The Patriot Only Let His Kids Watch WWF When He Was On, Has The Same Mask Guy As Rey Mysterio

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The Patriot Only Let His Kids Watch WWF When He Was On, Has The Same Mask Guy As Rey Mysterio

The Patriot

Del Wilkes, formerly known as The Patriot, recently appeared on UnSKripted with Dr. Chris Featherstone of Sportskeeda. During the interview, he answered various questions from fans about his career. Wilkes looked back on his feud with Bret Hart and shared a unique connection that he has with Rey Mysterio. Here are some highlights:

On why he only his kids watch wrestling when he was on:

Wilkes: “We were gonna start getting more edgy, more adult-oriented, more sexually themed, which I didn’t like. It had gotten to the point for me, and Bret felt the same way at that time, the show had gotten so edgy, even with Austin and the things he was doing and the language he was using, that I would, when I would get to TV on Monday’, when I would get to the venue and see the chalkboard up and see the lineup and knew what time I was going into the ring, knew what time my match would end, that I would call home and let my wife know. ‘Okay, I’m going in at 10:25, I’ll be out at 10:47, that’s when the kids can watch it, and that’s the only time they can watch it.'”

On having the same mask guy as Rey Mysterio:

Wilkes: “Years ago, probably 1993, one of my first tours with Baba, I had a sixteen-year-old kid approach me in the lobby of a hotel in Tokyo, big wrestling fan. And he asked if I would grant him permission to make a mask for me, and I said yes. And about two weeks later, he showed up at one of the shows with a mask. And from then on out, this young man made every mask I ever wore, he made all my gear, all my tights. He made everything for me. And he’s made everything Rey’s ever worn, too, when it comes to a mask.”

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