The Street Profits On Their History With The Viking Raiders, Their Competition And More

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The Street Profits On Their History With The Viking Raiders, Their Competition And More

Street Profits Montez Ford Angelo Dawkins

Photo Credit: WWE

As the WWE RAW Tag Team Champions, The Street Profits have been engaged with a heated rivalry with The Viking Raiders. On Wednesday’s episode of WWE’s The Bump, Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford discussed this competition.

On their favorite challenge with the Viking Raiders:

Dawkins: “Obviously, you see us doing work right there [in the basketball game.]

Ford: “Just anything involving me and Dawkins together, I mean, just the continuity, you know, just continuing to be in the brotherhood, you know, the correlation and the partnership, the grind. I think probably just all of them, we’re just having a blast with all of them.”

Ford on Bianca Belair making his gear:

Ford: “I just like the fact that she adds the creativity to pretty much everything that’s going on with us, and she kinda like, it’s kinda like her way of being there with us with her gear. So it’s cool, and she just adds like a different thing each time, like she had the golf pants, and then she made also the bowling shirts, pretty much everything that we went into doing those segments, you know, she put her expertise on, and I appreciate it.”

Dawkins on the horse from the axe-throwing contest:

Dawkins: “Yeah, let’s get it fam. Ain’t nobody hiding. I don’t care if you [horse sound.] Look, it’s on. I want the smoke, it’s on sight, I holla at you, you ain’t going nowhere. Dog, I’m gonna show you what real horsepower is like. Angelo Dawkins. Tell that horse what’s good, bring it, bring it, I don’t care.

On what a challenge they haven’t done on TV yet:

Ford: “I think one of the things that we haven’t done is what we naturally do every day, is the competition that, one of the events we can do too, is trash talking, well that’s the cleanest way of saying it, if you know what I mean. But that’s one of the things that me and Dawkins, we take to heart low key. We don’t admit it, but we like ‘Ah, you know what today, lemme see what I’m gonna catch ‘em with today, man, lemme see how I can catch ’em off guard.’ But I would say probably like trash talking, one of the actual other events we could do, like yo mamma jokes or something like that, you know.”

Dawkins on their rivalry and friendship with the Viking Raiders:

Dawkins: “We’ve obviously trained with those guys when we were at the Performance Center and then we were NXT TV when they were running high and mighty as NXT tag team champions at the time, and we had to show them that, you know what I’m saying, the Street Profits wasn’t nothing to mess with, fam. And they relinquished their titles before we could just take it from them, but, hey, we ended up becoming NXT tag team champions and the, we ended up becoming, a year later, crazy enough, we become RAW tag team champions with those guys being in the fold as well. So having a rivalry like that with them is crazy, and not only that, for us having a rivalry and still kinda bonding like a brotherhood or friendship, that’s what makes it even more sweeter to us because we go way back with those boys. But much respect to the Viking raiders, but we still just gonna beat y’all.”

The full episode is available here:

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