Ted DiBiase Sr. Reflects on His Experience Working with Harley Race

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On a recent edition of his “Everybody’s Got A Pod” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase Sr. discussed working with Harley Race, their relationship, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On working with Harley Race: “It was awesome. The relationship I had with Harley went way back. Harley is a man who tried to save my father’s life the night he died. And then I remember when I first started wrestling. It was a summer of 75, but that’s when I was working for Bill Watts. Well, then after a year, I went back to Amarillo, and now I am working in the Amarillo territory. And I think this is while Harley was champion. And I remember in a conversation we had, and he just told me, he says, ‘Kid, if I have anything to do with it one day, this belt will be around your waist.’”

On Race’s in-ring skills: “He could do it. And the thing is, everybody’s got their own style. And it was — I wrestled Harley more than once as when he was champion. And one of the places that I wrestled, like I said and wrestled him to a one-hour draw and an hour wrestling match. And so, anyway, he was the boss. I just got in there and listened to everything he said, but that was like pretty mellow over. I mean, I was making a name for myself, but for a young guy like me to be given an opportunity, and I think that, I know what it was. We had a match, we had a tag team match. That was me and. I can’t remember who my partner was now. I think it was a guy named ‘Bulldog’ Bob Brown.”

On Buzz Sawyer not being liked due to his outside-the-ring antics: “I would probably agree. With him getting a lot of flak about how he was out of the ring, you know. But in the ring, he was all business.”

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In a recent episode of his podcast, “Everybody’s Got A Pod,” WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase Sr. shared some insights about his working relationship with the legendary Harley Race. DiBiase spoke fondly of Race and their long-standing connection.

DiBiase revealed that Race had tried to save his father’s life on the night he passed away. This incident created a bond between the two men that lasted for years. DiBiase reminisced about his early days in wrestling, specifically when he worked for Bill Watts in the summer of 1975. After a year, DiBiase returned to Amarillo and joined the Amarillo territory, where Race was the champion at the time. DiBiase recalled a conversation with Race where the champion expressed his belief that one day, the championship belt would be around DiBiase’s waist.

When it came to Race’s in-ring skills, DiBiase praised his ability to perform. He acknowledged that every wrestler has their own style, and Race was no exception. DiBiase had the opportunity to wrestle Race multiple times when he was the champion. He vividly remembered a one-hour draw match they had, which showcased Race’s dominance in the ring. DiBiase respected Race’s authority and listened to everything he said during their matches.

DiBiase also touched on another wrestler, Buzz Sawyer, who was not well-liked due to his behavior outside the ring. However, DiBiase acknowledged that Sawyer was all business when it came to wrestling inside the ring.

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Ted DiBiase Sr.’s podcast episode shed light on his working relationship with Harley Race and showcased the respect and admiration he had for the legendary wrestler. Their bond, built on shared experiences and Race’s belief in DiBiase’s potential, made their time in the ring together even more special.