The Miz Reveals Significant Salary Reduction Upon Joining WWE

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The Miz took a big pay cut when he signed with WWE’s developmental system.

During a recent appearance on the “Unbreakable” podcast, the “Most Must-See” WWE Superstar commented on making the switch from reality television to WWE, taking a pay cut, and more.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On taking a pay cut from his reality TV work: “I was making a lot of money, I was making six figures. When I got to developmental, I took a pay cut, because I said ‘I can take a pay cut in this because I believe that I can make more.’ So I invested in myself. I’ve always invested in myself … I paid for acting classes, improv classes, and learning the art of professional wrestling, UPW, and wrestling classes. And then I also was like ‘Oh, where do all the big world trainers go? Gold’s Gym.’”

On going all out to get himself over: “I worked out there, got a nutritionist. So I invested all my money I would make into myself. I bought all these t-shirts ahead of time and got them at $3 a t-shirt and sold them for $15 a t-shirt. So I wouldn’t make money off them, but it wasn’t to make money, it was necessary to promote myself and get people talking about me … so WWE would see that. WWE would see that, they gave me a contract, I took a pay cut, went to McDonough, Georgia, went to Louisville, and then from Louisville, I got into WWE and started making the money I thought I could possibly make.”

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The Miz, one of WWE’s most popular superstars, recently opened up about his journey from reality television to professional wrestling. In a recent appearance on the “Unbreakable” podcast, he discussed taking a pay cut, investing in himself, and his determination to succeed in the industry.

Before joining WWE, The Miz was known for his appearances on reality TV shows, including MTV’s “The Real World” and “The Challenge.” He admitted that he was making a substantial amount of money through these ventures, earning a six-figure salary. However, when he made the switch to WWE’s developmental system, he had to take a pay cut.

Despite the decrease in income, The Miz saw it as an opportunity to invest in himself and his future. He believed that by honing his skills and dedicating himself to professional wrestling, he could eventually make more money than he did in reality TV. He used the money he saved to pay for acting and improv classes, as well as wrestling training sessions.

To further promote himself and get noticed by WWE, The Miz took additional steps. He purchased t-shirts in bulk at a low cost and sold them at a higher price to create buzz around his brand. This strategy wasn’t about making money but rather about generating attention and proving his dedication to the industry.

The Miz also shared that he went above and beyond by hiring a nutritionist and working out rigorously to improve his physical condition. He understood the importance of presenting himself as a top-tier athlete and invested his earnings accordingly.

His efforts paid off when WWE took notice of his hard work and offered him a contract. Although he initially took a pay cut, The Miz’s determination and commitment eventually led him to achieve the financial success he had envisioned.

The Miz’s story serves as an inspiration for aspiring wrestlers and individuals looking to pursue their dreams. It highlights the importance of investing in oneself, taking risks, and being willing to make sacrifices in order to achieve long-term success.

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