Kevin Sullivan Would Bet The Farm On Bryan Danielson If He Was Tony Khan

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While appearing on his most recent Tuesday with the Taskmaster podcast, Kevin Sullivan gave his thoughts on Bryan Danielson being someone highly trusted by Tony Khan. 

The AEW President has publicly stated that he would trust Danielson to run All Elite Wrestling in his absence. Sullivan thinks Danielson is an excellent option to help behind the scenes.


“I’ve heard that Bryan Danielson is gonna get more involved, correct? I don’t know Bryan Danielson at all, but he seems very smart. I’ll tell you why. He got over when they didn’t want him to get over in WWE. I always hear the, ‘Well, it was organic.’ Bullshit. This guy had a plan, and he stuck to it,” Sullivan said. “He is obviously a very positive person, and he believes in himself. After he became champion, I started to watch him. He’s damn good. When it’s all said and done, and they talk about Mount Rushmore, he’s going to be on somebody’s Mount Rushmore guaranteed. I think he’ll do an amazing job backstage. I don’t think we’ll see any more physicalities. I don’t think we’ll see any screwy matches that don’t make sense. He grew up in the wrestling business, very hard. I mean, he was an independent guy for a long time. I’m sure he heard that he wasn’t big enough for a long time. To me, I don’t think they could have chosen a better guy to step into this slot. He seems to be able to handle adversity, and he also seems to be a guy that’s very level-headed. That can get guys to sit down and talk before something explodes I’m really looking forward to seeing what he does. I know that he’s going to do an incredible job.”

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