The Berzerker Returns to The Hannibal TV Part 2 Shoot Interview!

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The Berzerker Returns to The Hannibal TV Part 2 Shoot Interview!

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My ravishing TNA Affect Wrestler says this plugin is precious. Here is hannibal here from and again for a ingredient two interview is none as adversarial to the berserker john nord extinct wwe and wcw superstar was also in the awa he's done it all how are you doing this day sir i'm doing resplendent hannibal uh.

From that final one we did man i got a vogue of a vogue of suggestions i had a vogue of guys name me so it was uh whatever the question i was asking you at the pause of our final one was about the ultimate warrior why don't we inaugurate with that what are your memories of him.

The memories of him smartly what you gain plenty about him is um he wasn't right customary in the dressing room because he was i mean god bless his soul but he was moderately smug he wished his bear dressing room and he didn't.

You never seen him with the boys in the in in the wide dressing room you already know he persistently had to bear his bear demonstrate and or i mean his bear room and uh obviously i had a i did don’t bear any angle on television with him but i did uh wrestle him a vogue of nights um and uh.

He uh whatever he just i mean you already know you you attach him over he was he was over man they loved him yeah they did was he was he straightforward to work with from devour doing the identical match every evening you wouldn't in point of fact need to to bear a study out or yeah he was straightforward to work with um.

Uh and he didn't devour potato yeah he didn't hit you in the nose and likewise you're bleeding all because he's a superstar i judge personally that he he was cautious he didn't kick any one off because there bear been guys that devour the.

Identical idea that i got devour in particular deviously ted is no longer necessarily my popular guy but me and him agree on one thing that that that the ultimate warrior um man just didn't in point of fact pay many dues and he just got.

Pushed to the max and he just he didn't know he just was turned correct into a only a only a but sid was telling me that ted dibiase cherished to the grotesque enviornment rats did you ever understanding that hear i knew teddy from 85 in in.

Mid-south and i did some bar hopping with them for for a pair of months and that's in point of fact moderately resplendent um he uh he would be sitting there at the bar and he'd meander hi there ogle at her i said yeah she.

She seems moderately tough oh are you kidding me she seems wide and man that's the one thing sooner than he sobered up cleaned up and and stumbled on stumbled on the lord um and i'm at ease he did because he saved his spouse and marriage and the children and all that but sooner than that he ted was.

He was a hound and devour i said teddy necessarily my popular person because he's devour it's persistently about ted persistently he'll he he won't allow you to tell one phrase he'll expose you all about his children final time i seen him he urged me all about teddy this was the.

Final time i rob it again it was an prone seven he said you already know teddy hasn't had intercourse at all sooner than he's getting married to this lady he was roughly persistently bragging about his family and then i was gonna expose him about my family and then he just walked away i got a just i'm devour oh k.

One in every of these guys i gain it he's in point of fact been in a vogue of wretchedness in most up to the moment years i don't know for these that've heard but there was money that was purported to head to the melancholy and i wager his son was a part of the of us allocating it and i wager.

In actuality his ministries obtained devour over 700 000 of cash that was designed to head to the melancholy and no longer in point of fact exchange so he has to pay it again now in point of fact yeah i'm at ease whoever whoever busted him on that kudos to him his dad deserves to gain busted he's got this uncanny capability to just.

Money self dialog he just fully thinks big extremely of himself and and hannibal you be taught about for these that ever be taught about his uh ministry speeches i've watched a pair of and he opens up his his sermon went you already know.

Um i devour money and then he goes to the object devour um yeah i just had to gain that out of my arrangement you'd tell you already know and in point of fact all you're doing is attempting to bogart and brag about your self you already know and don't they sell gimmicks at these sermons too after it's very identical to wrestling the attach.

You're just in total cutting a talented bow but you're attempting to realize it for god i wager if that’s the case it’s and for these that for these that attain it perfect and just and don't rob now the money it's all it's all in point of fact resplendent but um yeah that's what they attain they got books.

And ted doubtlessly had his eight by ten photos you already know wrestling photos he doubtlessly had his motion figures so it's just devour a you already know just devour that and that’s that’s no longer my thinking of a church deal you already know yeah.

I'm particular it's no longer yours both jake was doing it for a whereas too and i don't know how right he was but his expert bows were resplendent you already know guys devour jake and dibiaseanabol jake um i was with him in 85 too and uh.

Like every evening you in point of fact gain to take dangle of a guy the attach other halves were buddies for a tiny bit bit and all that and what you note out is they merely can't assist themselves after a whereas they merely can't assist themselves as adversarial to both you already know rob some money or.

Or devour jake goes around preaching and or no longer preaching but doing devour the sobriety thing and i do know for these that already know jake smartly you you merely know.

He's no longer sober the full formulation he’ll be devour 90 sober but he don't expose any one about that 5 ten percent he snuck out devour in the future a month you already know you're known for being moderately the partier what's the craziest gain together legend you may perchance expose us.

