NJPW Best of Super Juniors: Night 6 Results (11/29) Time Bomb Ticks Away

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NJPW Best of Super Juniors: Night 6 Results (11/29) Time Bomb Ticks Away

New Japan Pro Wrestling continued the 27th Best of Super Juniors tournament on Sunday. The show was headlined by a Match of the Year Contender between Hiromu Takahashi and tournament MVP Robbie Eagles. The two men pushed each other to their physical limits, as they nearly wrestled to a Time Limit Draw, with Hiromu Takahashi finally securing victory with Time Bomb II.

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Eagles will likely not make the Best of Super Juniors finals, but his matches have been must-see affairs throughout the tournament. 2021 will likely be bright for the Aussie Junior Heavyweight.

Elsewhere on the show, El Desperado got a hard fought win against his Suzuki-gun brethren DOUKI. DOUKI substituted for an injured El Desperado during last year’s tournament, and Desperado thanked him by submitting him with an Argentine Leglock.

The IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion Taiji Ishimori had a blistering match with BUSHI. Ishimori now leads the tournament, alongside Hiromu Takahashi, with 10 points.

SHO put a hitch in the giddy-up of Master Wato, stopping the momentum of the former-Young Lion with Shock Arrow to stay alive in the tournament. Plus Taguchi and Uemura put on a technical display, and Satoshi Kojima & Tomoaki Honma continued their winning ways.

The entire show is available on NJPWWorld.com

NJPW Best of Super Juniors: Night 6
Available on NJPWWorld.com

  • Satoshi Kojima & Tomoaki Honma def. Yuji Nagata & Gabriel Kidd by pinfall. (7:52)
    Satoshi Kojima pinned Gabriel Kidd via Lariat.
  • Ryusuke Taguchi (6) def. Yuya Uemura (0) by submission via Ankle Lock. (11:26)
  • El Desperado (8) def. DOUKI (0) by submission via Numero Dos. (15:23)
  • SHO (8) def. Master Wato (8) by pinfall via Shock Arrow. (12:58)
  • Taiji Ishimori (10) def. BUSHI (6) by submission via Bone Lock. (15:26)
  • Hiromu Takahashi (10) def. Robbie Eagles (4) by pinfall via Time Bomb II. (26:01)

NJPW returns on 11/30 for World Tag League Night 7 at 4:30am ET on NJPWWorld.com