Tony Khan Sheds Light on How AEW’s Upcoming Media Rights Agreement Will Impact the Brand

Tony Khan Sheds Light on How AEW’s Upcoming Media Rights Agreement Will Impact the Brand
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AEW President, Tony Khan, is steadily making his presence felt in the media milieu to hype up the forthcoming episode of Dynamite. He had an enlightening conversation with SportsGrid, revolving around AEW’s media airing rights negotiations and how a fresh agreement will impact the company’s fortunes.

During his conversation, Khan, often referred to as “TK,” also provided insights on potential night shifts for AEW Rampage or Collision.

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As for the implications of AEW’s imminent media rights agreement on the company, Khan was unequivocal. He said, “This is going to be a colossal move. It signals that our investments in AEW have yielded significant returns. It also promises a secure tenure for AEW going ahead. We are having fruitful discussions about a promising media rights deal and our ongoing association with Warner Brothers Discovery. Their desire for us to continue our partnership and the attractive offers they’ve put forth have been highly encouraging. We are currently in the middle of exciting discussions. With five hours of wrestling content every week and additional streaming, we’re discussing diverse elements. I am genuinely excited about AEW’s prospect.”

There was also talk of AEW Rampage or Collision potentially switching nights. Regarding this Khan stated, “We need to consider that. These topics are part of our ongoing discussions and there’s a lot that needs to be figured out. As of now, I can’t speculate about the NBA’s future. It’s not within my purview to project their direction. Evidently, everyone will eagerly anticipate the development. Warner Brothers Discovery has been highly supportive of us and has displayed shrewdness in securing sports media rights. Their move to sublicense college football playoff games was a stroke of genius. This will amplify the viewership of TNT and host events that could rival NFL audiences in terms of popularity.”

Video Clip: In-depth conversation with AEW President, Tony Khan

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