Naomi’s Determination to Constantly Push for More in WWE

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Speaking on Going Ringside, Naomi was asked if the women’s division could use a midcard championship, as there are singles and tag team championships in place for female talent.

Jade Cargill, Bianca Belair & Naomi vs. Damage CTRL’s Asuka, Kairi Sane & Dakota Kai will take place at WrestleMania 40 – Night 1. 

“I’m always pushing for more. More TV time. More talent for us. More titles, absolutely,” said Naomi.

In a recent interview on the podcast “Going Ringside,” WWE superstar Naomi expressed her thoughts on the possibility of introducing a midcard championship for the women’s division. With singles and tag team championships already in place for female talent, Naomi believes that adding another title would be beneficial for the division.

Naomi, known for her athleticism and high-energy performances, has always been an advocate for more opportunities for women in WWE. She believes that having more TV time, more talented wrestlers, and more titles would help showcase the depth and diversity of the women’s division.

The idea of a midcard championship for women is not entirely new. In recent years, WWE has made significant strides in promoting women’s wrestling and giving female wrestlers more prominent roles. The introduction of the Women’s Revolution and the subsequent rebranding of the Divas Championship to the Women’s Championship are clear examples of WWE’s commitment to elevating women’s wrestling.

Currently, the women’s division in WWE consists of two main championships: the Raw Women’s Championship and the SmackDown Women’s Championship. These titles are typically reserved for the top-tier female wrestlers who compete in high-profile matches and storylines. However, there is a growing number of talented women who may not be in the title picture but still deserve recognition and opportunities to showcase their skills.

A midcard championship would provide a platform for these talented wrestlers to shine. It would allow them to have meaningful feuds and storylines that could elevate their status within the division. Additionally, it would give fans more reasons to invest in the women’s matches and storylines, as they would have an additional title to root for.

The introduction of a midcard championship could also lead to more diverse and dynamic matchups. With a larger pool of female talent vying for titles, WWE could explore different rivalries and combinations of wrestlers. This would not only provide fresh and exciting content for fans but also create more opportunities for women to prove themselves in the ring.

However, it is important to consider the potential challenges and criticisms that may arise with the introduction of a midcard championship. Some may argue that adding another title could dilute the significance of the existing championships or create an overcrowded division. Others may question the need for a separate championship when there are already singles and tag team titles available.

To address these concerns, WWE would need to carefully plan and execute the introduction of a midcard championship. They would need to ensure that the title is given proper prestige and importance, and that it does not overshadow the existing championships. Additionally, WWE would need to continue investing in the development and promotion of female talent to maintain a strong and competitive division.

In conclusion, Naomi’s advocacy for a midcard championship for the women’s division in WWE raises interesting possibilities for the future of women’s wrestling. While there may be challenges and criticisms to overcome, the introduction of another title could provide more opportunities for talented female wrestlers and further elevate the status of women’s wrestling within WWE. As fans eagerly await WrestleMania 40 – Night 1, where Naomi will team up with Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair to take on Damage CTRL’s Asuka, Kairi Sane, and Dakota Kai, it remains to be seen if WWE will heed Naomi’s call for more titles in the women’s division.