Nigel McGuinness Asserts That Bryan Danielson Would Never Face Him

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Speaking with Mark Hoke on The Mark Hoke Show, Nigel McGuinness discussed his storyline-beef with Bryan Danielson in AEW, considering their history from years ago in ROH.

Nigel, who currently works as a commentator for AEW/ROH, said he doesn’t think Danielson would fight him. 

“Not a chance. He’s afraid of me. No chance he’d ever get in the ring with me. He knows he’s got nothing to gain from that. He’s got his long list of cherry-picked opponents that he wants for his odyssey so he can go back to his little humble abode in Seattle and dig his clams out of the beach every weekend, so I don’t think he has any interest in that. That’s all well and good. It’s probably better for him. I enjoy making fun of him and belittling him. Obviously, the truth is, he’s an incredible wrestler, one of the best that I ever faced. But that can’t take away from the vitriol and legit jealous of and sort of resentment that I have towards someone, their career was at the same sort of level as me, and then our stars certainly went in different directions,” McGuinness said.

In a recent interview with Mark Hoke on The Mark Hoke Show, Nigel McGuinness opened up about his ongoing storyline feud with Bryan Danielson in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). The two wrestlers have a history dating back to their time in Ring of Honor (ROH), and McGuinness shared his thoughts on the possibility of facing Danielson in the ring.

McGuinness, who currently works as a commentator for AEW/ROH, expressed his belief that Danielson would not be willing to fight him. “Not a chance. He’s afraid of me. No chance he’d ever get in the ring with me,” McGuinness confidently stated. He went on to explain that Danielson has a specific list of opponents he wants to face for his own personal journey, and McGuinness does not believe he is one of them. Instead, McGuinness humorously suggested that Danielson prefers to spend his weekends in his humble abode in Seattle, digging clams out of the beach.

Despite his playful banter, McGuinness acknowledged Danielson’s incredible wrestling skills, describing him as one of the best opponents he has ever faced. However, McGuinness also admitted to feeling a sense of resentment and jealousy towards Danielson due to their careers taking different paths.

The comments made by McGuinness shed light on the behind-the-scenes dynamics and personal feelings that can fuel storylines in professional wrestling. While fans may enjoy the drama and excitement of these feuds, it is important to remember that there is often a mix of real-life emotions and professional rivalry at play.

The history between McGuinness and Danielson adds an extra layer of intrigue to their current feud in AEW. Both wrestlers have established themselves as top talents in the industry, and their clash promises to be an intense and captivating showdown.

As the storyline between McGuinness and Danielson continues to unfold, fans will eagerly anticipate any potential confrontation between the two. Whether it happens in the ring or remains confined to verbal jabs and mind games, the tension between these two wrestlers is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

In conclusion, Nigel McGuinness’s recent interview provides insight into his ongoing feud with Bryan Danielson in AEW. McGuinness expressed his belief that Danielson would not face him in the ring, citing personal reasons and a different career trajectory. However, McGuinness also acknowledged Danielson’s exceptional wrestling abilities and the history they share. As the storyline progresses, fans will eagerly await any developments between these two talented wrestlers.