Natalya might switch to AEW if she doesn’t begin to assert herself, according to Vince Russo.

Natalya might switch to AEW if she doesn’t begin to assert herself, according to Vince Russo.
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In the latest episode of his podcast “Writing With Russo”, seasoned wrestling writer Vince Russo – renowned for his work with WWE, WCW, and TNA – expressed his thoughts on WWE’s treatment of Natalya. He even hinted at the possibility of her leaving WWE for AEW.

Here are some notable points from Russo’s discussion:

Discussing WWE’s attitude towards Natalya, he said, “Natalya tolerates inferior booking because she seldom asserts herself. She does not remind them of her stature and lineage. Natalya needs to move beyond the ‘Yes sir, no sir’ routine. She is wrestling royalty and has been in the industry for a considerable time. She deserves better.”

Russo also pointed out that many wrestlers might not fully grasp the nuances of their own booking, making it hard for them to fully invest in the storyline: “Indeed, they don’t grasp the complexity of booking procedures and when you don’t, you can’t fully engage with it. I suspect this is the case with a significant number of talents.”

When discussing why Natalya might be considering a move to AEW, Russo explained, “Natalya feels she hasn’t received the recognition she deserves in WWE. Therein lies the motivation to defect to AEW. She is cognizant of the fact that things in WWE are unlikely to shift in her favor.”

On the topic of Natalya’s age, Russo is optimistic, “If she’s passionate about continuing with her wrestling career, age won’t be an obstacle. I believe she is youthful enough to carry on wrestling. That’s what she has set her heart on. [Dr. Chris Featherstone mentions she is 42 years old] Yet, at the same age, Damian Priest is still performing, isn’t he?”

The interview with Russo discussing the potential move of Natalya to AEW can be watched here.

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