Shotzi Blackheart Describes How Horror Movies And Joan Jett Inspire Her

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Shotzi Blackheart Describes How Horror Movies And Joan Jett Inspire Her

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Shotzi Blackheart has become a breakout star on NXT, and in a recent appearance on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia, she reflected on her journey to WWE. Here are some highlights:

On how horror movies inspire her:

Blackheart: “I’m a big Creature from the Black Lagoon fan, so [my hair] is inspired by Creature….I have a lot of horror tattoos because I love horror movies, so most of them are tributes to horror movies, or like Elvis, [or] favorite bands.”

On how she got into horror:

Blackheart: “I think it was going to Blockbuster and just like sifting through DVDs, and the covers that I used to gravitate toward was more like the bloody ones, the gory ones, just the out there ones. And they were always horror movies, so I just kind of got addicted. The first ones that I saw were probably like the George Romero zombie movies, so I think that’s where it started….I feel like [horror] was always in my life.”

On being a fan of Joan Jett:

Blackheart: “Yes, I love Joan Jett. She definitely inspires like how I sing musically….I was always in choir growing up and I did musical theatre. That was my first dream. I wanted to be on Broadway, and I even went to college for musical theater.”

On making WWE take notice of her after a medical condition derailed her Tough Enough run:

Blackheart: “I sent those tests back to WWE, and they said that I could come back for another tryout. And so they set one up maybe like four months later. And I came back but like, by then, they were like, ‘Okay, there’s nothing for you right now.’ And then that that point I was kind of over it.”

“Like not over my dream, but over chasing WWE. I was like, I’m gonna leave, and I’m gonna go on the indies and I’m gonna make so much noise that they’re gonna hit me up the next time that they talk to me. And then that’s kind of like exactly what happened.”

The full episode is available here:

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