That it’s doubtless you’ll involve with that won't gain you in too great wretchedness smartly the craziest thing was and i i don't know if i mentioned it final time i was on but me and hawk were in summerslam over in london in 92 at wimbley that enormous house they had there.

And instead of going house devour everyone else we ended up with the hell's angels at the lumber in kensington downtown london and one in every of the fellows was from minneapolis um and uh in yelp that's why hawk wished to head and he said you desire to head i said yeah man let's meander let's bound it up and.

Whereas you're drunk you're just there's persistently corrupt choices in my in thoughts that i attain but uh this one was extra corrupt and we ended up in luton england in the hells angels chapter house and i was so freaking the high you already know somebody just handed me this paper strip.

And that i went give me that what is this what's acid and i said smartly this thing's going to wound me i said no formulation i just gulped it oh man i was you already know of us's faces were turning into demons and and and hawked identical thing smartly we both failed the piss test.

Earlier than we went there to england the evening sooner than so we knew we were both in wretchedness we knew we were both going to gain six weeks off decrease and dried and we both did um but you already know you gain stranded for 3 days in the.

Hell's angels chapter house you model it's devour there's bunks upstairs on this complete house and yeah must you're coming down you already know off the booze and whatever you're doing man it's just there's important devour demons oh you're just going what did i attain.

Um that's entirely one which rings in my head that that i just it was just one of these corrupt screw-up you already know was that the entirely time you held loiter around with uh bikers yeah yeah i'm no longer a biker guy yeah yeah loiter around dude topic of reality the hell's angels in minneapolis are were moderately prevalent till uh they all.

Received in wretchedness and then they all went to detention center which was about 10 years ago but no i'm no longer a biker guy dude but they're uh personally i i don't devour them but that's just the fellows from minneapolis uh hells angels they were they they idea they were tough they.

Never trained the day of their life they merely walked around with tattoos and a wide intestine but they were purported to be the corrupt asses and i keep in mind i was 18 working ventura's gents but particular meander hi there johnny the toughest guys on the earth are the hell's angels i said are you kidding me these guys.

Don't work out and as well they stroll around and likewise you already know they're they they you already know some are doubtlessly in point of fact wide guys but they're all obviously moderately lost for these that're in the hell's angels you're of you already know yeah that's a.

Sinister community of of us for particular you're all angry unpleasant unpleasant i don't know what the macho thing to be in and as well they join and then they pause up you already know they attain their first sale of a tiny bit bit of frigid and then it turns better better better than math and then you're having a ogle at major jail.

Time them guys did you attain uh great coke in the 80s quite so a lot of the wrestlers did over the over that decade in explicit oh fully um the fellows did the 80s were um crack and coke and that's but you didn't ever.

You didn't ever even need to survey the the crap um till you bought drunk and then you said hi there yeah i prefer a tiny bit uplift here since the alcohol elevate you down and then you desire to get back up and going you wanna and uh in yelp that's what you attain i.

I’m in a position to expose you this i i'll expose you what i've never done is math or and this one a vogue of of us said no formulation no formulation but i've never even tried pot just ain't my deal my deal is booze and then powder cocaine you already know you merely sneak in the john and keep a tiny bit.

Bump up your nose and likewise you're resplendent to head know whereas hawk was in point of fact into that too so perchance that's why you boys got alongside you're just you're just he was and it was uh uh uh.

Atlanta a vogue of different guys were too but they didn't you already know you bought your guys that take a seat at a kitchen desk and keep line after line for 3 days uh you may perchance fall into that for these that're no longer cautious uh but then there's the fellows that just attain a tiny bit here and there and as well they meander.

Home but no longer no longer for these that're no longer a pair of guys devour me and mike so yeah even hogan has admitted in his ebook that that he would attain it did you note did you ever wrestle on that stuff because i would imagine it may perchance perchance well well be a detrimental affect for your.

Match it's unpleasant now i did one evening in hershey pennsylvania and naturally it was me and hawk the evening sooner than but i was so freaking high and shaky and i was wrestling snooker and jimmy's very straightforward to work with you already know he's jimmy's devour a ravishing a part of.

China for these that attain it too tough he's gonna spoil you already know because he's prone and he's been doing it for thus long even again then you already know in 91 too and uh all i did was i couldn't even no longer continuously focus on i was in point of fact ashamed of myself you already know but.

I sent phrase over i says expose jimmy i messed up that he's gotta rob care of me in the match and let's just please gain me out of there so i meander on the match and then i expose the rap was it telling me i'm resplendent smartly jimmy just did it perfectly you already know did this that he had he did the full work and and uh the match was over and i got out.

Of there and man what a lesson i learned though never again and i didn't you already know mitch a fan staring at on here must know attain you may perchance need got any reports about jyd doing crack because he was known for his drug use yeah smartly.

