Seth Rollins Expresses Satisfaction with Will Ospreay’s Rise to Success

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Speaking with Cameron Hawkins for The Ringer, Seth Rollins talked about Will Ospreay, who signed with AEW over WWE last year.

Rollins will team with Cody Rhodes against The Rock and Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40 – Night 1, while Rollins will defend the World Heavyweight Title against Drew McIntyre on the second night. He said, 

“[He] is absolutely one of the best performers in the world, and I’m happy that he is finally, you know, getting to the very top level in our industry,” Rollins said.

He continued, “Well, not everybody has taken this stance over the years, but to me, WWE is my home, right? These people that I go to battle with every week on these live events and these TVs—and I’m not talking just the talent; I’m talking about the whole team, the production, the creative—love it or hate it, we’re the best. I’ve been a proponent of these people in my family and had their back for years because I believe that, and I believe in the work we all put together to make this industry the best it possibly can be.”

In a recent interview with The Ringer, WWE superstar Seth Rollins spoke about his thoughts on Will Ospreay, who chose to sign with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) over WWE last year. Rollins, who is set to team up with Cody Rhodes against The Rock and Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40 – Night 1, and defend his World Heavyweight Title against Drew McIntyre on the second night, expressed his admiration for Ospreay’s talent and success.

Rollins described Ospreay as “absolutely one of the best performers in the world” and expressed his happiness that Ospreay has reached the top level in the industry. This statement highlights Rollins’ respect for Ospreay’s abilities and recognizes his achievements in the wrestling world.

However, Rollins also took the opportunity to emphasize his loyalty to WWE. He stated that WWE is his home and that he believes in the company and the people he works with every week. Rollins extended his support not only to the talent but also to the entire team involved in production and creative aspects of WWE. He firmly believes that WWE is the best in the industry and has been a proponent of his colleagues for years.

Rollins’ comments shed light on the strong bond and camaraderie among WWE wrestlers and staff. He acknowledges the hard work and dedication put into making WWE the best it can be. Despite the competitive nature of the wrestling industry, Rollins stands by his belief in the collective effort of everyone involved in WWE.

This interview provides insight into Rollins’ perspective on the wrestling industry and his commitment to WWE. It showcases his appreciation for fellow wrestlers like Will Ospreay while also emphasizing his loyalty to the company that has been his home for years.

Overall, Seth Rollins’ comments in The Ringer interview offer a glimpse into the dynamics of the wrestling world, highlighting both admiration for fellow performers and a strong sense of allegiance to WWE.