The Inclusion of CM Punk in the AEW Story is Assured, Says Britt Baker

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On a recent edition of the “Maggie and Perloff” podcast, former AEW Women’s World Champion Britt Baker discussed CM Punk’s unfortunate firing from AEW, noting that the Second City Saint will always be a part of the company’s history.

Punk was fired from AEW following his backstage altercation with Jack Perry at AEW All In 2023.


Baker said, CM Punk coming back to wrestling was one of the most historical things in All Elite Wrestling history and always will be. You can’t take that out of the wrestling books. I’m really thankful we got to work with CM Punk. I learned some stuff from him, he was always really helpful and willing to work with younger talent. It didn’t work out, it wasn’t a fit, but it’s always going to be part of the AEW story. It’s just that chapter is closed now. Everyone wishes him well, we hope and think he wishes AEW well too. It just didn’t work out. At the end of the day, how cool was it that CM Punk was in wrestling again for AEW and got to wrestle in Chicago again?

When asked if she thought Punk would show up somewhere else, Baker said,

“I don’t know where he’s at mentally. I think wrestlers always have that itch. Once it’s in your blood, it’s in there, and no matter how much you want to stay away, it’s hard to stay away. He came back after seven years. I think if the time, place, and company is right, I think he would.”

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Former AEW Women’s World Champion Britt Baker recently shared her thoughts on CM Punk’s firing from AEW during an episode of the “Maggie and Perloff” podcast. She expressed that Punk’s return to wrestling was a significant moment in AEW’s history and will always be remembered as such. Despite his departure, Baker emphasized that Punk’s time in AEW will forever be a part of the company’s story.

Punk was let go from AEW after an altercation with Jack Perry backstage at AEW All In 2023. While the situation didn’t work out, Baker expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to work with Punk. She mentioned that she learned valuable lessons from him and appreciated his willingness to collaborate with younger talent.

Baker acknowledged that Punk’s return to wrestling was a monumental event, especially for fans in Chicago. She highlighted the excitement of witnessing Punk wrestle again and emphasized the significance of his presence in AEW.

When asked about the possibility of Punk appearing elsewhere, Baker admitted that she wasn’t sure about his current mindset. However, she believed that wrestlers always have a lingering desire to return to the ring. Despite any intentions to stay away, the passion for wrestling remains ingrained in their blood. Considering Punk’s seven-year hiatus before returning to AEW, Baker speculated that if the right opportunity presented itself, he might consider another wrestling venture.

In conclusion, Britt Baker expressed her appreciation for CM Punk’s involvement in AEW and acknowledged the impact he had on the company’s history. While his time in AEW may have come to an end, his return to wrestling will always be remembered as a significant moment. As wrestling fans eagerly await news of Punk’s next move, they can stay updated on all wrestling-related news on or follow their Twitter and Facebook pages.