong hint about who it might be.

“He’s a great commentator and a great wrestler, so that might narrow it down because he’s such a great commentator. I’m going to put him on commentary because he’s such a big star and it’s going to work really well.”

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Check out the full media scrum with Tony Khan below:

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