Tony Khan: ‘AEW Rampage’ Won’t Be A Secondary Show, I Didn’t Want A Third Hour Of Dynamite

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Tony Khan: ‘AEW Rampage’ Won’t Be A Secondary Show, I Didn’t Want A Third Hour Of Dynamite

Tony Khan AEW Dynamite

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The announcement that AEW will be expanding its programming lineup has already generated a lot of buzz.

To elaborate on the news, company president Tony Khan appeared on Busted Open and shared some details about AEW Rampage. He made it clear that this new show won’t be a secondary program; he stated that Rampage will be just as significant as Dynamite. Khan also explained the difference between Rampage and both AEW Dark and AEW Dark: Elevation, calling the latter duo “peripheral properties.” Plus, he shared his belief that having this show on a different night was more benficial than adding a third hour of Dynamite, which was a possibility.

“We’ve been building toward this,” said Khan. “I think we have a great roster. It’s great for everybody here. It’s big news. We knew that another show was coming this year, and I’ve been saying it for a long time, that we were gonna add another night, one hour. And I didn’t want to do three hours of Dynamite. They asked at one point if I wanted to three hours orfDynamite. It came up, about doing a third hour, and I said I really believe in doing it on another night. This time slot, I think, is really good for the fans to keep a great night of wrestling fresh on Friday nights.

“And so at 10 p.m., you’re gonna have a great option to come watch Rampage. And I promise, Rampage isn’t gonna be a secondary show. Rampage is going to be the partner of Dynamite, the equivalent of Dynamite. We have these two strong franchises, Dynamite and Rampage, and they are our weekly core properties. And then we’ll have our peripheral properties. They’re probably the equivalent of what you would have seen, partially a developmental show, partially a syndicated show, and I think that’s what you’ll get on Elevation and Dark. But from Rampage and Dynamite, those will be our core properties.”

The full clip is available here:

"I didn't wanna do 3 hours of Dynamite…it came up about a 3rd hour & I said, 'I really believe on doing it another night'."

Talking to @davidlagreca1 & @TheMarkHenry, @TonyKhan broke major news on the future of @AEW Television 😮#AEWDynamite @tntdrama @TBSNetwork #AEWRampage

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