The SlimeBallz have officially inked an exclusive deal with The NWA.

The SlimeBallz have officially inked an exclusive deal with The NWA.
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In the latest exclusivity signing saga, the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) has managed to acquire the participations of the SlimeBallz, featuring Sage Chantz and Tommy Rant.

A formal announcement regarding the signing has been officially released:

“The illustrious National Wrestling Alliance brings into its fold the promising tag team of SlimeBallz.

Signifying an official commencement to the “Slime Time,” NWA has secured The SlimeBallz—made up by Sage Chantz & Tommy Rant—through an extended-term contract.

Emerging from ‘Slime Ball City,’ Chantz and Rant are amongst the freshly inked talent, gaining exclusive contracts with the NWA. The budding tag team has made their initial entry into the NWA through Exodus Pro, a recognized NWA territory, made a handful of NWA appearances last year and recently showcased their capabilities in the 2024 Crockett Cup.

Sage Chantz and Tommy Rant are two of the excitingly dynamic stalls in the National Wrestling Alliance,” says NWA’s operational head, Joe Galli, describing the vibrant tag team.

Galli further adds, “Despite their youth, the range and depth of the potential impact The SlimeBallz can have on the NWA’s tag team division is limitless! We are excited to disclose these bright, rising stars as our newest recruits.”

The SlimeBallz augment the expanding list of recent NWA’s exclusive signings, keeping in view the company’s grand NWA 76 anniversary, slated to take on August 31 in Philadelphia. Over the past weeks, numerous champions and renowned names have ensured exclusive contracts pertaining to NWA’s weekly main show, NWA Powerrr, which airs on Tuesdays on The CW, and addition to Signature Live Events.

The formal acquisition of these marquee names almost asserts their presence at NWA 76, as the NWA endeavors to return to the iconic 2300 Arena in Philly after close to three decades. As part of the biggest Signature Live Event of NWA in the year, the audience can anticipate championship defenses at this homage to the legendary promotion’s origin in 1948.

Tickets for NWA 76 are now up for grabs.

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