Tony Khan Discusses the Potential for His Participation in a Wrestling Match

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During a recent interview on the Levack and Goz podcast, Tony Khan, the President of AEW, was questioned about potentially working a wrestling match.

Here is what Khan had to say in response:

“I don’t think anybody really wants to see that. Not anytime soon. That’s not anything I think we’re going to do. I do think AEW has a great roster, the best wrestlers in the world. I would rather try to put the best matches and we have exciting rivalries building in AEW right now.”

Tony Khan, the President of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), recently addressed the possibility of him stepping into the wrestling ring during an interview on the Levack and Goz podcast. While some fans may have been curious about seeing Khan in action, he made it clear that it is not something he plans to do in the near future.

Khan acknowledged that AEW has a talented roster filled with some of the best wrestlers in the world. Instead of focusing on his own in-ring performance, he wants to prioritize putting on the best matches and building exciting rivalries within the promotion.

The decision to not wrestle himself is a strategic one for Khan. As the President of AEW, he plays a crucial role in running the company and making important business decisions. By staying out of the ring, he can dedicate his time and energy to ensuring that AEW continues to thrive and provide top-notch entertainment for wrestling fans.

While some wrestling promoters have taken on an active wrestling role, Khan believes that his talents are better utilized behind the scenes. He has proven himself to be a successful businessman, with AEW quickly becoming a major player in the wrestling industry since its inception in 2019. By focusing on his strengths and allowing the wrestlers to shine, Khan can continue to lead AEW to new heights.

AEW has gained a reputation for its high-quality matches and compelling storylines. With stars like Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, and Jon Moxley, the promotion has attracted a dedicated fanbase and has even given established wrestling promotions like WWE a run for their money.

Khan’s decision to prioritize the wrestlers and their performances aligns with AEW’s philosophy of putting the spotlight on the talent. This approach has resonated with fans who appreciate the emphasis on in-ring action and compelling storytelling.

While it may be disappointing for some fans who were hoping to see Khan step into the ring, his focus on building AEW as a whole is ultimately beneficial for the promotion and its fans. With his business acumen and passion for wrestling, Khan is well-suited to guide AEW to continued success.

In conclusion, Tony Khan, the President of AEW, has made it clear that he does not plan to wrestle himself in the near future. Instead, he wants to focus on showcasing the talented roster and delivering the best matches and rivalries possible. By prioritizing the wrestlers and their performances, Khan is ensuring that AEW continues to thrive and provide top-notch entertainment for wrestling fans around the world.