I didn't know him um very smartly i knew him i i went out with him a pair nights in mid south in 85 my first 2nd one year of wrestling um and jyd was already long past in 85 but he came again and did a pair photos for watts and uh yeah he had his bear.

More or less following um you already know the ladies and then he you already know he went into that hotel room and shut the door for 2 days and as well they're no longer in there taking part in checkers you already know yeah one more wrestler urged me that infrequently the ladies would in point of fact both elevate.

Him coke for him to them or pay him to bear intercourse because they were such wide fans and he would use that on pills i wager i agree i agree um but he that son of a gun was over man in in uh you already know mid-south again then man was he over that's why yeah i i.

I agree yeah he was over wide it's it's too corrupt uh his demons kindly caught up with him i judge yes the demons did uh anabolic they did gain him and likewise you already know no one must exit that formulation must you're partying you don't judge uh.

That evening you're gonna whisk off into eternity you already know and uh i'm responsible of it and uh it's devour you wake up and i said god i'm at ease i didn't die man holy smokes never again and then you attain attain it again you already know but.

Yeah i mean unfortunately you already know the reports on the minnesota guys he got you already know henning and hawk and unsightly and a guy named brady boone and um and uh they they all went down was it overdose.

I judge so on all of them you already know there's that rumor bear you ever heard about this rick unsightly rumor that it was an intentional overdose because some vogue of uh penis thing went corrupt i'm no longer particular for these that've heard any about i did i did hear about that and uh.

Uh i need to utter again then devour just after it came about uh uh i judge it was kurt um henny um and we all talked about it and then that's what we had heard that exactly that you already know he was.

Doping up to you already know i mean rick had that i wager you name it demon of of you already know he just wished to gain kinky as hell and gain numb and and then he would you already know in point of fact shoot it in his pecker and likewise you already know devour one out of a.

Million guys will attain that that's just very rare and that's the intense of the intense and rick had it and it was a tragedy it was a tragedy and then you heard denture that um his son died in that bike atomize no when did his son die oh man i don't know what one year.

Nonetheless i mean may perchance well well presumably you imagine being his spouse i mean rick unsightly dies and rick unsightly jr dies on a motorcycle atomize you already know and i i judge he was roughly out of preserve watch over perchance no longer but i judge he was and if he wasn't it was just flat sad because it was he was in the corrupt.

Residing corrupt time but i i judge he was you already know in point of fact going rapid and all that but to bear his son and him meander through the years is that's just unpleasant man it's in the intestine donut just eager about it did you ever hear that he had some fetish that devour he cherished to beat up guys for attempting to.

Hit on his girlfriend i heard paul accumulate expose this legend and it was devour he would purposely roughly allow that to be residing up simply so he may perchance well well presumably beat up the guy attach it this form i i don't know if if it was devour consciously resplendent but i judge he roughly did it devour.

I mean just devour he's he's drunk now he's had seven eight beers and now all of a surprising he's getting paranoid about who's having a ogle at his spouse and he and most likely he gave it a nudge infrequently is what i judge perchance he gave it a nudge but yeah rick was devour that and likewise you already know i devour i said rick and hawk.

Both hit devour mules you already know were they both the toughest guys no since you quite so a lot of the fellows which may perchance well well be you already know as smartly you always guys which may perchance well well be in point of fact the toughest most the time are a combination of ultimate combating wrestling boxing they've done it all and likewise you merely ain't going to be in a situation to.

Sustain with a guy devour that in a battle no formulation attain you may perchance need got any reports about kurt hennig you've uh mentioned him a pair times and the fans persistently devour to hear about him yeah they attain don't they um yeah kurt very absolute top guy you already know and everyone says that but he.

In actuality was i devour the fellows that tell smartly he he was my entirely excellent friend i devour any of it since you were buddies with him in wwe f you weren't necessarily his entirely excellent friend wager i'm referring to bret hart i'm devour anyways.

So any reports about kurt yeah uh uh the attach was i going with this he he was he was just one of these wide guy but kurt was uh you gotta keep in mind what's going on interior him and what he's thinking kurt sooner than he got in point of fact buff and wide.

And all the pieces he was he was in point of fact uh a passive guy you already know he was just in the background roughly deal i mean he had sandy hair hooked teeth weighed a buck 80. you already know and uh and i primitive i urged this to his face but yeah and and uh.

Became you already know i'll expose you this as some distance because the minnesota guys he roughly was the first guy in 1981 to head with brad rangan's uh camp and and brad by orders of wide ganya i mean i just talked to brad ranges and he he in point of fact reminded me of this he.

Says greg urged me to stretch him you already know so brad would just and kurt what a guy man they merely took these butt kickings he never gave up he never was gonna quit he paid his dues wide time and uh and naturally it paid off because he.

