Steve Austin On Goldberg’s WWE Return: It’s A Business Move By Bill, But ‘It Is What It Is’

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Steve Austin On Goldberg’s WWE Return: It’s A Business Move By Bill, But ‘It Is What It Is’

Steve Austin

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“Stone Cold” Steve Austin recently appeared on the Hall of Fame podcast with Booker T, and in one highlight, he gave his thoughts on the current WWE product. First, he weighed in on Goldberg’s return on WWE RAW Legends Night.

“When Bill [Goldberg] does that, I mean, he’s put himself in the position to do it,” said Austin. “So as a businessman, hey, I get it. And so it is what it is… It can bring some eyeballs back from the Attitude Era or WCW, when they were going against us [in the] Attitude Era, but it is what it is. And it’s a business move by Bill, and if Bill wants to do business, he’s gonna do business.”

Austin also praised Keith Lee He argued that Lee’s not a good fit for the character he’s been presented with on the main roster.

“I watched Drew McIntyre and Keith Lee have a pretty damn good match, and I kinda like Keith Lee a little bit more on the independent scene, [because] he was like a wrestler guy,” said Austin. “And I don’t know if he’s fit into the kind of character they’ve tried to create for him, I don’t know if it fits. But the dude’s talented.”

Finally, “The Texas Rattlesnake” complimented “The Viper” and his promo work.

“Randy Orton, his work in the ring has always been really, really good, or should I say excellent,” said Austin. “But dude, his character work right now, he is totally immersed in that character. He’s cutting the best promos, he’s having damn good matches. I thought he stole the show just talking.”

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