Stephanie Vaquer is on her way to WWE NXT.

Stephanie Vaquer is on her way to WWE NXT.
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Earlier today, we shared news that Stephanie Vaquer has chosen to split ties with CMLL, with strong predictions of her eventually transitioning to WWE.

Vaquer, who previously held the title of NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion, used her Twitter platform today to publicly address her departure. She expressed:

“At this moment, my association with both CMLL and NJPW ceases.”

“For clarity, I AM DEPARTING ON GOOD TERMS, eternally thankful to WORLD WRESTLING COUNCIL and NEW JAPAN PRO WRESTLING, and with no hard feelings left.”

“Starting today, I step down from my current designations of CMLL World Women’s Champion and CMLL World Women’s Doubles Champion.”

“I apologize to my followers for this decision. I won’t be appearing in the upcoming shows due to obvious reasons and hope that you all comprehend that company-related issues led to this announcement.”

“Carrying Mexico in my heart and promising to represent Mexican wrestling wherever my path leads me”

“Endless gratitude goes to SR Salvador Lutteroth for his well wishes, and a heartfelt thank you to my dedicated supporters and colleagues.


Connecting dots from a recent piece by Fightful Select, it was revealed that Vaquer was present backstage at the WWE NXT: Heatwave pay-per-view event held this past Sunday in Toronto, Canada. Current expectations suggest that she will join the NXT roster in the not-so-distant future.

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