Wanted to be taught more increasingly more and and be the entirely and man what a skills but a vogue of of us don't know hannibal um kurt any played at junior faculty football uh normandale in minnesota and as well they’ve some wide avid gamers they in point of fact did they may be able to bear.

Beat a vogue of division one teams but anyways kurt was a linebacker and to bear a study him play football when he was younger and and uh i wager he was about 190 and to bear a study him he was at some stage in the discipline he was he was.

Steady had in point of fact amazing linebacking abilities and then when normandy won this game in minneapolis it was in the paper the next day hatchet henning tackles north hennepin you already know i don't know the attach they got the hatchet i wager because larry's the axe.

Nonetheless there's a vogue of fans staring at and i do know you've said this in a single more interview but a vogue of fans need to hear you expose the notorious muffler legend smartly to begin with i had a pair of guys uh check with quiz me is that resplendent and i'm devour.

Originate you in point of fact judge i'm gonna just meander into depth on one thing devour that but it undoubtedly wasn't resplendent i would i would spice it up a tiny bit bit but smartly it was in the rosemont horizon and that's north of chicago a pair of miles and i primitive to be now it's the allstate center but.

Um in the locker room um the vern ghani just i ended up there i was i was in point of fact with the serene jersey generals no longer too long sooner than that and i had my jersey on and my serene jersey generals and i and uh sooner than the match i'll are trying to condense it here sooner than the match.

Um i'm having a ogle in the locker room on the nook of my witness and these right wide wide guys devour dusty kurt or larry henning uh jerry blackwell and i gotta tell i'm no longer particular andre had one but i did throw him in there on the legend but i ain't particular about him if he.

Had but these other three all did and dusty comes up to me sooner than the match and he said hi there wide johnny toddler and we've been speaking devour dusty or we are trying to focus on devour them since seventh grade you already know kurt came up to me in seventh grade after seeing dusty on sunday morning nothing resplendent he had a wide belly toddler so me and kurt.

Constantly talked devour dusty to each and every other just roughly being squirrely that's all but so dusty came up and said perchance johnny you bought your muffler in because he seen i was roughly having a ogle and i said no i don't judge i prefer one in every of them you.

Know and i didn't i had no reason what was going on i mean it didn't rob a brain surgeon to survey that it was for usual seepage you already know you don't need to gain white trunks with a wide brown attach you already know and i said no i don't need one in every of them so we.

Bound on the magic and the attain is uh me pile pressure them and uh uh i wasn't going over um but i forgot what came about after the pile tumble but anyways the major thing was a pile driver i meander to gain them up and to elevate them up and.

I had never done a pile driver sooner than i've been in the enterprise for 5 months and even in camp i never did a pile driver so anyways i attempted the first time to gain him up and he didn't meander and i idea god is he being stiff with me or is he just or am i doing this.

Sinful and i'm getting anxious i survey vern by the door having a ogle right intently at the match you already know so my job's roughly on that i got gotta gain this finished just you already know 2nd time i took his tights and just they stretched and his butt cheek was roughly placing.

Out now the fans are echoing you already know they're devour you may perchance't gain them up your inexperienced horn and uh near on and all that and i just roughly timid but i was i i i had my left arm corrupt abdomen but then my just hand.

Steady devour grabbed his butt cheek in point of fact tough and squeezed it and he went ah i heard him down there you already know so i pulled him up but i i wasn't particular how the muffler got free the the white rest room paper.

Um and uh i pulled it to the facet a tiny bit bit and his muffler fell out in the ring and now i got him up but i'm having a ogle down at the nook of my witness and there it’s laying there just defective too you already know devour perchance.

There was a tiny bit bit of an accident so i pile pressure them uh one two three but just sooner than i piledrive him he said wide johnny my muffler fell out toddler and and that was dusty um and uh.

Turned him over um i will't keep in mind what came about because i do know i didn't meander over but one two he doubtlessly kicked out and then one thing he did to me and then he doubtlessly went over but uh but now the fans are heckling devour what's that that fellow did you survey that.

Did you survey that i seen that what's laying in the ring what is that your tamp for your homo you already know and uh and uh it was just and at the time contemplate it or no longer it wasn't that enormous a deal because it was roughly one thing between me and dusty.

And uh i just came again i was more interested by having a excellent match because uh that's what we did we desire the that's why i don't know why a vogue of guys are just more proficient than other guys.

To gain to the tip but quite so a lot of the fellows i knew from my from minnesota we we wished we're more interested by we had to bear a study out to bear a excellent match you already know that's what we centered we didn't necessarily focal level on is vince gonna uh attach me on high that was the furthest thing from our.

Head we just wished to bear a excellent match every evening so yeah in yelp that's roughly the muffler legend and must you're must you've had a pair of pops you may perchance you spice it up a tiny bit bit and manufacture of us snigger yeah there was a fad soliciting for these that threw it into the workers huh.

There's a fad out here that asked for these that threw it into the workers hell no but i'll expose you this me and dusty were both on the mat devour this and we were devour both laughing but we're attempting and then i heard they're laughing they're laughing you already know they they idea it was.

And then i heard a guy in the fans it's a part of the demonstrate it's just a part of the demonstrate and uh yeah so now you everyone may perchance well well presumably still know what a right muffler is no longer devour the midas muffler but the wrestling muffler.

There's some fans on here which were asking about grandma bees what was it devour to bounce there are the reports resplendent of how tough it was and was that the roughest attach you ever bounced oh god yes it was in the reports are undoubtedly resplendent um it was this bar just on the.

Mississippi in in roughly a corrupt a part of minneapolis and our buddies that we went to highschool with um opened it up and it was a wide attach had an upstairs downstairs and it just turned correct into a.

You know moist t-shirts they had a vogue of moist t-shirts nights and uh any one i contemplate everyone is aware of what that’s and then but there was a wide doorway lobby and uh you already know devour conventional bouncer attach.

Your beards again can't rob them outside but these guys i mean hawk bounce there um i did for a moderately rapid time um and likewise you already know wayne bloom did and barry darso did and and likewise you already know a pair of of the fellows that were beat up.

Um and a guy named al blake did and that was that was roughly a badass i don't know if kevin kelly did but kevin would bear been he would bear been we're just lucky no one got killed by punching him you already know.

We've all punched guys for right um no longer no longer up to most of us and we all most guys judge the identical god i'm at ease i'm no longer in detention center just now because i hit that guy so tough but yeah it's a it was just insane.

Now there was one more fan asking again must you were for your peak shape is there any explicit steroid cycle that you doubtlessly did that you felt labored the entirely smartly i expose you what um i didn't in point of fact attain cycles um what i did was um i'd aquire devour a cost-effective bottle of equipoise.

Or or testosterone and i would simply uh you already know rob a shot here and there and and all that that's why obviously must you be taught about the prone uh fits you already know some fits you ogle wide in other mansions you don't ogle so wide.

Nonetheless i wasn't a cycle guy but i expose you this um when i was taking part in football i was taking anabar and that stuff is it was just wide it didn't it didn't you didn't preserve a vogue of water so you.

Would possibly well circulate rapid and uh it got you tough and it in point of fact got you roughly it in point of fact got you in shape you already know you ogle devour a bodybuilder and i gotta.

I don't know if for these that desire me to expose this rapid take care of but i got a steve williams legend that the attach you were both with the serene jersey generals at the identical time and doc was uh he was a in point of fact resplendent football participant you already know.

Yeah i mean here's this guy with a intestine but he's uh took 2nd in nationals and wrestling and played began at oklahoma and he's got a wide intestine but he's got veins in his thighs you already know and he was just athletic as heck for being a wide guy and uh.

Nonetheless one time we were scrimmaging and this prone take care of from minnesota from the college of minnesota named greg murtha all of a surprising i hear him meander ah and he's screaming and he goes that son of a did it on aim that son of a did it on initiating and.

He's screaming he's pointing to doc devour doc came down on because doc was d-line this guy was o-line and and doc came down on his knee and he wasn't attempting to and he blew out the guy's knee and he blamed doc as he was in danger you already know he said he deliberately did it smartly the guy was just out of his head.

You know and although he for right idea that you model it's you don't negate that anyways they decrease doc the next day and that was in 83 so when i went to mid south in 84 i walked on this wrestling room and then me and doc ogle at each and every other and meander.

Wow i didn't know you were interested i didn't know i'd be coming here and mosey into you i never idea i'd survey you again and uh very first thing doc said was hi there man you judge what that guy did to me man hi there they decrease me the next day man.

You know and as well they did so just suggestions to throw that tiny serene jersey generals the younger guys don't know who it’s or even the center of age guys but it undoubtedly's a usfl our wide gun was herschel walker and uh he was moderately frigid guy.

I devour herschel how was the pay for that i made 42.5 42 500. smartly that's no longer corrupt for the 80s i wager smartly for the usfl too but most the linemen made 30 about 30. and i just had a excellent agent man you gain.

A resplendent agent and uh got a guy named bob stein who played center linebacker for the chiefs and uh yeah uh because i wasn't that resplendent i was a guy that i was barely placing on to my job so but.

I got a one year and so many months out of out of that and i was at ease to gain out my body was already failing me you already know so yeah what was your entirely lifts must you were at your peak for bench press squat and boring elevate your 505 bench um i did.

A squat devour 650 and a boring elevate about 700 i was uh you already know i had a in the day i had a wide again and everyone idea i'd be this wide deadlifter um but i wasn't wayne bloom was wayne bloom and we all know one in every of the beverly brothers he uh.

He's got the american smartly he had the american yarn and he's right resplendent buddy right near me um of 832 so i mean for a guy 220 or was he in 242 pound class did 832 which was an american yarn in yelp that's moderately wide weight oh my god.

For a deadlift that's that's just amazing um but that he had a energy suit and a tiny bit bit of gasoline um a tiny bit bit of the roids you already know but he may perchance well well presumably deadlift that reminds me i judge there was some legend animal urged me about you had some.

Crazy again relate that you doubtlessly did or so yeah smartly there there primitive to be this magazine named iron man and if and devour to gain an ironman magazine was just firstclass um and as a kid you already know we grew up on arnold lou ferrigno.

Uh you already know and uh franco colombo and uh it was uh the attach was i going with this magazine hannibal would you quiz me when i interviewed uh animal he was speaking about some half of hour boring uh again relate that you doubtlessly did or one thing.

That was just crazy yeah smartly in iron man magazine there was a guy named bob hoffman and for these that google this it'll near up just devour that’s prone-timer but this was bob hoffman's relate uh he had an arm relate that he promised you you'd attach an whisk for your.

Arm for these that did it and i did that one and then he also had a again relate but i um uh smartly first of the full arm relate i did with a guy and that one we did for twenty-four hours.

Um but we took some we took a pair hours in between here and there half of hour so it ain't devour you went straight and then you're persistently drinking a protein shake or uh raw eggs again then raw eggs were we lived on them in the gym because.

Rocky in 76 drank the first raw egg and the full nation began drinking them but yeah the again relate i just doubled and yeah i mean you already know we all got that two to 5 one year roughly gap the attach your body is solely wholesome and likewise you're tough you're getting no longer all cylinders which doubtlessly capability.

You may perchance well well meander at it moderately resplendent in a battle and likewise you may perchance you already know but you entirely got that gap and once that gap of time is over your body begins failing otherwise you gain prone older and likewise you merely you ain't gonna be in a situation to preserve up with the fellows you already know.

In a right battle you already know after they made you the berserker how did they display that to you since you were already moderately is named nord the barbarian after they recruited you but it undoubtedly seems devour your your gimmick modified comparatively must you grew to develop to be the berserker yeah it in point of fact modified plenty i cherished.

Nor the barbarian significantly better um the formulation i devour me and my dad brothers had a vehicle lot nor motor firm i slammed the guy through a windshield and it got over wide time in minnesota um or wherever i got the vikings television because that's after we marketed and it labored man we had so many of us.

Are accessible in that in total just wished to survey the barbarian but um they ended up procuring for a vehicle but um so when i went to vince and i had a trademark and i went to vince i said god i'd in point of fact devour to you already know preserve the barbarian i judge it's logical it's.

You know i do know you already know and uh vents don't work that formulation he's out to guard the wwf and he don't need to gain into no trademark discipline or the rest.

So he wasn't going to head that formulation in yelp that's how he made me the viking with that what that is inclined to be outfit and um then that ended up being trademarked to a pair uh guy from i judge switzerland but he he was in point of fact lived in japan i don't know what the actual connection.

Became but that's what stopped the viking um and i had a pair fits on television then they had to then vince came up with the berserker and it wasn't my popular name you already know again then i it was only a tiny bit.

You model it just wasn't one thing that was gonna in point of fact boost to the tip but for these that mediate it it's all up to vince anyways you're going to the tip in entrance of the camera anyways if if he needs you to whose thought was it for the attain that you doubtlessly did the attach it’s doubtless you’ll well well in total boot.

The guys off the apron and as well they'd gain counted out that was uh ray stevens um ray was one in every of the agents and um and that was uh i i didn't devour that both because it was only a tiny bit too long past and it was a vogue of work uh must you're.

Mountainous and likewise you bought boots with a pair heels with a pair inches on the heels it's infrequently tough to salvage some 5 foot eight tubby job guy all of a surprising it's in point of fact tough getting them up and throwing them over so i was at ease that i i quit doing that.

Because uh somebody somebody shorter and stronger it doubtlessly were to work better how did you devour working with bret hart i keep in mind seeing you against him at a apartment demonstrate again around 92. yeah yeah.

You know what um brett um i'll tell this brett i was in point of fact pissed at bret hart because i labored with him on television and uh labored out the match and he said yeah.

We'll attain the assist and then meander house and he was roughly i judge he was roughly frightened of me you already know i in point of fact attain and uh so he began doing the match and all of a surprising he began telling we got to head house but yeah they said meander house they said meander house and i meander oh oh and he roughly talked me.

Off guard and i just said k meander house so one two three i attain the job and for these that be taught about the tape on that match and that's doubtlessly the entirely match that is inclined to be on um you already know google or whatever and.

You may perchance well well survey that that's exactly what came about so he didn't desire me to gain my in you already know he didn't desire me to gain my stuff in and i devour brett i mean i traveled with him and we were buddies um but man he's.

He's just he's just one of these freaking tag god he is solely i mean and i judge he's got a tiny bit bit of the prone rick aptitude in him that he you already know for these that quiz him to expose you a bruiser brody legend he'll custom match it.

You know but i judge most breaths are reports are resplendent you already know but i judge he stretches a tiny bit bit but brett's devour dbrc man you mosey into him and he talks all about himself and i did this and this and that and i'm doing that and likewise you desire to expose them about.

Your children and he i gotta meander oh k you already know so no longer a wide just i mean i don't detest no one but i'm no longer a wide fan no longer a wide fan of brett and i do know he remembers that match and i do know if i would mosey into him again he's doubtlessly going to gain in the different.

Elevator because he is aware of what he did and he is aware of i'm pissed about it even after 30 years can i preserve a grudge for a truly very long time or no longer most wrestlers attain whether they need no children i judge we all attain but it undoubtedly's so rattling.

Unhealthy you already know um for any one to preserve any roughly resentment will spoil you no longer them but i mean devour i mediate it the full time i don't but it undoubtedly's just one thing devour you already know the full wrestlers persistently expose you you already know i devour them we're persistently.

Unheard of guys and we all love each and every other we're all on the identical teaming you already know what i keep in mind a vogue of self-centered guys that will bury that you must you're no longer there with with the office to gain them up elevated that's what they don't ever in point of fact expose.

You about because that ain't they wanna they got this here euphoria that oh man i devour you brother we're all resplendent yeah teddy as adversarial to keep in mind you're one of these reduce must you doubtlessly did this um and all that there may perchance be that part about expert wrestling that’s devour that and.

That's i mean hannibal that the office of the wwe it appears devour to shoot straight and gives a complete derelict a push devour a gotta mosey in the frickin ferris wheel down in louisiana he will get into wrestling.

And he'll gain a push and it's just persistently unbelievable yeah um i was speaking to uh wayne bloom and brad rayguns about this and we're just laughing we're going to are trying at the reality they’ll i don't know how they're thinking is but they’ll just.

Shoot straight and push a complete freaking nut but no longer only a recurring just guy you already know did you hear about what came about on rob final week with one in every of their heels that had been wwe.

Champion a gargantuan sequence of times an nxt champion seth rollins a fan that was 5 foot four 180 kilos double leg take care of them down in point of fact you had to be saved by the wrath and security and after he said he was disturbed now when did this happen final final monday on.

Became going again in the direction of the ring now what would happen what's your idea uh devour for your day if a fan and bill watson's territory had managed to rob you down for your formulation again from the ring and likewise attain you judge as a heel you has to be paying attention around you to to be staring at out for that vogue of.

Part again then yeah and for these that're in a crazy speak devour louisiana yeah um uh you you may perchance still and bill watts.

Would you already know we've talked about him and he would bear again then um tried to present you a tough time about it and tell um that's corrupt for this enterprise you already know this you gotta keep in mind that's pre eddie mansfield uh telling 2020 that it's that it's entered that it's all spurious you already know um which was i judge he did that in.

About november december 84. and us no so i wager it may perchance perchance well well presumably even be after mansfield did that but watts yeah he it's devour we talked he cherished stirring it up and if some guys were in point of fact pissed at each and every other we mentioned that with me and.

Butch reed you already know god leisure his soul um that watts loves it you already know but bill was a guy from oklahoma and oklahoma this and that and i knew you already know danny hodge and all this and.

I don't know having a ogle again it's just devour if i went to ben younger and he was simply so freaking egotistically foolish but you already know but um perchance we all were i don't know you said final time that you didn't judge haku was the toughest in wrestling who.

Would you tell continuously is the toughest guy in wrestling you already know smartly what what one year hannibal devour what period smartly let's tell your period was in the evening let's tell the 80s and 90s that you were in k i knew you were gonna tell that uh so with that being the case um.

I'll expose you this and i'll tell it again i said it once and i don't care how i don't care if haku is staring at this haku's you already know i mean he's a friend of mine but i mean i haven't seen him for years but he's just no longer um.

I mentioned that to brad ranges who you already know runs the camps and brad got mostly and made his money in japan you already know but um i said brad am i imagining this or what and he says no i i i judge the identical thing you attain you may perchance dangle a guy and expose what he's got.

And devour i said hannibal me and him got into it in japan and this no formulation since you pull a guy's witness out at a bar or attain this at a bar or attain that hear that's all bar stuff that don't depend.

What i devour to evaluate is who would meander in that room and what guy would near out the door after 5 minutes you already know um and it isn't him and it never was it would bear been a guy devour resplendent guy would bear been a guy devour smartly.

I don't know for these that will well well depend brad rankins because brad i do know you're roughly speaking more wwe and and and brad did awa in japan and nowhere else but i mean brad brad would bear just played with him you already know because he's brad is the olympic wrestler and he is aware of judo and all that it just it just.

Wasn't gonna happen i judge haku got his scheme on this discipline just purely on these bar incidences and likewise you may perchance knock a guy out in a bar that ain't gonna manufacture that don't manufacture it tough we all know that but he's got a in point of fact ogle to him man must you first meet haku for the very.

First time which i met him in 84. you roughly double ogle at him and meander oh man i wouldn't need to clutter with that dude and uh he is a tough guy but he's he he's no longer the toughest i mean you you bought guys from danny hodge hi there mike rotundal you already know mike russell that syracuse i'm.

No longer asserting newbie wrestling is the acknowledge but i’m asserting that there are just there's there's guys that will well well which may perchance well well be just qualified formulation more than haku to be named the toughest i.

Steady don't bear the checklist of them just now there may perchance be a batch on-line from wcw that fans can ogle up the attach a jobber tries to shoot on mike rotundo and mike rotundo finally ends up in total stretching the jobber and pinning him for right yeah.

Yeah mike mike uh you already know must you dangle a guy you already know you already know i wrestled in high faculty and then i i played football at montana speak but my senior one year i may perchance well well presumably beat their heavyweight so i ended up wrestling 15 fits my.

Senior one year in faculty so i had a tiny bit stuff in the again of me but uh uh no longer devour mike rotondo i mean you attain four years of syracuse and likewise you attain wrestling mike yeah mike's mike's a wide instance in point of fact but i mean uh uh.

Steve williams when he was younger uh and i'm no longer asserting steve williams in the late 90s i'm asserting steve williams in the mid 80s would i just taking them aside he gonna beat a division one uh guy that took 2nd in nationals twice yeah.

Wisely taking part in football too which i don't even judge you may perchance you may perchance attain that anymore you may perchance't play two sports activities you may perchance't particular um i don't hear about it but perchance it's that you may perchance judge of i’m from canada yeah you already know what i judge it's that you may perchance judge of because it just sounds devour uh.

It may perchance perchance well well presumably be stopping the rights or one thing devour that but perchance no longer but yeah he played two sports activities and and when i met him for the first time with the generals in 83 i mean it was just the character then man it's just devour staring at this i'm having a ogle at him in the locker room in football i'm.

Going ah ogle at that guy he's got a wide gun but he roughly intimidates me a tiny bit bit you already know he got one one thing about doc that persistently fooled you was he had these veins and his thighs devour freaky veins on high of your thighs.

And that i'm devour that's an athletic dude just there and he was he was in point of fact a excellent football participant there's a fan staring at that must know your thoughts on this day's wrestlers and the wrestling product this day this day um because uh you already know over the final 20.

Years i haven't watched a vogue of wrestling but i mean one thing i attain agree with there's one thing that bret hart said was it's just all high spots i mean um and uh i don't i don't judge great of it.

Because it's high spots it's all and uh uh i don't know but they're out to arrangement money and crowds so they're thinking am i thinking necessarily but i attain wanna uh tear wayne bloom's son just gain he's going to complete up getting a.

Push in wwe uh he's that he's going as what is it von wagner i haven't seen it but i've heard that he's uh moderately resplendent yeah yeah he's done a in point of fact resplendent job and uh and naturally he got in.

Because brock or i mean brad rankin's trained brock and then wayne uh i i need to introduce wayne to brad uh after i had been in wrestling 5 years and.

So he got to take dangle of brad resplendent man you already know he wrestled too and then he brad asked brock to tear uh to gain wayne's kid in and he did um so um that's how you gain in man you bought a guy devour brock said we yeah will we gain him.

In yeah for these that tell so you already know what did you guys attain smartly yeah what did you mediate the rumors that there was one thing going on between pat patterson and the brooklyn brawler k you already know what let me take care of this.

John we don't need to focus on any roughly rumors hannibal no rumors at all i noticed one thing what's going on between you and the brooklyn brawler i'll hear to these rumors too he's a excellent excellent friend of mine you be taught about your mouth about steve lombardi and fasten some lights on you attach some lights on must you're speaking why can't we all just gain alongside.

You guys because this guy had attach up one thing earlier this day speaking about the millions of views that he's got more than roh more than serene japan more than nwa and no longer once john did he give credit ranking to the person that's in the again of the rankings and that's the captain and that's john nord and that's all my purchasers since you're unsightly you're unsightly.

Yeah k unsightly and recruit no is that what you're asserting and rick unsightly we heard a excellent legend about rickroot earlier will we survey the boot will we boot this guy out of the hotel room yeah you already know who's gonna gain to boot you because me and my purchasers aren't coming again to we gain the honor we deserve hannibal what.

I don't even gain
My fantastic TNA Affect Wrestler says this plugin is terribly fantastic.

The Berzerker Returns to The Hannibal TV Part 2 Shoot Interview!

The Berzerker Returns to The Hannibal TV Part 2 Shoot Interview!